Tuesday, January 28, 2014

After The Storm

In After The Storm by Maya Banks, the setting is KGI's home land. Donovan is home at the KGI compound between missions. Donovan protects people and helps people who are for whatever reason unable to help themselves. When his adoptive sister Rusty hires a boy for their Dad's store who reminds her so much of herself at that age, she wants to help him as much as she can. It is Donovan who helps Rusty. Read More

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sworn to Protect

In Sworn to Protect by Jo Davis, Shane and Daisy have a history. He a detective and she a juvenile officer, they got very close while working together previously. They used to be friends too, until they went a lot farther than friends do and Shane decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Daisy was hurt and determined to maintain a distance from Shane ever since.Read More

Friday, January 17, 2014

Merry Christmas, Cowboy

In Merry Christmas Cowboy, by Janet Dailey, Paula is a police officer in Denver.  She's volunteered to work security, as well as generally helping out, at The Christmas House.  Zach is a rancher who also does carpentry work, he's in Denver to help a friend.  After being pulled over by Paula, he is just as intrigued when he meets her at The Christmas House also.  Not needed at his family ranch for a while, Zach decides to stay on in Denver for a while, also volunteering at The Holiday House.  Besides being for a good cause, it also means he'll get to see more of Paula.

As Paula and Zach start to know each other, they also start to enjoy each others company more and more.  It's been a while since Paula has any kind of social life, but Paula can't help if Zach is hiding something from her back on his ranch.  As Paula and Zach alternatively fight the attraction and attempt to give in to it, they are drawn into the life of Brandon, the teenage boy living with his Grandma (who runs The Christmas House).  They are worried about the path he's on, who he's hanging around with, and what kind of future he'll have. Between the romantic dance Zach and Paula are doing, Paula's mixed signals, knowing what they want but neither of them sure enough to reach for it, and dealing with Brandon and some mystery's at The Christmas House, Merry Christmas, Cowboy is a sweet holiday read that will keep you on your toes.  Will Paula and Zach find a way to be together, or is this destined to be a holiday romance only?  Can they find a way to reach Brandon and help him off a destructive path?

Janet gives us a lot of interesting characters in Merry Christmas, Cowboy that help strengthen the story.  Paula and Zach alone were a bit ho-hum and even if they could feel the attraction I had a hard time capturing it.  I never felt like I had a good grasp on Paula and her story...Zach jumps out at the reader way more!  I felt the romance between Zach and Paula had a bit of a too slow build up, so it was a bit hard for me to get into the book.

I liked the concept of the plot, The Christmas House and the mix of a bit of mystery into the story line.

Merry Christmas, Cowboy is a clean Christmas romance, the heat is there but what happens behind closed doors stays off the pages and I think that worked well with Zach and Paula's story.

I'd recommend Merry Christmas, Cowboy to romance readers looking for a light holiday read.

2/5 stars


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stealing Justice

In Stealing Justice by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano, Grey is a former FBI agent now masquerading as a security specialist.  He is also covertly working for the FBI and he's out to catch a serial killer.  

Sydney works with women looking for a new start, sometimes a new identity, at St. Agnes Fresh Start for women.  She has made her way onto Grey's radar when he connects that some of the murdered women had been through her program.  Grey thinks Sidney is up to something...

Both Grey and Sydney have their secrets and pasts they struggle with...guilt and sorrow.  They are also both driven to do the right thing which in Stealing Justice means working together as Grey convinces Sydney to go undercover for him to help catch a killer.  Grey wants to be in charge, but Sydney has her own ideas too, and as they hunt a killer Grey struggles between the mission and keeping Sydney safe - from herself and from the unknown danger.

Grey and Sydney discover a connection between them that extends beyond the mission, a sexual chemistry that can't be denied, but is it enough?  Is whatever is developing between them strong enough to survive after all is said and done - if Grey can keep Sydney safe?  As the chase draws closer, no one and nothing is always what it seems.

