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Home to Whiskey Creek

Addy Davies suffered a horrific, life altering event when she attended a graduation party for an older crowd. Addy chose to keep it hidden, but it forever changed her. After her own graduation, she left Whiskey Creek far behind to try to move on with her life.

Addy's grandmother basically raised her though, and now that she is getting older and needs help, Addy is back in Whiskey Creek. Leaving her job as a chef in Davis, she has returned to help her grandmother run her restaurant, but hoping her Grandmother will agree to sell it so that Addy can be safely on her way again. Addy has no intention of catching up with anyone in Whiskey Creek except for her Grandmother. She has purposely severed as many ties as she could to Whiskey Creek, and wants to keep it that way.

But someone who doesn't want the past to be revealed is worried...and shortly after Addy arrives in Whiskey Creek she is abducted from her bed, beaten and thrown in an abandoned mine. Addy has no idea what her abductor planned for her, because Noah Rackham, former high school crush, current super star racer, and notorious womanizer, happens upon her and saves her from an uncertain fate. Noah initially has no idea who Addy is when he first pulls her out of that mine...he also has no idea his deceased twin brother was one of the vicious attackers years ago. Noah doesn't know why Addy is so evasive about what happened, but he knows he is inexplicably drawn to the woman she has turned into. The more Addy tries to push Noah away, the more determined he that she should give him a chance.

Addy is determined to keep her secret from all those years ago. She holds onto a lot of guilt, not of the attack, but what happened afterwards. As much as it pains her to know her attackers have gone unpunished and have moved on so well with their lives, she is unable to face the past. Now that she has been attacked again and her grandmother threatened, she feels she has to keep her secret forever. This is affecting every aspect of Addy's life though. She is frightened, feels guilty, is not being honest about the recent attack with anyone, and despite years of therapy is unable to maintain a relationship. Noah keeps turning up though, and she is finding herself more and more drawn to him as well. She feels it is wrong though, nothing can possibly come of a relationship with Noah without too many other people getting hurt. Slowly Noah breaks down some of Addy's walls, but he is still in the dark about her past and present. He does know he wants to be with her and can't understand why she is fighting a mutual attraction.

With the threats continuing, Addy's mother showing up unexpectedly, things with Noah heating up, and the past creeping up on Addy and others, will Addy have the strength to finally open up? Instead will she run from Whiskey Creek, once again broken? Or will the people whose lives she can shatter apart do anything to stop her?

Brenda brings us a very heart felt, emotional romance with Home to Whiskey Creek. Brenda manages to write about a horrific issue with sensitivity, drawing the reader in and making you feel a multitude of emotions. Often it hard to understand why victims act or don't act. With honest, real feelings on the pages of Home to Whiskey Creek, I felt like I really got inside Addy's head and could understand. She is an independent, beautiful young woman who has tried hard to move on from the assault she suffered as a 16 year old, but has never quite been able to. I also think she is brave. Coming back to Whiskey Creek opens up so many old wounds, but Addy does her best to carry on and cope. I really hoped that she could find someone to open up to. When she finds herself falling in love with Noah but denies her feelings, she is trying to protect everyone, including herself. That doesn't always work though, and maybe true love is what Addy needs to finally start healing.

Noah is an honest, caring man who feels he doesn't deserve the womanizing reputation he has. We've met him and his friends in previous Whiskey Creek books, and there are a lot of different dynamics happening in that friendship circle that form part of the secondary story in Home to Whiskey Creek. How Noah handles an unexpected discovery really gives his character strength. When he finally finds a woman he feels like he could be with forever, it is both challenging and frustrating for him. As he and Addy move forward, if the truth comes out, will he still be able to love her?

Home to Whiskey Creek gives us so much! Noah and Addy's romance is filled with suspenseful moments...and the more of their story you read the more you have no idea how their story will end or if it's even possible to have a happy ending when there is so many secrets and such tragedy. Brenda keeps you hoping for the best as you read along with Addy and Noah's story.

I highly recommend Home to Whiskey Creek and all of the Whiskey Creek stories Brenda Novak has written!

