Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Medium

In Happy Medium by Meg Benjamin, Ray Ramos is renovating an old house in King William District. He just wants to get the work done and flip the house, but it’s turning into a bigger, costlier project than he anticipated. When Emma shows up wanting to use the house to film an episode of American Medium, Ray is not too sure about the whole thing. After much hesitation, the money Ray manages to negotiate is what convinces him to allow it. Read More

4/5 stars

The Last Man on Earth

In The Last Man on Earth by Tracy Anne Warren, Madelyn and Zack are both advertising executives at a big firm…with a lot of rivalry and misunderstandings between them. On the outside, Madelyn can’t stand Zack. But on the inside?
“A woman would have to be dead to be immune to his charms. And Madelyn was very much a living, breathing female, though she did her best not to acknowledge it in his presence.”

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4/5 stars

Monday, February 17, 2014

Do or Die

In Do or Die by Suzanne Brockmann, Ian is a former Navy SEAL and questionable criminal currently serving jail time for an offense he may or may not have committed. He is offered a get out of jail free card if he’ll agree to go in and rescue two children being held in a foreign embassy. Ian tries to refuse this deal, but suddenly finds himself out of jail anyway, in the company of his lawyer Phoebe. This sets in motion numerous events that will make for an action packed adventure.
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3.5/5 stars

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Charlie's Angel: A Cupid Chronicle's Novella

In Charlie's Angel: A Cupid Chronicle's Novella by Shauna Allen, Gabriel is playing Cupid one last time...

Charlie is feeling the pressure of working in a job he is not at all happy in, tired of always trying to do what is expected of him, not what he wants.  He has dreams that do not include being stuffed into a suit and sitting behind a desk, dreams that were also lonely until Kami came along and rocked his world!

Kami is an unlikely match for Charlie...she's a tattoo artist, doesn't pretend to be someone she's not, and is definitely not looking for love again...she's been there before and been hurt by love before.

With Gabriel's help will this be a match made in heaven or are their differences too vast to bridge?  Will either of them take another chance on love?

Charlie's Angel is an engrossing, fast paced novella with characters you will quickly relate to and love!  Charlie is at a turning point in his life, and I really hoped he'd find the courage to move in another direction.  He's not as stuffy as he might first seem, and Shauna's descriptions of Charlie sure bring him to life...every hot muscle!  Kami sees beneath the suit Charlie wears and is a heroine who will really make you feel for her.  Her past has made her somewhat relationship shy, and the two of them are really making Gabriel work!

The secondary characters in Charlie's Angel were important to the story, but they weren't overpowering so you know it's just Kami and Charlie's story.  Gabriel is of course a strong part of Charlie's Angel and I really enjoyed his point of views, trying to relate to humans!

There is a lot of chemistry between Charlie and Kami, and Shauna writes this into the plot so well...not overly explicit because in this story it doesn't have to be, but it's definitely there!  I liked how she did this, tastefully weaving together spirituality and love.

The length of Charlie's Angel was perfect for the story to be told, I felt that the pace was just right to get to know Charlie and Kami.

Charlie's Angel is part of a series, but I believe that it stands alone very well too.  I'd recommend Charlie's Angels to any romance reader who wants to see Cupid in action!

5/5 stars

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy, Sexy Love

In Crazy, Sexy Love by Edie Ramer, Sam and Callie have loved each other since they were 4 years old when Sam proposed and Callie said yes. 

But by the age of 6, Sam decided he would never be good enough for Callie and their young relationship broke up.  Even at the age of 6 Callie was devastated.  She had no idea why Sam didn't want to be with her, and at the age of 6 she was heartbroken.

Fast forward with brief glimpses of Sam and Callie (with little interaction with each other) as they grew up to the adults they are today.  Sam is doing what makes him feel whole - he is the drummer in a band that is always on the road and has just won their first Grammy.  Callie is a librarian in her home town, close to family and friends.  Neither of them has ever found someone who measures up to what Sam and Callie have always felt for each other, even if their times together were brief and years ago.

