Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miami, Mistletoe and Murder

In Miami, Mistletoe and Murder by Katie Reus, Travis has just finished a big job for Red Stone Security and is given a week off. Little does he realize what the week will bring!
Travis finds himself at Noel’s coffee shop a lot. She is someone he likes to talk to and she has “…been the subject of his fantasies for the better part of a year.” On this day, he finds Noel in need of help and doesn’t hesitate to jump in, neither of them dreaming that the help would result in a deadly chase. Read More

4/5 stars

Friday, December 27, 2013


In Hunted by Karen Robards, Reed is a homocide detective in New Orleans. Having lost his ex-wife and young son in an accident 3 years ago, Reed has been living to work. But he is getting tired of it, tired of all the killing and badness. Holly and Ant are two young teen boys he has come to know through work and has befriended, trying to help after they lost their mother to murder. With Holly determined to find the people responsible for his mother’s death, Reed becomes entrenched in a graveyard of gang related killings. But does the murder stop with the gangs? Or is there more going on than anyone would want someone like Reed to find out? Read More

Fighting for You

In Fighting For You by Sydney Landon, Ella works at Danvers International. In present time, she has come a long way from who she was when she started, thanks in part to the girl friends she’s made and her confidence in herself. Close to 30 though, Ella has never had a real relationship with a man. She is also still a virgin… She plans to change both of those things.Read More

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas at Copper Mountain

In Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter, Harley is looking for distance from the past and the chance to make new memories.  A widower looking for escape, Harley takes a temporary job for Brock Sheenan as a housekeeper at his Copper Mountain Ranch in Marietta, Montana. 

Brock has suffered loss he just wants the quiet and to be left alone.  But he's noticing Harley way too much for his liking, she's not at all how he wants his housekeeper to look!  He'd prefer she blend into the woodwork, not care, and not talk, but Harley is starting to grow on him.

Both Brock and Harley have endured tragedy and are still suffering.  Not celebrating Christmas is just what Harley needs and just what Brock wants.  Harley has no idea about Brock's past, until his two kids suddenly show up (early!) for Christmas break and change the whole scheme of things.  Harley can't bear the thought of being around kids, especially at's also a part of her she isn't sharing.   After a falling out and misunderstanding due to lack of communication, Harley realizes it matters to her what Brock thinks.  There is a lot of chemistry simmering between Harley and Brock.  With both of them trying to out run a past they can't face, they are going to have to choose between the past and the hope of the future.  Will this be the Christmas of miracles?   Can they recognize what they could have together?

Brock and Harley are both very dynamic characters in Christmas at Copper Mountain, they are complex and deep, and Jane manages to bring them to life and make us care for them in this novella.  I could understand Harley and why she was doing what she was doing, although I had a harder time understanding why even after Brock's kids arrived she didn't tell him about her past right away...that mistake could cost her when he sees things the wrong way.  Brock has some pretty broad shoulders and if they can open up to each other I feel that he will be an incredible man for her.  Brock has been through a lot and is harsh and bitter at times...not even wanting to celebrate Christmas, something his children would dearly love to do.  Harley can be just as good for Brock if he can open his mind and his heart.

The relationship that evolves between Harley and Brock is endearing and you will find yourself hoping they can find a way to get to each other.  Jane also writes vivid descriptions of winter in Marietta.  I could hear the wind and feel the cold on those cold, winter nights.

Christmas at Copper Mountain is the perfect romance to curl up with on a cold winter night!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pelican Point

In Pelican Point by Donna Kauffman, Alex and Logan are both haunted by the past.
Alex is by profession a light house restorer and when the opportunity comes up to restore the lighthouse in Pelican Point the timing is perfect. A year after her father’s tragic death and the events that followed it, Alex is trying desperately to hold it together and move on. Read More

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Games

In Holiday Games by Jaci Burton, the holidays are coming, her sister in law’s wedding is approaching, and Liz would like nothing more than to get pregnant with Gavin’s baby. If you’d asked Liz a few years ago if she dreamed of marriage and a baby, she would have honestly said no. Now though, Liz can think of nothing better. Read More

If You Dare

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon will have your heart pounding and hoping all at the same time!

I admit I didn't fully read the blurb before reading If You Dare, because I love all of Jessica's books, so how could I not love this one too?  Well, Jessica did not disappoint even though she takes us to a bit of a different place than her previous books!  If You Dare will have your heart pounding and hoping all at the same time!

Lily and Marcus have always been competetive at work.  Lily sees Marcus as a womanizer, someone to steer clear of.  Marcus has secretly lusted after Lily since he first laid eyes on her...not that he would ever admit that to her!  He figures any attention from her is better than none, even if it means they antagonize each other half the time.

When Lily loses a bet to Marcus, she has to stay all night in a house rumored to be haunted.  The prize if she makes it through the night?  The trip to Hawaii that Marcus won at work.  Marcus really wants that trip, but he also really wants Lily.  His plan to scare her out of the house backfires on him, and they end up in the house together.  Soon despite eerie happenings, the heater dying, and their lights dying, they create their own heat!  But someone or something doesn't want them there...and despite Lily's accusations that he's used her, that the events are Marcus's doing and the hurt that causes him, Marcus is determined to protect Lily and keep her safe.  But can they outsmart something that is determined and has nothing to lose?  And if they do will Lily finally take the chance on Marcus?