5/5 stars

Island Road

In the final Billionaire novella, "Miles Harrington stared at his two younger brothers and wondered where the hell he went wrong. Although, come to think of it, Miles knew the exact spot where his family had collectively lost its mind. Sanctuary Island."

We are back on Sanctuary Island, where Miles has flown from New York to talk sense into his younger brother and stop him from marrying Penny. Miles is convinced Penny must be after Dylan for his money. Up until now, Dylan has been a stereotypical rich matter how hard Miles has tried to bring out the responsible side in Dylan. Now that Dylan has found where he wants to be and with who, Miles is convinced he is making a huge mistake.

Since the death of their parents, all of the Harrington brothers have felt a bit lost...and they have each reacted differently to life as they grew into adults without their parents. Matt suffers from incredible guilt about leaving Dylan with their grandparents while he went off to college, and he has been determined to make up for that, whether or not Dylan holds it against him. Miles is all business, working hard to maintain the family business, and he has no time or inclination for relationships. He doesn't even seem to understand them!

When he gets to Sanctuary Island though, he meets his match in well as the magic of the island. Greta is Penny's best friend and she is determined not to let Miles ruin Penny's happiness and the upcoming wedding. She is definitely no impressed with the take charge, my way or the highway Miles! Both Miles and Greta are determined though. Greta is determined to make Miles realize Penny and Dylan are truly in love and Penny is not a gold digger. Miles wants to figure out a way to use Greta and Penny's friendship to find out the truth about Penny. 

In the span of a few days, Penny and Miles spend a lot of time together, revealing confidences and getting to know each other. Miles helps Greta overcome her insecurities and fear of leaving Sanctuary Island, and Greta teaches Miles how to have fun again. They have an unforgettable time together...but neither of them expects to fall in love. When Greta accidentally sees emails and texts meant for Miles, her trust in him is shattered and her heart is broken. Can Miles convince her he is a changed man and that he really does love her? Do they have a chance at a future together? "From here on out, Miles would be honest and open with her. He wanted a relationship, a future, a chance to make Greta fall in love with him for real." Can Greta take a chance on Miles?

I loved this conclusion to the Billionaire Brothers trilogy! Miles and Greta are both strong people, trying desperately to protect the people they love. They are opposites, but complement each other in so many ways. Greta is able to make Miles trust in love and open himself up to her as well as his brothers. He is finally able to start coming to terms with the grief and guilt still engulfing him after his parent's deaths, and finally really talk to his brothers. Greta makes Miles see his world does not have to be all work and no play! She opens his eyes to love and he realizes just what good thing Dylan might have on Sanctuary Island. Miles fell hard and fast for Greta, and he was as good for her as she was for him. He does a wonderful, romantic thing for her, helping her see there is a whole world to be explored outside of Sanctuary Island, and it's ok for her to follow her dreams. Despite his doubts about love at first sight, it's definitely happening!

I am one of those believers in love at first sight...sometimes things do move whirl wind fast! I'd recommend this whole series to anyone looking for sweet, fun romance with some great surprises thrown in!

5/5 stars!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hot Summer Nights anthology is a perfect summer read! In fact I read most of this while lying on the beach…Read More

4/5 stars

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dark Waters

Anna has a safe, somewhat comfortable life as a school teacher. Some days though she feels like she's just going through the motions with her nice little house, trying to date and be 'normal'.

Anna's father Davis, now out of prison and working as an accountant, has discovered a lot of money being moved through and out of the company he's working for. The biggest problem is that whoever is doing it is using his passwords and his name. On the surface it looks like he's been the one taking the money.

Anna's life is soon turned upside down when she finds out her father, an ex convict, has died and she's received a voice message from him shortly before his death warning her of danger...and telling her to go to the only other person he trusts. Brent Carver, now on parole, was her father's friend and cell mate in prison. When he finds Anna on his doorstep in the middle of the night, they are both scared. Neither of them knows what to think or who to trust. Brent knew Davis very well though. He believes he was innocent the first time, and he believes he is innocent this time too, no matter how things look initially. Anna has a harder time believing in her father's innocence. She is convinced he was guilty the first time, so in her mind it's very possible he's not innocent this time either.