When Sam arrives back in town for a visit after the Grammy's, the magnetic pull they feel to each other - impossible to resist - makes them feel like they are whole again.  The chemistry between them is incredible and they don't waste time or play games.  Their love for each other is true, but can they have any kind of relationship when Sam is always on the road?  And with a crazy stalker on the loose, Sam is worried for Callie's safety if she is associated with him.  Does their love stand a chance?  Is their love the kind that will stand the test of time and circumstances?  Will their first love be their forever love after all?

In Crazy, Sexy Love, Edie gives us a heartfelt romance that was love from the moment 4 year old Sam heard Callie's musical laughter.  I love how Edie starts Crazy, Sexy Love with Sam and Callie's persepectives as children, and she moves on from there.  It was a lot of fun reading about what love means to a couple of 4 year olds!  Edie takes us to different times of their lives so we get a good background on both Sam and Callie - making Crazy, Sexy Love flow off the pages, easy to follow and understand what's happening.

The evolution of Sam and Callie's relationship was both fun and serious, but definitely hot!  They are both great characters that are easy to like.  They are honest people with strong family ties, and they both have a strong sense of self.  They didn't rely on each other but instead complemented each other.  I liked the maturity of their characters.

As with Edie's other books, there are animals in Crazy, Sexy Love that will pull at your heart strings too, and how Edie plays out the animal parts in this is so unique and fantastic!  You will be surprised in the best possible way!

Crazy, Sexy Love is a romance with a touch of suspense (just enough to make the reader a bit nervous!) and characters you won't want to leave!  I highly recommend Crazy, Sexy Love to any romance reader. 

5/5 stars :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shoreline Drive

In Shoreline Drive, Lily Everett takes us back to Sanctuary Island. Merry and her sister Ella came to Sanctuary Island to reconnect with the mother they've been estranged from for years. Merry is very pregnant and staying with her mother, helping with the plans for a therapeutic riding center on her property on Sanctuary Island.Read More

4/5 stars

Monday, February 10, 2014

Scandal on the Sand

In Scandal on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire, "Naughty Nate" has been working to clean up his reputation and his lifestyle.  His current business adventure is bringing a minor league baseball team to Barefoot Bay with his two friends.

Just as things seem to be on track for Nate, Liza shows up.  A woman he's never laid eyes on before who has some shocking news for Nate.  Nate and Liza are having trouble trusting each other, but they soon are working together to uncover the truth about Liza's now deceased friend...whose son Liza is now raising...who also happens to be the son Nate never knew he had.

There are secrets that neither can even guess at, and the scandal could rock Nate's world.  But Nate refuses to take the easy way out, and he and Liza have some incredible chemistry together, even if they both still have their doubts about the other.  Misunderstandings and poor communication soon mean Nate could stand to lose a lot more than he ever anticipated...unless he can show Liza who he really is and that he is not playing games.  Both will have to decide what is right for them.

Liza and Nate might have different approaches to life, but the end goal for both of them is the same.  Liza is cautious but not afraid to go after what she wants.  Nate is a billionaire playboy on the surface, but if anyone takes the time to look below the surface he is so much more than that!  Liza was a bit frustrating because she first saw only what she wanted to see in Nate.  But sometimes things are not what they seem as she soon discovers!  
Roxanne gives us a serious, but entertaining romance in Scandal on the Sand.  Her writing makes it easy to become involved in the story of Nate and Liza.  Roxanne gives us secrets, meddling but well meaning family members and friends, and another chance to visit Barefoot Bay.  Well paced and easy to follow, Scandal on the Sand can be read alone, but reading the other books in this series will enhance your experience in Barefoot Bay!

I'd recommend Scandal on the Sand to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Sweetest Thing

In The Sweetest Thing by Lilian Darcy, Tully left Marietta abruptly on prom night 18 years ago.  She has rarely returned and now lives and works in California.  Now Tully is back in Marietta to help her 'mother' take care of her sick 'sister' Sugar.  After a hard life, Sugar is now clean.  But she's also terminally ill.

There has been nothing easy about any kind of relationship with  Sugar for Tully or her mother.  Then or now.  There was no love lost in the past between Tully and Sugar, and this path that Tully is now on, the struggle to forgive, to care, is not an easy one.