Stealing Justice was a riveting, action packed hot read!!  I loved both Grey and Sydney.  Between the action, Misty and Adrienne tell both of their stories so that we come to know Grey and Sydney very well...we see what drives them, we see what holds them back.  I loved going way below the surface of Grey and Sidney.  Grey is Wow!!  All alpha, determined to do what's right, no matter the cost to him or his career.  Sydney throws a bit of a wrench in his plans, but in the best way.  She's independent and strong willed...somewhat of a challenge for Grey to figure out!  She certainly goes after what she wants which I love, no beating around the bush for Sidney!  I really liked these characters because they were so real.  The interactions between them were at times funny and at times so serious, they really complemented each other.

Misty and Adrienne have started this series with a bang and I can't wait to see what comes next!  Stealing Justice is a well paced, captivating romantic suspense with some unexpected twists!  I'd recommend Stealing Justice to any romantic suspense reader - you won't be disappointed.

4/5 stars :)

Seduction on the Sand

Seduction on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire starts where Secrets on the Sand finishes...with different characters, it is an easy novella to jump into without having read Secrets on the Sand.

In Seduction on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire, Elliot makes a grand entrance in Barefoot Bay, via helicopter in the midst of a high school reunion.  He is looking for "Frank"...little does he know that Frank is Frankie, and Frankie is definitely all female!

Elliot has looks, money and charm...but he doesn't have the land he wants to build a stadium for minor baseball in Barefoot Bay.  Frankie has the land Elliot needs to seal the deal, and she's not selling.

Frankie's move to Sanctuary Island was supposed to be temporary, but it has become her home again and she's not willing to give it up for any amount of money.  With land and inheritance issues, the last thing she wants is to feel attracted to Elliot.  She wants him to go away, but she can't stop wanting him at the same time.  Elliot thinks he can get whatever he wants with his money, but he's in for a surprise with Frankie.  He's in for a surprise with himself too, when he starts to fall for her.  But in his desire to own the land, Elliot is being deceptive and when Frankie finds out the truth will she be able to forgive him even though she might have her own secrets?  Can Elliot make things right?  Will either of them be able to have what their heart desires the most when the secrets are out?

I really loved Frankie!  She stood her ground and really stood up for what she believed in and what she wanted, it wasn't about the money for her.  She has found peace in Barefoot Bay even if she does have some unresolved feelings about her family.  She is strong and independent, determined to make a good life for herself, and is happy where she is.  Elliot I wasn't too keen on, even if he is hot and the chemistry between Frankie and him is sizzling.  Elliot has had his own issues, but he really thinks he can just get whatever he wants with his money...even if it means being deceitful.  He didn't want to fall for Frankie, but when he did he fell hard.  Frankie and Elliot were at first two people I had trouble envisioning together, but as I got to know them I could see how they'd work out together!

Seduction on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire starts where Secrets on the Sand finishes...with different characters though, it is an easy novella to jump into without having read Secrets on the Sand.  Roxanne gives us some fun, unexpected plot twists and she keeps us intrigued in yet another aspect and place in Barefoot Bay.  I really love the goat farm in Seduction on the Sand!  It's so different from the rest of the Barefoot Bay series, loved the setting and the laughs there! 

I felt Seduction on the Sand was a perfect length novella, never slow or boring, just a great pace of very well written romance!  I'd recommend this to any romance reader looking for a unique setting with some great characters!

4/5 stars :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Somebody to Love

In Somebody to Love, Lori Wilde takes us back to Cupid, Texas...the land of legends and love.

Zoey and Jericho have been friends almost forever.  But somewhere along the way, Zoey's feeling took a very unfriendship like turn and she started to feel a lot more for Jericho.  When she tested the waters with a midnight kiss and he showed no interest, they brushed Zoey's transgression off and remained true to their friendship, even after Jericho left Cupid to go to university else where.

Now Jericho is back in Cupid and he's starting to notice Zoey as a grown, sexy woman...not just his best bud.  But with a new job at the University in Cupid, and Zoey as one of the students on the archeology dig he's supervising, there is no way either of them can act on the mutually growing attraction.  Determined to get through the dig and Jericho's probationary period with the university, they vow to keep their hands off each other until the dig is over.  Zoey and Jericho try to fight the pull they feel for each other, but it's a lost cause...there chemistry is just too good together!