Fun, hot and sometimes down right scary, If You Dare will have you on the edge of your seat and hearing things in the night!  Jessica gives us a fast paced, humorous at times novella in If You Dare.  I really liked Lily and Marcus...Marcus on the inside is completely different than Marcus on the inside, if only Lily can see this.  Lily has a lot more spunk than Marcus gives her credit for...she is full of surprises!  The mix of romance, suspense and paranormal that Jessica gives us in If You Dare will give you chills and thrills!

I loved this novella and would recommend it to any romance reader who likes things hot and haunted!

5/5 stars!

Duet in Crimson

Duet in Crimson by Patricia Rosemoor brings us 2 fast paced romantic adventures.

In Holiday in Crimson, when Shelby passes out in the office at the staff Christmas party, wakes up and stumbles across a dead body, she panics and runs.  The dead man is her boss...and one who she didn't always get along with.  Terrified she will be accused of his murder, Shelby says nothing.  Not even to Rand, her bosses brother in law. 
Rand and his brother in law both run Westbrooks department store...and with the brother in law out of the way, it all falls to Rand and his sister Pippa.  Soon, with no other suspects and the police digging deeper, Rand, Pippa and Shelby are all suspects.  Rand initially wants to get closer to Shelby because he's sure she knows more than she's saying...but soon he finds himself very attracted to her.  The feeling is mutual and soon they are sizzling things up with a romantic involvement.  Rand starts to believe in Shelby's innocence, despite whatever she's hiding, but Shelby is becoming more and more suspicious of everyone, including Rand.  
As the hunt for a killer becomes more dangerous and more personal, they will both have to decide who they can trust...and if it's each other will they survive to have a future together?
I really liked Shelby and Rand...both are very strong characters that don't always do the right thing in a panic!  This makes both of them people you can relate to...they're not perfect but they're trying to do the right thing.  Patricia kept me engrossed and guessing right up to then end!
Holiday in Crimson is a fast paced romantic suspense that will give you that holiday feel along with the adrenaline rush of the suspense.

In Nightmare in Crimson, Pippa has begun to recover from her husband's death last Christmas.  She is working at Westbrooks learning a bit about all the different departments, and is working hard at it.  Just as the holiday season starts again though, there is another dead body dressed up as Santa...and Pippa is a suspect again.  But Pippa is not the only suspect...Sky, who was driving the sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer that trampled "Santa", is also suspect.
Suddenly he is everywhere Pippa is, and he knows things she's not sure how he knows.  Is he as innocent as he claims?  Or is there a lot going on Pippa doesn't know about?
When things between Sky and Pippa heat up, secrets are bound to come out.  With a murderer still on the loose, Pippa will need to decide if she can still trust Sky, if he's the man she thought he was.  And Sky will do anything to keep Pippa safe...if they can stay a step ahead of a murderer.
Patricia really had me guessing with Nightmare in Crimson...especially about Sky and his motives!  Nightmare in Crismons is a real page turner that will keep you up late to find it all out!
I really liked having these two stories together...they are separate but link together so well and I really enjoyed seeing the character growth of Pippa, from a new widow of a man who didn't treat her right to a strong, independent business woman on the brink of a new love.  I also really enjoyed learning about Sky and discovering his secrets!

I'd highly recommend Duet in Crimson to any romantic suspense reader looking for just that with a holiday flair!

5/5 stars!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mistletoe Magic

In Mistletoe Magic by Melissa McClone, the last person Caitlin expects to ever see again is just who she does see when she rescues a hypothermic kitten and rushes her to the vet.  The vet is no other than her college sweetheart Noah...the man she gave her heart to and who devastated her when he decided that he couldn't have a relationship with Caitlin and focus on his it would be best for Caitlin if they broke things off.

Caitlin eventually go over Noah...or so she thought until all the old feelings come rushing back and she finds herself standing under the mistletoe with him.  Both Caitlin and Noah are alone for the holidays...and so is a cute little kitten now named Mistletoe.  Caitlin and Noah are both different but in some ways the same as they were years ago...and they both still have feelings for the other.  Can Caitlin trust what she's feeling?  Can Noah convince Caitlin to give him another chance?

Will the magic of Christmas and love bring them together again at last?

Mistletoe Magic is a fun, fast paced, sweet novella that is a perfect read when you want to feel good!  Melissa gives us just enough background on Caitlin and Noah to understand them, love them, and hope they both believe in second chances.  I could feel the magic in Mistletoe Magic between the vivid descriptions of decorations, the snow, the mistletoe and the animals!  I loved the animal element in Mistletoe Magic as much as I loved Noah and Caitlin!  As soon as I saw the cover of Mistletoe Magic I knew I had to read it!

I'd recommend Mistletoe Magic to any romance reader looking for a fast paced novella to put you in the Christmas spirit!  Although Mistletoe Magic is part of the Cooper Mountain Christmas series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.

5/5 stars :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gifts of Honor

In Gifts of Honor you will read two great romances...Both novellas give us a glimpse of military life and the heart ache that can come with that life.