Together, as danger gets closer and closer, they embark on a journey to discover the truth about the money and Davis' death. Davis hid the money and sent Anna documents before his death, but they can find neither. The people who want this information and the money will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means killing anyone in their way. Soon Davis and Anna must ask for help, Davis does not want to end up in prison again and neither of them want to end up dead. He seeks help from his brother Finn (ex-military) and Finn's fiancée, who just happens to be an RCMP officer, but they still run, not quite trusting anyone but each other.

As they search for the truth and the money, taking us on an adventure from Vancouver Island to Chicago, Anna and Brent are also drawn closer and closer to each other. Between the action and the terror, they are fighting an unexpected attraction to each other. Both of them have a past they are hiding from that have prevented them from getting close to anyone else, and make them fight their feelings towards each other. But as the chase gets closer, so does the attraction, and soon they can no longer fight it. Can they trust each other enough? Will they have anything left for each other when and if this is all over?

Anna was at times hard to understand. When her father went to prison her life fell apart in more ways than one, and as much as she's tried, she's never quite recovered from it or moved on. I'd have liked a bit more background on her family before her father's conviction, because it sounded like they had a happy, loving family and I couldn't understand why Anna didn't believe her father's proclamations of innocence at all. She maintained as much of a relationship with him as she could, but she always believed he was guilty. That was the only area of Dark Waters I'd have liked a bit more of.

Brent is an ex-con who just wants to be left alone. He's big, scary, and oh, hot! Anna does see the good in him though, and she is not scared of him. She sees past the walls he's build and even manages to get over them! Brent has hidden parts of him too, if only he can trust Anna with them. If they can survive, I think they'll be a great couple together. They're not quite as different as they think.

There are a lot of other people involved in Dark Waters, from the dangerous ex-mercenaries to Brent's brother and Anna's mother that kept the pages flowing, adding unexpected twists to Dark Waters.

Toni awed me with Dark Waters! Dark Waters is an intense, high energy romantic thriller. Toni had me at times wanting to turn the page, and at times scared to turn the page!Watching Anna and Brent's characters develop and evolve was fascinating! People are seldom what you expect them to be at first impression, and these two proved no different. The way they were and the stories behind them that came out as Dark Waters progressed really made me come to love them both.

I admit part of why I love this book is the setting! I am an island girl, and Toni's descriptions of the east coast (and other parts) of Vancouver Island were perfect and how I know it to be. She will take you there and you will hear those waves pounding and smell the salt water.

The journey to the conclusion of Dark Waters was intriguing both romantic and full of action. Toni will take you where you never expected to go, leaving you with a mix of emotions. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who loves romance with a lot of suspense and action, you won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Medium Well

Medium Well by Meg Benjamin is a perfect blend of romance and nerve wracking suspense!

Danny is a 'house whisperer' who has great success selling historical houses. When he's given the carriage house to sell at the Steadman estate though, this house not only comes with a history, it's a history that becomes so frightening even Danny is not sure he wants to know. As soon as he enters the carriage house he feels things he shouldn't feel...then he sees things he shouldn't be seeing. Danny is afraid he is losing his mind, and he might lose his job if he can't sell the carriage house.Read More

4.5 starts/5

Italian Affair

Italian Affair by Annie Seaton: Brianna, adopted at birth, has never felt like she truly fit in with her family. She has searched for her birth mother to no avail, much to her disappointment. Italian Affair begins when Brianna has made her way to Australia from her homeland Scotland, to finish writing her sex therapy book. She has just got there when she receives a letter from her birth mother's has bounced around the post following her. When she finally receives it she has just days to get to the island of Lipari in Italy to IAclaim the inheritance left to her. Read More

4/5 stars

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wild Child

Jackson is mayor of small town Bishop...a town that is getting closer and closer to becoming a ghost town. Jackson is determined to save the town though...mostly so he can leave it behind without any guilt. He left once before, but when tragedy struck he had to put his dreams on hold to return and raise his younger sister Gwen. Now that she is graduating and will be heading to university, Jackson is ready to leave once again. To do so with a clear conscious though, he really wants to help Bishop back on it's feet economically. When he finds out about a contest a cookie company is having to move it's production to a struggling small USA town, he is determined that this is the answer he is looking for, this is what can save Bishop.