Tully surprises herself though, and finds herself actually coming to care and feel like she might forgive a lifetime of hurt.  This really defines where Tully is in her life, her maturity and her character.  Prior to this time of her life, Tully probably would not have been able to do this.  Sugar is coming to terms with her life and how she's lived it, but she is still keeping secrets - secrets that can hurt and could possibly create a wider gap than ever with her family.

In the midst of this pivotal part of Tully's life, she comes face to face with Ren, not only Sugar's lawyer, but a man from her past too.  Ren has his own complications in life, but he and Tully gradually form a bond that has a lot of chemistry to it also...but for Tully it's temporary and can only be temporary.  What about Ren?  Is now the time for them or is the timing just not right?

Wow, Lilian gives us a story packed with all kinds of emotions!  There is a lot of depth to The Sweetest Thing.  The budding romance of Ren and Tully takes a backseat, but is just as important, to an intense, very well written story about 3 generations of women.

Tully and Sugar are both strong characters who have a powerful voice and influence throughout The Sweetest Thing.  Sugar has her regrets, and I like how Lilian gives us bits and pieces of Sugar's past throughout The Sweetest Thing as they become relevant to the story.  Sugar has come a long way over the years, and it is impossible not to feel for who she is now and how things are turning out for her.  In the end though, Sugar might have the best advice.

Tully is strong, brave, and mature.  Her situation is difficult and not one that most of us can relate to, but Lilian does a great job of pulling you in so that you can relate to the emotions.  You'll care and you'll feel.  Tully has done well for herself.  She hasn't let her past drag her down, but until now she hasn't dealt with it either.

With great descriptivism that give us characters that are easy to get to know, Lilian writes a story that you will easily find yourself immersed in as you watch the growth of the characters and realize that timing is what you make it.  I loved seeing flashes of characters from other stories from Montana Born Books, but this is easily a stand alone book.  Of course I was left with a craving for chocolate though!

I would highly recommend The Sweetest Thing to any women's fiction reader looking for a story that will bring the characters to life with a nice mix of romance in the plot.

5/5 stars :)

Good Together

In Good Together by C.J. Carmichael, Mattie is stunned when her husband Wes of 19 years suddenly changes her whole life as she knows it...first he's leaving her, then he's selling the horses, and is planning to sell the ranch.  The ranch and land that is Mattie's life, that she loves.  In hindsight Mattie has seen little changes over the past while, but she never thought her marriage would fall apart.  Wes is no help, he becomes hard to get a hold of and when Mattie does talk to him, he gives her no answers.

Mattie struggles, she falls apart, but then she picks herself up and pulls herself together and C. J. Carmichael takes us along with Mattie on her journey of guilt, anger, healing, acceptance and moving on. 

Mattie's neighbour Nat, who has always been a friend to the entire family helps Mattie a lot on her journey.  Mattie has always known he's hot, and suddenly she's feeling alot more than neighbourly toward him.  The sparks are certainly there between them, and they are both cautious.  Nat has secrets he hasn't shared and tries to push Mattie away, Mattie feels guilty that she is feeling the way she does about Nat.  After all she's been through, will Mattie risk it all again? 

Good Together is a touching story about a woman's growth, how love and relationships change, but romance can still be alive!  The relationships in Good Together are complicated, and the mature character's C.J. gives us add so much dimension to Good Together with their life experiences.  Mattie is easy to relate to whether or not you've been through divorce.  The feelings she is experiencing make her life so very realistic.    Mattie has some family issues that come up in Good Together, and I liked how C.J. tied this in so neatly with Mattie's sisters and their relationships.

Wes is a bit of an inigma...he really does just up and leave and there's not a lot of resolution from him.  I felt like he was selfish and he was frustrating me as I read and lived through Mattie.

C.J. just makes Nat seem like the perfect man!  He is mature, strong, caring and patient...but he doesn't want to burden anyone with his secrets.  If he can let Mattie in I think they will be great together!

There are quite a few secondary characters in Good Together...but C.J. has smoothly written them in so it is easy to follow who is who and what the relationships are.  You will recognize some of them from previous Montana Born Books (Copper Mountain Rodeo series) but if you haven't read these you can easily read Good Together as a stand alone.  I really liked how C.J. gave us perspectives from Portia and Wren, Mattie and Wes's daughters.   I also love the animals in Good Together...they can be so therapeutic and help give good feelings.