In Starting From Scratch by Stacy Gail, Sully initially joined the army for the educational benefits...but soon he was a Ranger, leaving his wife Lucy each time he volunteered for another mission. That wasn't the life Lucy envisioned, but each time he left she waited and worried.

Married young and full of hope, Lucy is devastated when Sully is injured in and IED attack. What makes it even worse is that he has no memory at all of his wife Lucy. Sully convinces Lucy that the best thing for them would be a divorce, something Lucy agrees to with a heavy heart.

Now Sully is back in his hometown, the same town Lucy lives and works in, the same town they fell in love in. Sully still can't remember Lucy, but Lucy can sure remember Sully. Even with no conscious memory of Lucy, Sully is still drawn to her. And Lucy can't say no to her heart when she still loves Sully. Will the magic of Christmas, Lucy's cookies and love prevail? 

Stacy Gail gives us a fantastic romance in Starting From Scratch. She gives us real life feelings and the sense of what it is like to have someone you love injured in the line of duty. Lucy and Sully are both characters that will pull you in emotionally. Lucy have strength, loyalty and understanding even if she is deeply hurt. I really admire that she tries to be accepting of how things have turned out and she never talks down about Sully. She is striving to get on with her life without Sully. I really felt for Sully too and what he's going through. It's hard to imagine how that would feel to have something so completely erased from your memory. I would have liked to have had a bit more background on Sully so that I could have a better understanding of who he was and why he did what he did.

I love that Lucy and Sully are people with real life experiences that they are struggling with, ones that can realistically happen. In Starting From Scratch Stacy also gives us a glimpse into what life must be like as the spouse of someone serving in the military. She gives us a whole new appreciation for not only those who serve, but those they leave at home. 

From the small town setting to the most appropriate title and the emotional roller coaster throughout Starting From Scratch, this is one romance you will hold close to your heart.

4/5 stars

In Hero's Homecoming by Rebecca Crowley, Beth and Chris met while he was on leave from the army. After a whirlwind 4 day romance in person, they keep in touch after Chris leaves again. Through emails and phone calls, they become closer and closer, each knowing this is the one. When Chris suddenly ends things with a brief email, Beth is confused and hurt.

Close to Christmas, with an unexpected phone call and then an unexpected house guest, Beth is shocked when she discovers that Chris has had a life altering injury. As much as Chris loves Beth, he doesn't feel it's fair for her to be 'stuck' with him. Beth doesn't feel that Chris should be making her decisions for her. She is still hurt and angry, but she also still loves Chris. Spending a few days together just proves the attraction is still there for Chris and Beth...but is it an attraction that can last? Is their new love strong enough to withstand the trials that might come their way? Can Chris accept that Beth loves him and wants to be with him no matter what?

Hero's Homecoming is an intense, even more emotional love story. Beth and Chris's romance was so new, but had felt so right that it felt like they'd been together for much longer than they had. Sometimes love at first sight really does exist. Beth and Chris will have to show us if it can last... Hero's Homecoming was a more in the moment novella, probably because Beth and Chris don't have much of a past together, but I still loved to see how they were trying to work through things. Chris keeps trying to push Beth away, but Beth has decided Chris is worth fighting for!

In Hero's Homecoming Rebecca gives us a great romance that will remind you that in life anything can and will happen!

4/5 stars

Starting from Scratch

In Starting From Scratch by Stacy Gail, Sully initially joined the army for the educational benefits...but soon he was a Ranger, leaving his wife Lucy each time he volunteered for another mission.  That wasn't the life Lucy envisioned, but each time he left she waited and worried.

Married young and full of hope, Lucy is devastated when Sully is injured in and IED attack.  What makes it even worse is that he has no memory at all of his wife Lucy.  Sully convinces Lucy that the best thing for them would be a divorce, something Lucy agrees to with a heavy heart.

Now Sully is back in his hometown, the same town Lucy lives and works in, the same town they fell in love in.  Sully still can't remember Lucy,  but Lucy can sure remember Sully.  Even with no conscious memory of Lucy, Sully is still drawn to her.  And Lucy can't say no to her heart when she still loves Sully.  Will the magic of Christmas, Lucy's cookies and love prevail? 

Stacy Gail gives us a fantastic romance in Starting From Scratch.  She gives us real life feelings and the sense of what it is like to have someone you love injured in the line of duty.  Lucy and Sully are both characters that will pull you in emotionally.  Lucy have strength, loyalty and understanding even if she is deeply hurt.  I really admire that she tries to be accepting of how things have turned out and she never talks down about Sully.  She is striving to get on with her life without Sully.  I really felt for Sully too and what he's going through.  It's hard to imagine how that would feel to have something so completely erased from your memory.  I would have liked to have had a bit more background on Sully so that I could have a better understanding of who he was and why he did what he did.

I love that Lucy and Sully are people with real life experiences that they are struggling with, ones that can realistically happen.  In Starting From Scratch Stacy also gives us a glimpse into what life must be like as the spouse of someone serving in the military.  She gives us a whole new appreciation for not only those who serve, but those they leave at home. 

From the small town setting to the most appropriate title and the emotional roller coaster throughout Starting From Scratch, this is one romance you will hold close to your heart.