Monica is a former bad girl wild child who briefly lived in Bishop as a child. Now she is back to relive the past for the book she is writing. She is the last person Jackson wants in town when the media comes looking for a small wholesome American town. But Monica isn't going anywhere! With the promise to be discreet, she plans to carry on with her work and Jackson can carry on with his. But in small town Bishop nothing stays secret for long, and it's even harder to avoid anyone! It gets even harder to ignore the sparks that flare between Monica and Jackson either. They are two people struggling with their past, their present, and their future who find themselves attracted to each to one another despite their differences.

Are they really so different though? Both of them have a past that has significantly affected who they are today and their inability to have lasting relationships. What starts out as annoyance with each other soon becomes a lust that can't be denied, and Jackson and Monica can really heat the pages of Wild Child up! Neither of them plans to have anything that will last beyond the time they are in Bishop...but their hearts might tell them differently. It's not just the blossoming relationship between Monica and Jackson that are the heart of Wild Child though. There is Monica's relationship, or lack of one, with her mother...and the walls Monica has erected around her heart are going to take a pretty strong person to break through them. Does Jackson have it in him to do that? Can he take the time for himself, to make himself happy, instead of always trying to keep everyone else happy? We also have an indepth look at the relationship between Jackson and his sister Gwen. It's so complicated and heartbreaking at times, I really hoped it was not beyond repair! We meet a lot of the residents and non residents of Bishop, and their stories all tie together nicely in Wild Child. 

Molly gives us much more than romance in Wild Child. There is a community trying to pull together to save itself and each other...and broken and breaking families trying to heal. We also meet some people who we definitely want to learn more about like Shelby and Cora! But this is Monica and Jackson's story, their struggles, the conflicts, and the growing they are going to have to do separately and hopefully as a couple if they can start healing from the past and make a relationship work. Monica and Jackson are both strong characters that I really liked. Monica has a bit of a tortured past and I felt sorry for the little girl she was and what she went through. I could completely understand her reactions and how her past shaped who she is today. Jackson had tragedy in his past too when his parents died, and he has done the best he can even if at times I wanted to shake him!! 

Wild Child was very well written. There are a lot of different plot twists, you never knew what was going to happen and Molly manages to weave everyone's stories together perfectly. I admit in the first few pages of Wild Child I wasn't too sure if I'd be able to get into the story, but it didn't take long and I was hooked! At times Wild Child was an emotional roller coaster, one I was happy to ride!

Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes

In Wedding Cake and Big Mistake by Nancy Naigle, After escaping Adam's Grove at the first opportunity, Carolanne is back. Just in time to help her best friend Jill celebrate her wedding, to buy her perfect house, become partner's with her friend Connor in his law firm, and perhaps slowly rebuild her relationship with her father.

Carolanne has sworn off love and marriage. After seeing how her mother's death affected her father, she is determined she is never going to go through that. Even while helping Jill with her wedding plans, "The thought of a wedding of her own sent her pulse spinning like an ice-skater, and not in a good way. She'd never let her happiness revolve around someone else." Love and marriage is just not a risk Carolanne is willing to take. Read More

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Summer Cottage

First of all I have to say that I love that these connected novella's come out a week apart!!

In The Summer Cottage we meet Logan Harrington, the middle Harrington brother. He is very business driven, and focused on his work at the family business. So much so that he does't take care of himself and when he collapses during a business meeting, his assistant Jessica whisks him off to Sanctuary Island for rest, relaxation and recovery.

Logan has no desire to be bossed around by the beautiful Jessica who never talks about herself. She is a big mystery to Logan and he finds himself drawn to her more and more during their imposed exile. Jessica feels more than she wants to admit for Logan, having her own past hurts. When things heat up physically and emotionally between Logan and Jessica, can they keep what happens on the island on the island despite their agreement? Sometimes love has it's own plan, and Jessica and Logan will have to decide if that's what they have after all...

I loved this second novella about the Harrington brothers! Lily gives us a quick read that will take you to the heart of the story, and make you feel for the characters, their experiences and how those experiences have affected who they are today.