C.J. Carmichael writes a moving, intense story in Good Together.  More than romance, it is one woman's struggle to start her life over unexpectedly.  I'd recommend this to any reader looking for a great woman's fiction read with a strong romance flair!

5/5 stars

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ever Hopeful

In Ever Hopeful by Lori Ryan, Laura is desperate to escape her abusive husband Patrick.  Just as she is about to set her plans in motion...her salvation comes unexpectedly when Patrick dies.  Laura soon realizes she is not free though, especially since she is pregnant with Patrick's child.  Now it is not Patrick she fears, but his mother and brother.  Patrick's rich and powerful mother and brother who will do everything 

Frightened but determined, Laura finds help from an unexpected source.  Josh, a Doctor who has treated Laura in the past, and tried to help her in the past, steps in when Laura feels trapped and becomes her savior.  He sends Laura to May, a family friend and the ranch she runs with her sons in Ever, Texas.  Laura is scared and emotionally scarred from an unhappy childhood and even worse marriage.  She has a hard time settling in, feeling safe, and trusting anyone.  She is scared to stay, the longer she stays the more she feels like part of Ever, Texas, and she doesn't want the wrath of her past hurting anyone else...especially May and her sons.  But she is also scared to run.    

Cade, May's son who works the ranch and also rescues animals, feels more for Laura the more he gets to know her.  He knows she has secrets, but he is drawn to her anyway.  Patient and caring, he makes Laura start to feel safe.  Laura is feeling things she's never felt before either...and while it feels good, it also feels wrong.  Definitely the wrong time in her life for any kind of attraction.  Can she even think of taking a risk with Cade?

Patrick's rich and powerful mother will do everything she can to find Laura and the unborn child...Laura's past is haunting her.  Will she try to outrun it before it catches up to her?  Can she?

From the first page to the last, Lori Ryan pulls you right into Laura's story.  You will feel Laura's emotions right along with her - from the heart bounding fear to the hope of safety and love at last.  Laura has been through a lot in her young life, and she comes across as older and much more mature than her stated age.  For all she has gone through between growing up and then marrying Patrick, she has come out surprisingly strong and determined.  I love that in Laura!  She does not dwell on what has happened, but what she can do to change things. She's scared, but she's not going to bow to pressure to do the wrong thing for her or her unborn baby.  Laura is a very strong heroine in Ever Hopeful!  Cade is easy to fall in love with.  He seems to be able to read Laura right from the start.  Even with the strong feelings he's developing for her, there's no pressure just patience and silent strength as he shows his support in numerous ways.  He has a strong relationship with his family (and his animals!) and he is honest.

Lori's writing is so smooth and well paced that you will find Ever Hopeful a really enthralling, suspenseful, emotional and Hope-ful read.  She sets the tone for Ever Hopeful early on and it all just flows from there!  There are a few secondary characters that are quite dominant and some not so much...I felt like the character development was steady throughout Ever Hopeful, and some of them were surprising!

Ever Hopeful is a small town romance, one of those small towns that sticks together and protects their own...a place you'd really want to be.  With suspense, romance and hope, Lori gives us a 5 star romance that I'd recommend to any romance reader!  Ever Hopeful was a great, complete story, and I can't wait for what comes next in Ever, Texas!

At the River's Edge

In At River's Edge by Mariah Stewart, after dumping her cheating boyfriend, Sophie is taking a much needed break from the big city and her job as a DA to go visit her brother and his fiancee in St. Dennis, Maryland.  Her plan is to spend a couple of weeks in St. Dennis before her brother's wedding, and at the same time to think about where she wants to go with her life and career.  

Her brother is a lawyer also, working at the family law firm, the solo lawyer there since her Grandfather retired.  He is kept very busy, and between him and Sophie's Grandfather, they are working hard to convince her to move to St. Dennis and work at the family law firm. Sophie is beginning to have other ideas though.  Exciting ideas.  She's thinking about what would make her happy, what she's always wanted to do.  She likes being a lawyer, but she doesn't love it and it doesn't really make her happy.  And while in St. Dennis, she begins to realize that her dream of opening her own restaurant and cooking might actually come true...especially when she finds the perfect (although run down) building right in St. Dennis.  Is it even possible though?  The last thing Sophie wants to do is disappoint her Grandfather, who she has only really gotten to know as an adult...but is her happiness worth the price?  Or will she finally be able to do what she's always wanted to do, even if it's not what's always been expected of her?  