4/5 stars

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Miracle Pie

In Miracle Pie by Edie Ramer, Katie is a baker.  Actually she bakes wonderful, magical pies that seem to whisper to her and tell her what to bake, and there is always someone who will need that specific pie.

Gabe is getting by filming weddings and living with someone he is not truly happy with, doing a job that does not fulfill him.  When his uncle tells him about two women wanting to film a cooking show pilot and shows Gabe their photos, Gabe is hooked.  Somethign about the photo, especially the younger lady, calls to him. 

when Gabe and Katie meet, there is magic and passion.  But with life's ups and downs, past and present, can there be any future for them?  both of them are happy where they are, or they think they are...but will they ever be truly happy apart again?

Edie gives us another magical romance that will fill your heart in Miracle Pie.  I love both the main characters, Katie and Gabe.  Both of them are searching for something and it just might have found them instead!  The struggles they go through at this point in their life are very real...the issues they are dealing with make Katie and Gabe even more realistic.  Both Katie and Gabe are people you feel you could meet up with in life, and Miracle is a place I would love to live in!

The secondary characters in Miracle Pie really add a lot of character and fun to the story.  From Rosa moving on after leaving her husband and Katie's friend Trish's struggles, you will come to care for them as much as you will care about Katie and Gabe.

Edie manages to weave a little magic into a great romance, just enough to make it all believable.  I also love how Edie also has animals in her books!  They are a great addition and just as important as teh touches of magic.

Miracle Pie is book 4 in Edie's Miracle Interrupted series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone!  I haven't read any of the other books in this series (yet!  I have already bought more!), but I have read Edie's two Hearts in Motion books.  I highly recommend Edie Ramer's books if you are looking for a love story that will ring true and end with you feeling happy for everyone!

5/5 stars :)

Take Me Home for Christmas

In Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak, Sophia escapes an abusive marriage, but not the way she wants to.  When her husband first goes missing from their yacht off the coast of Brazil, then is later found dead with money strapped to his body, Sophia finds out the hard way her husband has lost a lot of other people's money and has been under investigation by the FBI.  He apparently thought he'd run away and start fresh, leaving Sophia and their daughter Alexis on their own.

His death and illicit actions, along with Sophia's past have made her an outcast in Whiskey Creek.  Not have the FBI seized all of their belongings and money, the house and car will soon be confiscated and not only do some people in Whiskey Creek want her punished for her husband's sins, they want her to suffer.  When it seems like Sophia is all alone and at her darkest point, help comes from her acquaintance Eve and Sophia's former boyfriend Ted.

Ted has never gotten over Sophia, although he won't admit it.  And even though Sophia was married to Skip, she has never forgotten Ted.  There is a lot of hurt, both past and present that needs to be dealt with ... and getting involved again is not what either of them is looking for. 

Brenda gives us a unique romance in Take Me Home for Christmas.  Take Me Home for Christmas is not a book filled with feel good happiness.  It is about Sophia's journey and struggle to find herself again and move on after the disaster her husband left behinds.  Brenda doesn't mince words or sugar coat emotions, and whether or not you can bring yourself to like Sophia you will feel the emotions.  I personally found Sophia really hard to like.  From previous books we've had glimpses of the mysterious Sophie and I've always wondered what her story was.  After reading Take Me Home for Christmas I still don't really feel like I understand Sophie and why she did what she did when she cheated on Ted and ended up with Skip way back when.  We did see present day Sophie become stronger and do a lot of growing in Take Me Home for Christmas, she was a lot stronger than even she thought she was, and very determined.

Ted is an interesting guy!  He's determined not to fall for Sophia again, but he still goes out of his way to help her and her daughter.  Maybe your first love is your true love.

Take Me Home for Christmas is one of Brenda's Whiskey Creek series.  I would recommend reading the other books in this series to make it easier to figure out who is who and how everyone fits together.  Some of the relationships are very complicated!!  I loved seeing the other characters again, and there is one ongoing dilemma in the series that keeps popping up that I can't wait to see how it resolves (although part of me is really nervous, lol!!).

Brenda Novak is a very well written author who in Take Me Home for Christmas, as in other books she has written, puts issues that are sometimes well hidden in society or not talked about very much, right out there to be dealt with and understood.  All of her characters have real depth and even if I can't imagine everything that happens in Whiskey Creek could happen in real life, I really enjoy the time I spend there!  Take Me Home for Christmas is not just the romantic journey of two past loves, but the journey and growth of Sophia and Ted.

I'd recommend Take Me Home for Christmas to romance readers who want to feel the good and the bad of love, and the joy of self discovery.

4/5 stars

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror is a fun, fairy tale based anthology with a modern twist. Each of the authors have a unique writing style, and put together, these five tales will enchant you!

Recommended for romance readers who like a little magic in their tales!! Read More

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Up To The Challenge

In Up To The Challenge by Terri Osborne, Lucas is back on Anchor Island, the place he’s always been desperate to escape from. But when his father has a heart attack and help is needed in the family business, Lucas steps up. Little does anyone know that he’s actually on a forced leave from the law office he practices with. Ever since his former fiancee hooked up with his brother, Lucas has felt out of sorts. He’s not really mourning the loss of her as much as the humiliation…deep down he knows they would have not made it work together. Read More

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finding The Right Girl

In Finding The Right Girl by Violet Duke, Brain is about to give up on being in love again.  Having time limited flings with women seemed to work for his brother Connor before he and Abby fell for each other - so why wouldn't Brian give it a try?