I highly recommend this! Can't wait for the next novella and then Lily's novel Sanctuary Island! :)

4/5 stars

In Petrakis's Power

In Petrakis’s Power by Maggie Cox, Natalie is on her way to London to see her father, after his anxious request for her to meet with him. She has no idea why he wants to see her so desperately, but her mind is running wild with the possiblities. When she meets Ludo on the train to London after he offers to pay her fare when she lost her ticket (first class no less!), he is easy on the eyes, easy to talk to, and a welcome distraction from her worries.Read More

4/5 stars

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Sky Summer

In Big Sky Summer by Linda Lael Miller we read Casey and Walker’s story. 

Casey is a famous singer, and to the world, Walker is a good friend of Casey’s. So good that her children refer to him as their Uncle. When Casey decides to get out of the spotlight and live a more ‘normal’ life with her children, she moves to Parable, Montana, where Walker lives. Unknown to everyone except for Walker, Casey’s children are not ‘test tube babies’. For some reason, Casey decided they would be better off with just her than knowing who their father was. They are Walker’s daughter and son though, children he’s tired of letting Casey call the shots with, children he wants to acknowledge to the world as his. Read More

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Hero To Come Home To

I LOVED A Hero to Come Home To!!

A Hero to Come Home To by Marilyn Pappano, opens up 13 months after Carly lost her military husband in Afghanistan. She is still struggling, still has so much sorrow, and is finding life so difficult. When she talks first with Therese, then bonds with a group of others widows (The Tuesday Night Marguarita Group), by a year later, with the support and understanding only they can provide, she is slowly move forward with her life.Read More

5/5 stars!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Return of Her Past

In The Return of Her Past by Lindsay Armstrong. Mia has always had a crush on Carlos. Her mother was his family’s housekeeper, her father their gardener.

It isn’t until Mia is 18 that Carlos finally notices her and how she’s no longer a little girl. When he comes home one night having injured his head and been nursed by Mia, they end up in each others arms. The kiss they share has Mia seeing stars and she falls asleep next to Carlos.
Read More

Monday, July 8, 2013

All Out of Love

Lace suffered the ultimate high school humiliation when her letter to Cupid was published in the school newspaper! She had a huge crush on Pierce, popular football player, and her brother's best friend. At the time it was mortifying, but Lace has moved on from that incident!

She has been to university, has a PhD in Plant Biology, and is back in Cupid taking care of the gardens there while carrying on her research. Lace is also part of a group of women who answer letters left for Cupid. They believe in true love, but Lace knows that you don't always get what you want. She is happy, independent and smart even if she is still single, sowing some wild oates while away at university!

When Pierce returns to Cupid after a career threatening football injury and to deal with his father's mysterious illness, Lace is determined to stay far away from him. That part of her life is long past and she has moved on! She has no desire to stir that pot again, have everyone talking about her again, and risk her heart again! Even if Pierce is hotter than ever!

Pierce is stunned when he runs into grown up Lace. She is nothing like the women he usually sees, but there is something about her that pulls him in. She is smart, confident and all woman! Where Lace is determined not to stir anything up with Pierce (she is over him, right?), he is just as determined to see what he can stir up with Lace!

I loved reading the romance blossoming between Pierce and Lace as adults. It really feels like this is the right time for them, even with so many uncertainties like his career, his father's health, the little incident of someone stealing money from Cupid and Lace losing her job... Despite Lace's reluctance to put her heart on the line, Pierce just might be worth it. Will Cupid work his magic, do Lace and Pierce have a chance together?

Lace is a great woman. She is caring, honest, and down to earth. I love that she's not carrying around all her teenage angst that a lot of characters seem to do these days! She's moved on, holds no grudges, and has grown up great! Even with her uncertainty about a relationship with Pierce, she is there for him and genuinely cares when his father is ill.

Underneath his playboy ways, Pierce is all man! Football has always been his life, living up to his father's expectations just a part of it. With his career threatened and his life up in the air, he does not fall into self pity, but carries on. I love the maturity of both Pierce and Lace.

Lori gives us a great romance with All Out of Love. I love her style of writing, the humor, the relationship ups and downs, and yest the sexy scenes! Lori writes it all so well the story just flows off the pages effortlessly! All of the plant references were a great addition to the story, fitting in nicely. I love the small town feel of Cupid with all the eccentric characters! I can't wait for Lori's next book in this series!