Jericho knows Zoey very well, and he worries that once she 'catches' him, she'll tire of him quickly...but Zoey hasn't settled because even unconsciously, no one has ever measured up to Jericho.   When the dig brings out secrets, old history, and present day threats, Jericho is fast to realize he can't be without Zoey.   But will it be too late for them?

I don't read a lot of books with younger characters in them, but I did really enjoy this one.  I just really liked Zoey!  Although most of the community of Cupid saw Zoey as flighty and irresponsible, I felt like she was really a lot deeper than they were giving her credit for.  I loved that Jericho could see this too, he saw the real Zoey and understood her like no one else.  Zoey was fun to get to know better in Somebody to Love.  Her impulsiveness could sometimes get her into trouble though, and it was great to see her realize this and acknowledge it was an area for growth.  Both Zoey and Jericho were strong characters with a zest for what they were doing that was catching!

Lori hooked me on the friends to lovers theme with this one!  The anticipation, the dance Zoey and Jericho did was at times funny and at times heart warming!  They already know each other so well, get along so well, I couldn't see how they couldn't give a relationship a chance. 

I loved being back in Cupid, and seeing some of the characters from previous books in Somebody to Love!  The small town feel that Lori manages to convey will easily enable you to picture Cupid, the residents and the legend.  Lori effortlessly mixes mystery, legend, suspense and romance in a realistic way that will make you want to keep reading!

I can't wait to catch a glimpse of Zoey and Jericho in the next Cupid book and see what they're up to!

I do think Somebody to Love can be read alone even though it is part of a series.  Lori gives enough background that you will easily be able to follow along...although I recommend reading the other books in this series anyway!

I'd recommend Somebody to Love to romance readers looking for a hot friends to lovers story with mystery thrown in to keep things stirred up!

4/5 stars :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wounded Wings

In Wounded Wings by Shauna Allen, Elijah is a "Fallen One.  Cast down by his own hand."  Elijah is a former love angel, now working a chef in New Destiny, Arizona.  He is striving to find his way in the human world and to find redemption.  "...it was up to him to prove his soul worthy of - well, anything but eternal damnation."

When he meets Naomi, who has her own scars inside and out, he feels things he doesn't understand...and Shauna gives us an at times hilarious, laugh out loud and yet emotionally charged story.  Neither Naomi or Elijah feel they are worthy of anything more than they have or are, and yet they are drawn to each other life no one before.  They both have a lot to learn about themselves and each other...and that sometimes love works in mysterious ways.  Can a human and a former angel have a chance at love?

Shauna takes us on a memorable journey with Elijah and Naomi.  I absolutely loved that she was able to give us a love story that will take the reader so much deeper than the pages and really make you think and feel.  Shauna makes Wounded Wings very realistic even with the idea of angels among us.  I loved that the general story line of Wounded Wings parallels real life...the feelings, the emotional ups and downs, and dealing with past issues.  The chemistry between Naomi and Elijah jumps out at you as soon as they meet, and it grows stronger throughout Wounded Wings.  I love that that chemistry is there and so out in the open, but not over the top, along with the spiritual side of Elijah and Naomi.  

Wounded Wings is a book that's easy to immerse yourself.  Shauna's smooth writing and descriptions of the characters and events will take you there!  I loved all the secondary characters that really pumped up an already great read!

This is the first book of Shauna's that I've read and she is an author I will definitely be reading more of!  Although this is the third book in this series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I had no trouble falling into this story, but reading Wounded Wings will make you want to read the other books!

I'd highly recommend Wounded Wings to any romance reader looking for laughter, real feelings and that feeling of what if?  Loved it!

5/5 stars :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Steal Me, Cowboy!