When Brian meets up again with Tess, who he met at his brother's wedding, there is definitnely a chemistry between them.  The attraction is mutual...but neither is looking for a relationship.  When they decide to have a fling, making it all about sex, they are going to find it impossible to keep it at that.  Brian and Tess really enjoy being together...they have a lot of fun, and they just get each other.  Both of them have pasts that have hurt them...are they ready to move on and see what the future holds?  Tess has a secret too...will she hold tight to it or can she trust her heart and Brian's to open up to him?  Or will the past and secrets ruin the hope of a future together?

Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke is not just about a romance between Brian and Tess.  Violet writes eloquently about complex emotions, relationships, and the harsh reality of genetic diseases.  She brings in the secondary characters, mainly Skylar, Brian's daughter, Connor and Abby, weaving them into the plot just so but not letting them or their issues take over.  They are an important part of Finding the Right Girl, adding strength to the story and the characteristics of everyone in it.

Brian and Tess are both great people I would love to spend time with!  Tess is independent and strong, but she holds so much inside.  I really felt for her...she has always been the care taker, no one has ever taken care of Tess.  I loved that Brian could do this for her.  Brian and Tess have both had experiences that many people haven't that have shaped who they are today and how they deal with what life hands them.  They are two people in some ways so different, but in other ways so similar. 

I really liked these characters of Violets because they were straight forward, regular adults.  They didn't play games...they just were.  They are two people that could be anyone you see on the street.  I loved that Finding the Right Girl gave us so much more than the romance between Tess and Brian, it's about dealing with what life throws your way too.

Once again, Violet has wowed me!  I loved all of the Nice Girl to Love books, and this book was the perfect spin off!  I was so happy Abby ended up with Connor, and this book reinforces that because I really think Brian and Tess belong together if they can make it work!

Finding the Right Girl can be read as a stand alone book easily in my opinion, but I highly recommend all of the Nice Girl to Love Books!

I highly recommend Finding the Right Girl to any romance reader who likes a story with a lot of depth and great characters! 

Some Kind of Wonderful

In Some Kind of Wonderful by Beth Ciotta, Maya and Zach have been best friends forever. They grew up in Sugar Creek, Vermont, but after high school they both went their separate ways. Maya to open a Cupcake bakery with a friend Giselle, and Zach to serve in the Marines. Now, years later, they are meeting again in person when both will be back in Sugar Creek for the holidays. Read More

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Cowboy for Christmas

In A Cowboy For Christmas by Katherine Garbera, Annie never expected to come back to Marietta, the small town she left in the dust years ago.  When the life Annie has worked to build after leaving Marietta crumbles and leaves her humilated, broke and alone, she heads back to Marietta to pick up the pieces again.  Staying in the run down old family home and working in the cafe, it is inevitable she will run into Carson.  Because all those years ago it was not only Marietta Annie left in the dust, it was also Carson, her high school sweetheart.

Carson could never understand why Annie just left without looking back.  Especially since they had such a great connection.  It took him a while, but he moved on.  At least he thought he had until he sees Annie again.  Seeing Annie again brings the memories flooding back, along with the pain of her leaving.  It also brings back the feelings he thought he no longer had for her.  This time, Carson is determined to get answers from Annie before she disappears again, because that is Annie's heal, rebuild the home, and move on again.  

Carson has a lot going on in his life, he has changed a lot in the years since he was with Annie.  He's been married, had a son, and widowed.  He also has a ranch to run, a tree farm, and lots of brothers.  He is busy, but when he sees Annie again and spends some time with her, he realizes what he's missing in his life.  "Life was short - no one understood that better than he did.  And Annie had always been the one woman who'd been able to make him feel wild."  But can he risk his heart to Annie again, knowing she probably won't stay this time either?  Annie feels more for Carson than she thought she still would, but she doesn't know what she's doing or where she's going right now.  She realizes it's not fair to either of them to start something she can't finish...but it might be too late for that.

Carson is happy in Marietta, but can Annie ever be happy there?  It's Christmas, a time of magic, a winter wonderland.  Can Carson and Annie find something to celebrate?

A Cowboy For Christmas is a novella packed with a very complicated love story!  Annie and Carson have quite a history together, but it was a long time ago.  They are getting to know each other again, at the same time remembering how well they know the other.  The emotions that Katherine writes about, the wide variety of them, are great examples of very real emotions that anyone in a similar situation might have.  I did feel that more of a history of Annie's past in particular would have been a great complement to Annie and Carson's love story, and would have filled in what I felt were a lot of grey areas.  I'm not completely sure why Annie ran off to begin with, but for Carson's sake I'm glad she's back in Marietta.  Annie is a bit of a puzzle for me!  Carson was a what you see is what you get kind of guy! He was open, he knew what he wanted, and he was going to do what he could to get it, but at the same time he was very respectful of Annie.  Carson is a lot more careful with Annie this time because of his son...he thinks of his son and his son's needs first.  Carson strikes me as being much happier in his life than Annie has been in hers!