I really enjoyed my visit back to Cupid, Texas in All Out of Love! I loved this installment in the Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde! Although it is part of a series and I've read them all to date, I honestly believe it can easily be read as a stand alone.
5/5 stars

The Firefly Cafe

Dylan is looking for escape and solitude when he comes to Sanctuary Island, hoping to spend time alone in his Grandparent's house. Imagine his surprise when he finds a woman and her son living there as caretakers, and she assumes he's the repair man she's been waiting for!

Dylan is used to people seeing him as a playboy, a rich kid wasting his life. So when Penny has no clue who he is, he decides to play the part of handyman. He's not sure why he does this, except that he is drawn to Penny in a way he isn't usually drawn to women...for she is unlike any woman he's known.

Penny is a divorced mother of a teenager getting her life on track. She has no tolerance for liars, does not believe in second chances. She also has a past of her own she's hiding, she struggles to understand her teenage son, and she is incredibly turned on and drawn to Dylan!

Things heat up quickly between Dylan and Penny. But secrets don't stay secrets for long, and when Dylan's comes out before he can tell Penny, will the sense of betrayal end any chance they have together?

I loved this introduction to Sanctuary Island and the Harrington brothers! Dylan and Penny are both mature adults trying to do the best they can. I can understand why Dylan doesn't tell Penny who he really is after she mistakes him for the handyman, then how hard it is for him to confess as time goes on! But relationships need to be honest, so I can also understand why Penny feels so angry when she does find out!

Will she be able to put her anger aside and listen to Dylan, to take a chance on him? Or will her past prevent her from doing this, and keep her hiding from life?

Lily has written a great entry to Sanctuary Island that I wasn't able to put down! Ok, at times I really didn't want to turn the page because I couldn't bear to see what happened when Penny found out about Dylan's deception! Sanctuary Island was easy to read, but at the same time went deep exploring the emotions of both Penny and Dylan. It was easy to be drawn into their life!

I can't wait for the next book to come out, I'll be devouring that one too!

5/5 stars

Falling for the Good Guy

I was so happy to read more of Abby's search for love in Falling for the Good Guy!

In Falling for the Bad Boy (book one) Abby and Connor had a month long fling. That was the time frame Connor set out from the start. Abby has been trying to get over him ever since! His brother Brian has been Abby's best friend forever! She saw him through his wife's illness and death, has been there since for him and his daughter, and the 3 of them hang out together all the time.

Now that Connor and Abby are no more, Brian is starting to see what has been in front of him all this time with Abby. His feelings towards her are changing, and he wants to be more than best friends. Abby has given herself a time frame she'll wait for Connor for, and Brian intends to be there for her when that time is past!

Abby feels sparks with Brian too, but she's not too sure she wants to risk their friendship to explore what ever more could be between them. She is also very aware of Brian's strong feelings for his deceased wife and does not want to be a stand in for her! Brian has his work cut out for him convincing Abby to give them a chance!

Violet gives us another great book with Falling for the Good Guy! She manages to draw you in quickly and effortlessly! Going from one brother to the next is not something I'm really into and was kind of wondering how this would play out, but Violet writes so well and in such a way that there is no 'ew' factor at all! Connor does not play a big part in Falling for the Good Guy, this really is Abby and Brian's story. Violet writes all of the scenes from the funny ones to the sexy ones flawlessly, working them so well into the story.

By now I think we've all picked who we want Abby to end up with if it is Connor or Brian, and I just can't wait for book 3 to come out! :) Will Connor stay in the background and give up Abby?

Falling for the Good Guy is a quick, entrancing read I'd highly recommend! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making it Last

Amber and Tony are in their tenth year of marriage. Tony works hard and works a lot to support their family, but Amber is starting to feel lonely and out of sorts. Now that their youngest is in school, she feels like she's rattling around their big house on her own, with no real identity other than mother and wife.

When they go to Jamaica for a wedding with their 3 sons, the vacation ends up being not at all what Amber envisioned. She is becoming more and more unhappy and isn't even sure her husband still sees her for the woman she is. She feels like she is losing her self.