In Steal Me, Cowboy by Kim Boykin, Rainey is a hairdresser (who sometimes feels like a therapist!) in Columbia, South Carolina.  She's been a relationship with Adam for 4 years - but she only sees him when he's not playing minor league baseball and trying to make it to the major leagues.  Rainey wants more.  They have chemistry that can burn the sheets when they're together, but Rainey wishes just once Adam would pick her over baseball.  Just once!

When Adam unexpectedly takes a job coaching in Missoula and Rainey loses her job at the salon, she takes a spur of the moment road trip in her beat up car intending to surprise Adam with a visit.  Rainey does not want to be thought of as a visitor though, and on this trip she intends to let him know that!  She wants so much more.  Unfortunately Rainey's car breaks down en route.  After being rescued by Beck on the side of the road, Rainey ends up in Marietta, Montana intending to stay and work only until she has enough money to fix her car and continue on her way.  Even if she is guiltily attracted to Beck, and his face is the one she sees in her fantasies.

Beck, born and raised in Marietta, is a chef at his own restaurant.  The last thing he expects is to have his heart captured by a Southern Belle like Rainey!  Beck realizes pretty quickly he wants Rainey to stay in Marietta, but will she?  Can Rainey admit to herself that she sees in Beck everything that Adam is not?  That Beck can give her everything Adam won't?  Or will she continue with the familiar even if it means an empty heart?

Kim gives us some great characters with a unique story line.  Who just leaves on a road trip in a beat up car, very little money, and no real plans except the destination?  Well, Rainey does and she'll take you along on her adventure!  With her impulsive act and her loving, independent self, Rainey is easy to like and to root for.  Rainey didn't give up when her car did!  I also liked how she wanted to deal with her relationship with Adam before all else.  Beck can see that Rainey is not being treated like she should be by her ever absent boyfriend.  He really feels she is the woman for him and he'll do everything he can to convince her to stay.  I did like Beck a lot (did I say a lot?!), but I wasn't too impressed with him trying to push Rainey before she was ready.

Nell, one of the stronger secondary characters added a lot of vavoom! to Steal Me, Cowboy, and I really liked watching the bond form between her and Rainey.

Steal Me, Cowboy is a well paced romantic novella.  When you read it you will see just how appropriate the cover for it is too!  At times the plot is a little unbelievable, but it is always fun and uplifting, with very like-able characters making you believe in love at first sight. Steal Me, Cowboy is a fantastic addition to the Copper Mountain Rodeo series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone novella - you will enjoy it either way!

I'd recommend Steal Me, Cowboy to any romance reader looking for adventures, fun, and a hero and heroine who have great chemistry!

4/5 stars

Secrets on the Sand

In Secrets on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire, Mandy, once known as "Mandy the Magnificent" is not the same person she was in high school.  Things used to come easy to Mandy...but now, years later, circumstances now have her working as a maid at the resort in Barefoot Bay.  She is still full of hopes and dreams though, even if they really are only dreams and she has to work under Tori (in my mind Tori the terror!) who makes her work life miserable.  Disillusioned and broke after a bad marriage, Mandy is doing what she has to do to make ends meet.

Zeke, formerly known as "Ezekiel the Geekiel" is now hugely successful financially and is back in Barefoot Bay for his father's birthday party.  When Zeke opens his villa door, he is shocked that the object of many of his high school fantasies is now working as a maid. Mandy is even better than he remembers her being...and she is once again on his mind constantly.  Zeke wouldn't mind spending some time with Mandy, but Mandy has no desire to enter into any kind of relationship...even if Zeke makes her hotter than she wants to be!

With Tori out to rid Mandy of her job, Zeke makes Mandy a proposition she tries to refuse but can't.  What's a week of her time pretending to be Zeke's girlfriend?  Soon though it doesn't feel like pretend anymore, but Mandy is going to have to deal with her past if she wants there to be a future.  Will Zeke wait for her or have the demons from her past chased him away for good?  Neither of them were looking for anything, and now that they've found it will they fight for it?