I loved being back in Marietta for A Cowboy For Christmas!  Katherine could make me feel the cold air and the snow on my face...I love winter!  All of Carson's brothers made great secondary characters, because they play such an important role in Carson's life.

Any reader looking for some holiday romance will enjoy this novella!

Home For Christmas

In Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone, Rachel is in Marietta, Montana to spend Christmas with her brother Ty.  Born and raised in Arizona, Rachel continues to live there while Ty followed his dream to Montana 7 years ago.  Traditionally Ty has gone to Arizona to celebrate Christmas with Rachel, but this year Rachel is in Marietta.

After trusting the wrong people and having her dreams of owning her own bakery go up in smoke, Rachel is reluctant to trust in anyone.  Even the handsome cowboy Nate, whose ranch Ty helps run, no matter how much he makes her feel things she's not ready to feel.  As soon as Nate sees Rachel he is smitten with her.  Even though she's his partner's and friend's sister, Nate can't help the thoughts and feelings he has for Rachel.  She is more than any woman has been to him before.

Nate wants Rachel to stay in Marietta for more than one reason...but will the one that counts be enough?  Will Nate be able to prove to Rachel that she can trust him and what they feel for each other or will Nate push too hard, at the same time pushing Rachel away? 

Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone is a romantic holiday novella that explores different types of relationships.  From Rachel's relationship with her brother, the friendliness of Marietta, to the relationship growing between Rachel and Nate, Melissa writes with a lot of feeling, bringing it all to life and making you feel right along with the characters.  While at times wondering how Rachel can be so jaded after that one bad experience, I also admire her ability to keep moving forward.  I felt the relationship between her and Nate worked really well and they seemed to balance each other.  After always putting the ranch first, Nate has found the one person who would come first.  If only he can figure out how to show Rachel this instead of inadvertently pushing her farther away.

For a fast paced, fun romance that will having you craving gingerbread and cowboys, I would recommend Home For Christmas!

The Christmas Cookie Collection

The Christmas Cookie Collection by Lori Wilde gives us 4 unique love stories involving women in small town Twilight, Texas.  The 4 different stories all take place around the same time, occurring simultaneously.

Twilight has a legend...that if you make a wish and throw a coin in the park fountain, you will have true love forever with your first sweetheart.  Carrie has made many a wish and thrown many a coin, but she has given up on ever reuniting with her first and only love, Mark.  Mark moved on to a life outside of Twilight many years ago...right around Christmas.  Christmas is also the time of year that Carrie's mother died, and Carrie is finding it difficult to feel festive.
When Mark is suddenly back in Twilight as the host of a television show attempting to prove myths, such as Twilight's, wrong, Carrie does not want to feel anything for him.  But she's not as over him as she thought she was...and when Mark sees Carrie again, he realizes exactly what he left behind.  They are both different people all these years later, but at the same time they are the same people.  Can they find their way back to each other?  Is it possible for them to be reunited in a forever love?

Raylene gave up a daughter 35 years ago and kept it a secret until last Christmas.  When she finally tells her husband, he feels betrayed and leaves.  It's been a year now since Raylene has seen or heard from him...but he is still in her heart, she's having a hard time moving on, and she can't let go of the hope that he will come back to her.  At the same time, Shannon comes to Twilight, and she's keeping secrets too.  Shannon is trying to find her past, and at the same time move on to a new future.  Raylene is a key to all of that...only Raylene doesn't know yet. 
Shannon does not come to Twilight looking for romance, but the electricity between her and Nate can't be ignored.  With her secrets and past hurts, can Shannon take the chance on Nate and trust what her heart is telling her?

Christine is a baker.  She had her Olympic dreams shattered in an accident years ago, but for the most part has moved on quite nicely even if she is alone, thank you very much!  She does not want to dwell on the negatives...but sometimes it's hard not to.  When her high school crush comes into the bakery, they reconnect very quickly.  They try to take things slowly since Eli brings 4 children and himself into any relationship, but the feelings they have for each other refuse to slow down.  Both feel things for each they've felt for no other...can they make it work?

Finally we read more about Flynn (Carrie's sister) and her husband Jesse.  Flynn and Jesse definitely both have a lot going on in their lives, but they are working through it as they get ready for the birth of their first child.  When Jesse's past comes back to haunt him, Flynn is left driving home alone in a snowstorm.  When the worst happens and the baby decides it's time, it will take a husband's love and persistence, a dog, and a Christmas miracle to get to Flynn and the baby Grace in time.

These were 4 wonderful, magical holiday love stories by Lori Wilde.  I loved them all!  Each story takes place at the same point in us a look into different lives at Christmas time in Twilight.  The stories are all very different, but they all give us hope for the future, a belief in true love, and the promise of Christmas's magic.  I very easily lost myself in Carrie, Raylene, Christine, and Grace's stories...each one left me sighing with a full heart.  I loved how Lori gives us so many different perspectives through the stories, and in particular in Raylene's story we get both her and Shannon's perspectives throughout.