Thanks to the intervention of her mother and aunt, Amber ends up getting a few more days in paradise. Tony does finally see he should be with her and joins her, but is it too late to save their marriage when neither of them really knows what's wrong? Can they reconnect and open up the lines of communication? Both of them still love the other, but there is a significant lack of communication when it comes to Amber and Tony. Amber has never talked to Tony about how she feels. Tony senses something is wrong, he just doesn't know what!

Ruthie gives us a very realistic story with Making it Last. She writes with feeling about not just a happily ever after, but what comes after the happily ever after. The dialogue is honest and moving. I could really feel for both Amber and Tony. I did feel frustrated with Amber because obviously something was wrong, she wasn't happy, but she hadn't talked to Tony at all about it, and a good marriage has to have open communication. I loved that Tony went after Amber, not knowing what was wrong, just hoping he could 'fix' it.

Making it Last is part of a series that I've read some of, but not all of. You can read it alone, but would be better read as part of the series.  This novella is a quick read.  I did sometimes find the writing a bit difficult to follow, but overall enjoyed the story.

Would recommend to those who have read the other books in this series and who are looking for some more follow up.

3/5 stars

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last Kiss Goodbye

Dr. Charlotte Stone ("Charlie") studies serial killers. 

Charlie has had her real life run in's with serial killers too. As a young girl, she managed to escape the one who killed her friend's family. As an adult she's also managed to escape one. Now another one is after her..."The Gingerbread Man". Charlie is drawn into his escapades when a young lady escapes him and ends up on her doorstep. But this one seems to have Charlie in his sights and she is once again working with the FBI, hoping to find this one before he strikes again.

Tony is the FBI agent Charlie has been dating...but they'll have to put their budding romance on hold. Not only to focus on the case, but because Charlie also sees dead people. Michael is one dead person who Charlie can't decide whether she wants him to find the light and go to it, or stay around with her. He's a convicted serial killer who was part of her research when he died. But is he really? He's determined to hang around with Charlie, protecting her, invading her dreams. He definitely does not like the idea of Tony and Charlie being together.

Time is of the essence though and Charlie is determined to put her personal issues aside while she tries to help find a serial killer. But the more she sees Michael, the more he's there, the more she feels for him and starts to want him there. Her rational mind however, reminds her that it is Tony who is alive and physically real. It is still Michael that draws her though. Can Charlie do anything to keep Michael with her? Or will Charlie have to move on? Tony has no idea of Charlie's dilemma, and he might not be willing to wait too long.

In the meantime, there's a serial killer to stop too. Can he be stopped before he strikes again? Can he be stopped before reaching his final target?

Honestly, I love Michael! He is bad boy ghost who can't move on. He feels frustrated and wronged, but that won't stop him from looking out for and giving Charlie some real heat! I can't even say why I am so drawn to him and the whole concept, but I am! He just really pulls me in, my favorite character in The Last Kiss Goodbye.

Charlie just can't figure out what to do! I think she knows what she wants, but won't even admit it to herself...because that would make it more real. Crazy, but real! And then what? She is a very smart, independant woman who has overcome obstacles to get where she is today. 

Karen gives us a paranormal romantic suspense that will draw you in and make you hope against hope. I love this kind of paranormal romance because for me it is something that could actually happen...the 'what if' of death. She writes so flawlessly that you are drawn right in with the characters, and when Charlie sees Michael so do you! Karen concludes The Last Kiss Goodbye perfectly so that if there is no third book you feel the story is finished, but at the same time there is enough room to continue. 

Karen gives us another fantastic book with The Last Kiss Goodbye. I've been waiting forever for this second book! My only complaint would be the time between the books is too long, and it's been quite a while (or it seems like it anyway) since the first one came out. I really hope there is a third book in this series!
5/5 stars

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Forgotten Sins

Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti; As an orphan living in foster care, Josie was alone in the world. When she met Shane she thought she’d finally found someone to be a family with. Marrying shortly after meeting him, Josie knew he hid a darker side, and there were things she didn’t know about him, but she felt like they belonged together. That all changed though the night Shane left…and never came back.Read More

I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series!!