I loved both the main characters in Secrets on the Sand - they will pull you in and you will feel like you've known them forever.  Mandy has been through a lot lately, but she's working hard to move on without immersing herself in self pity.  I love that in a heroine, it really makes Mandy easy to relate to.  I do think she thinks worse of herself than anyone else does, and this is demonstrated time and time again in Secrets in the Sand.  Mandy really seems to be learning and growing from her past experiences, even if she is very cautious when it comes to men.  She does not want to be burned again!  Zeke has had his bad luck in relationships too, and it's made him very cautious.  But something about Mandy makes him throw caution to the wind.  He is really listening to his heart in Secrets in the Sand, and once he knows what he wants he goes for it!  He sounds like a guy I wouldn't have minded getting to know a lot better!  I like him because he has morals and wants to do right and for other's to do right.

Tori is the perfect villainess and she adds more drama to Secrets on the Sand.  I love her character because Roxanne turns her into the typical immature, never left high school kind of character that will drive you crazy!

Secrets on the Sand is a fast paced, fun and easy to read novella.  Roxanne manages to give us a full story in a novella length without leaving you feeling short changed.  It was fun to see other characters from the Barefoot Bay books, but they make minor appearances and you definitely can read Secrets on the Sand as a stand alone!  (Although I highly recommend the other books too!)  I'd recommend Secrets on the Sand for any romance reader looking for a fun but romantic novella with a little drama to stir things up!

5/5 stars

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Miracle Road

In Miracle Road by Emily March we are taken back to small town Eternity Springs.  After suffering a loss few can ever imagine, Hope now lives in Eternity Springs.  She has pulled her life back together as best as she can and is working as a school teacher, something that brings her happiness.  Although she has no family, she has lots of friends in Eternity Springs.  It's been a long time since she's had a relationship, and it's the last thing she's looking for.

When Lucas, having suffered his own tragedy, comes to Eternity Springs to be with his family and try to find a way to move on from the path of self destruction he's been on, the last thing he expects to find is peace or Hope in Eternity Springs.

When Hope and Lucas first meet, Hope does not intend to spend time with her neighbour, even if he is so handsome...  But slowly, with the stars guiding them, they spend more and more time together.  Hope and Lucas gradually build a relationship, but it is one that will need honesty and trust instead of assumptions if it is to go anywhere.  Hope and Lucas are both strong people, but they bring a lot of baggage that neither is too keen to talk about.  To push forward from the past, they just might be what the other needs - if they can open up to one another and be honest to themselves.

Miracle Road by Emily March is another great installement in the Eternity Springs series.  I loved the interactions between all of the characters, and especially loved that Emily keeps bringing back characters from past books in the series...enough that we can catch up with them, but never feeling like we've missed something if you haven't read the other books.  The Romano family in particular I love 'watching' them together!  

Lucas and Hope are both people who despite the problems they have experienced that few hopefully ever will, are an easy to relate to hero and heroine.  Emily gives us people who could be your neighbours or your friend in her books and Miracle Road is no exception.  An easy to get into and read book, Miracle Road has emotional highs and lows that will touch you and keep you glued to the pages.

Miracle Road is about healing, moving on, and miracles that I would recommend to any romance reader looking for a story that will make you feel involved.  Although part of a series, Miracle Road can be read alone, but I highly recommend all of Emily's books in this series. I can't wait for her next book!

4/5 stars

Forged in Steele

In Forged in Steele by Maya Banks, Steele is all about his work at KGI – a family run, top secret business that runs some very covert operations. Having lost his family way too young, KGI is as close to a family as Steele has. Despite this, he is known for showing little if any emotion and he keeps himself closed off.
Dr. Maren Scofield is a practicing medicine in Costa Rica. She is happy with her life and choices even if she is a little lonely sometimes and there is one man she dreams of, a man she’s sure can’t stand her. Read More

Christmas on Main Street

From the gorgeous cover that will make you feel Christmas through to the very last page, Christmas on Main Street will enchant you! Christmas on Main Street is a wonderful Christmas anthology that will put you in the mood for love and happiness! The stories were all different, but the underlying theme of Christmas, small towns, and romance tied them all nicely together!

I’d highly recommend Christmas on Main Street to any romance reader, you definitely won’t be disappointed!!Read More

5 stars