The characters are all strong and the stories though interwoven are at the same time independent of each other.  Lori describes Twilight so perfectly, from the snow, the Christmas celebrations, the shops and small town friendships that I could see it in my head and felt like I could have been there.

Along with the romance and healing hearts, Lori gives us lots of laughter too.  I love this in a book because it is what life is all about - being happy.  And I was left feeling happy when I finished The Christmas Cookie Collection.

I'd highly recommend The Christmas Cookie Collection to any romance reader looking for a heart warming, very satisfying holiday read!

5/5 stars :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Anything but Love

In Anything But Love by Beth Ciotta, it is nearing Christmas and Luke is feeling anything but festive. He’s not really sure why, and he’s really trying…but it all seems to center around Rachel. The mousy young woman who lived and worked in Sugar Creek for a year then one day just up and left with no word to anyone. After Luke’s cousin Sam, who has been pursuing Rachel, caught them in a hot embrace. Things have been strained between Sam and Luke since. Sam was attracted to Rachel, he thought she would make a good wife and a good mother to his two daughters. Luke was attracted to Rachel also…but he’s not quite sure what it is about her that draws him…she’s not his usual type.Read More


In Raw (Torn Between Two Lovers #1) by Jo Davis, Anna is living her dream. She has worked hard and now is the owner of a prestigious restaurant. All is going well on the business front, but Anna is lonely. She has been so busy focusing on business that she’s neglected her personal life.

Things are about to get much, much hotter for Anna though when she finds herself very attracted to Gray, the new prep cook at her restaurant. Read More

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mine to Hold

In Mine to Hold, the third book in the Mine series, by Cynthia Eden, Claire has been looking over her shoulder, scared, and running from her past for years.  As a 16 year old, her obssessed, ex boyfriend killed her parents then tried to kill her.  Even though he's been in jail since, his father has never forgiven Claire, claiming the killings were actually her fault and she'd ruined his son's life.  No the father, a former senator, will stop at nothing to ruin Claire's life.

When Claire, who trusts no one, needs help and a job, she turns to Noah.  We met Noah in Mine to Keep...he is a powerful man with a lot of dark secrets he keeps well hidden.  As much as a times he makes Claire nervous, she is drawn to him and feeling things she hasn't felt in years.  Noah is not a man who keeps a woman.  But with Claire, even before they get very far, he knows she is different.  She is more.  He wants her like he's wanted nothing before.

Noah gives Claire a job, but he also gives Claire himself and the protection he can offer.  He will do anything to keep Claire safe.  Noah carries with him issues from his past...a trauma in his childhood has scarred him emotionally.  Claire is obviously still traumatized and running scared.  When she can no longer run, will Noah be enough to protect her?  Will Noah be enough for her?  Or will the darkness that they both feel inside themselves and each scare Claire more than the idea of being with Noah?

As the danger gets closer and the mystery is no closer to being solved, Claire is tempted to run again...but it might be too late.

I loved this third book in the series by Cynthia Eden!!  Mine To Hold gives us very fast paced, thrilling romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Claire and Noah are both people that you can really feel for, hope for, and like.  They are both strong, Claire is much stronger than she even thinks sometimes.  As much as Noah is a protector, so in a way is Claire.  She feels badly that anyone might get hurt, or even killed, because of the people after her, that she wants to just leave Noah.  I admit to finding this a very annoying characteristic though, she is not the owner of the problems, it is the person creating the problems that owns them, and I really wanted her to see this.  But Claire has lived with this for so long now, it's second nature to her.

Cynthia gives us a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and lots of sizzle in Mine to Hold.  She gives us lots of plot twists, you think you know, then you don't, then wow, surprise!  I really like how Cynthia brings in the characters from the other Mine books, especially Trace, Skye, and Drake.  I would love to know a lot more about Drake, he is a very powerful presence in Mine to Hold.

I'd highly recommend this book and the series to any romantic suspense reader, Cynthia brings all the elements of a romantic suspense together in a story that you will love!

5/5 stars

Monday, October 28, 2013

Wilde For Her

In Wilde For Her by Tonya Burrows, Cam Wilde has loved Eva for years…even if she doesn’t know it. First she was his partner when he was a homicide detective. Now that Cam is working for he and his brother’s security firm Wilde Security, he and Eva are no longer partners, but he has no intention of jeopardizing their friendship with a declaration of love. Little does he know that Eva has secretly always wanted Cam as more than a friend too.Read More

5/5 stars!

Take Me, Cowboy

In Take Me, Cowboy by Jane Porter, when Jenny's fiance Charlie leaves her at the altar, she is humiliated and hurt.  She left Marietta to make something of herself, to get beyond her family's poor roots.  She loves her family but no longer wants to be "one of those Wright girls".  Now she is back and the wedding is off.

When Colton sees Jenny walking away in her wedding dress he is awestruck and drawn to her.  Jenny has always loved Colton, little did he know.  As a friend of his sister, Jenny spent a lot of time around him growing up.  Colton left Marietta too though, and they are both only back for a short time.  But they keep running into each other and end up spending some good times together.  Jenny's feelings for Colton never really went away and now she feels even more for him.  Colton is feeling a lot for Jenny too, but is she ready to move on from Charlie?  Can they trust their hearts and find a way to make a future together?  Or will they go their separate ways again?

Take Me, Cowboy is the 4th book in The Cooper Mountain Rodeo series and we've heard bits and pieces about Jenny in the other books, so it was great to read her story!  Jane will draw you into Jenny's life quickly, and her descriptions of small town Marietta and the people there will take you there.  I really liked Jenny...she's worked hard to be where she is, but at the same time she's lost part of herself.  Coming back to Marietta and seeing Colton again just might be what she needs.  Colton is a strong, really likeable guy!  Once he sees Jenny that's it for him, he's in love, but at the same time worried about being the rebound guy.

Jenny and Colton have a fast paced romance, but it works well because they are not complete strangers to each other.  I really liked how Jane brings in all the family dynamics, they really help us understand Jenny and Colton.

Take Me, Cowboy by Jane Porter is a fun, romantic novella with characters you can relate to.  Although it is part of The Cooper Mountain Rodeo series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I recommend reading the whole series though because they are all fantastic!

Highly recommended to any romance reader.

5/5 stars

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her Rocky Mountain Guardian

In Her Rocky Mountain Guardian by Margery Scott, Jennie wakes up in a hospital after a car accident in Eagle Ridge with complete amnesia.  She has no idea who she is, what she was doing, or who this handsome man is at her bedside.

Brae is the fiance Jennie left behind 4 years ago when she fled Eagle Ridge with no explanation.  Brae thought she loved him, and he was picking up the pieces for a long time after she left.  Now she is back, rescued by Brae from the icy confines of her car...but she doesn't know why she's back.  It soon becomes obvious that someone is after Jennie...and with no memory and no place to go, Brae offers to let her stay in the guest room at the ranch house he shares with his sister (who used to be Jennie's best friend before she ran off).  As the town sheriff, Brae is determined to protect her.  As her former fiance, he still has a lot of feelings for Jennie.  Jennie can't remember Brae, but her body seems to!

There are so many unanswered questions for both Brae and Jennie as they explore the feelings they have for each other.  There is also still danger...someone is determined to get what he thinks Jennie has at any cost.

Will the stalker be found before he gets to Jennie again?  Will she remember what she was running from in time?  

I never really did understand Jennie and why she left like she did.  Her explanation didn't really cut it for me, but Brae was ok with it and in the end that's what matters!  I would have liked more detail about what went on in her life after she left to lead her to what was happening today.  I felt like there were a lot of loose ends where Jennie was concerned.  Brae is a very forgiving man if he's willing to risk his heart on Jennie again!  Will Brae and Jennie pick up where they left off?  Can they?  When Jennie's memory eventually returns - what then?  Will she be ready to run away again, leaving Brae and Eagle Ridge yet again with no looking back?

I really liked the general plot of Her Rocky Mountain Guardian, from the setting to the characters.  Margery gives us a fast paced, fun to read romantic suspense.  It was easy to pick this book up and get lost in it...trying to figure everything out as Jennie tries to remember her life!  I would have been happy to have the story longer if we could have had more details and depth to the characters, especially Jennie.

I would recommend this to any romantic suspense reader.

To Love and Serve

To Love and Serve by Caridad Pineiro was an action packed suspense that will make you a bit scared to go outside when it's dark!!  Diana is a strong heroine, and as an FBI agent she just wants to do the right thing and protect others.  She has had a rough time since her father died in the line of duty when she was a teenager.  She's never felt the same about life...and she feels a darkness inside of her.  When a raid goes bad and Diana is contaminated with vampire blood from Ryder, the vampire trying to save her, her life can never be the same.  She's now on forced leave from the FBI, in a relationship with Ryder, and inside she's slowly dying.  For now she is surviving thanks to the treatments from Ryder's keeper.  But if Diana doesn't turn soon, she will die a very human death.

Ryder loves Diana more than he thought it was possible to.  Since he's been with Diana he's been more and more involved in the vampire community.  When a killer starts targeting vampires, Ryder is drawn into the investigation as part of the vampire council.  Wanting to protect Diana he does not tell her about it.  But soon she will be drawn in anyway.  As the humans, vampires, and slayers try to track down a killer, Diana is getting sicker and sicker...the treatments don't work for as long.  She doesn't want to be without Ryder, but she's scared of the darkness in her and what turning will bring out in her.  She's terrified of losing Ryder.

Ryder wants to spend forever with Diana, but it has to be her decision.

Caridad gives us another great paranormal romance with To Love and Serve.  She manages to blend well the paranormal aspect and vampires with everyday issues everyone faces...uncertainty, love, and family relationships.  Caridad draws the plot out well along with a few surprises so you're never bored!  Ryder and Diana are both very strong characters who work so well together.  The romance and mystery probably take up equal parts of the story because they are interwoven so well together, and Ryder and Diana are key players in both.

I was a little confused at times and would have liked a bit more background on certain events or people in To Love and Serve, but overall found it to be an intense, thrilling paranormal romance.  To Love and Serve has loose connections to the first book in this series, For Love or Vengeance (which I highly recommend!), but the characters are very different and To Love and Serve can definitely be read as a stand alone book.

4/5 stars