In the midst of all this, Sophie meets Jason.  He's a newer resident of St. Dennis, a landscaper with his own business, and with his own ties to St. Dennis and Sophie's family.  They both feels something when they are together and slowly this builds into a relationship that neither was looking for.  Just as the relationship seems real and things are heating up, a disagreement between then and falling out about their separate businesses threatens to keep them apart.  Will they be able to move past their business differences and keep the flame alive between them?

In At the River's Edge, the romance of Sophie and Jason is really secondary to Sophie's quest to find her niche in life.  The romance is strong, but even stronger is Sophie as she tries to find herself and her happy place.  Mariah gives us a real small town feel in At the River's Edge...with all the neatly interwoven characters in a tightly knit community.  I can picture St. Dennis in my mind's eye - even the run down building Sophie would love to purchase, Mariah's descriptions are so well written.  

Sophie and Jason are both great main characters that you can love!  They are surprisingly similar in nature, both are friendly, thoughtful, and want to make other people happy.  They both have family issues to deal with, very different, but very emotional all the same.  I saw some great character growth between Sophie and Jason, and Mariah gives us enough time in At the River's Edge that nothing is rushed, but you don't feel bored or that the story is dragging out.  

Mariah throws in a touch of paranormal that leaves you wanting more of that part of the story and I'm hoping we'll get more in future books.  This leads me to Sophie's grandfather and a host of other secondary characters who really add zest to At the River's Edge.  I have read all of the other stories in this series, and do believe you will have a better understanding of the relationships and all the people if you have read them also before you read At the River's Edge.  It can be read alone, but the character's might be a bit harder to follow without the background.  The journalling that Grace (from the newspaper) does throughout At the River's Edge (and all the other books in this series) really bring a neat perspective to the story and help explain a few things.  I did enjoy catching up with character's from previous books.  I also really like the multi-generational aspect in At the River's Edge.

Mariah gives us another wonderful romance and life message in At the River's Edge.  As you read she will make you think about love, life, and self fulfillment.  

I'd recommend At the River's Edge to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

The Fireside Inn

In The Fireside Inn by Lily Everett, Miles is getting ready to get married to his fiancee on Sanctuary Island. Miles enlists the help of his three bachelor friends in planning his wedding – he wants it to be perfect.
Madly in love, Miles is so sure the magic of Sanctuary Island will claim his friends and they’ll find love there that he makes them a bet to that affect. Leo, Zane and Cooper readily accept the bet…none of them is looking for love or a permanent relationship. But ” ‘No one intends to fall in love,’ Miles said…’But on Sanctuary Island? You won’t have a choice.’ ” Read More

4/5 stars

Back to You

In Back To You by Jessica Scott, Trent has been away at war more than he’s been with his wife Laura and their children. Trent has become more and more distant, and Laura has become more and more lonely. Laura is tired of waiting, tired of waiting for that phone to ring. She wants her husband back, but the more time that goes by the more she feels he will never come back to them, physically or mentally. With a heavy heart, Laura has filed for divorce and is trying to move past the heart ache.Read More

5/5 stars :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Late Last Night

In Late Last Night Lilian Darcy takes us back just a touch in time in Marietta.  We have heard mention of Kate in previous novellas on the Copper Mountain Rodeo series, but this time we get Kate's story.

Kate has been living with her brother Rob, his wife Melinda, and their children in their home on the ranch.  Besides her teaching job, Kate also helps out with the kids and on the ranch as much as she can.  She has been burning the candle at both ends for so long that she is close to burn out, close to starting to resent her family.  After being pulled over yet again for a traffic violation by Sheriff Harrison Pearce, his words help open her eyes and give her courage to make the changes she needs to in her life.  There is something about Harrison that brings Kate peace and makes her feel grounded...and yes, attracted to him.  But it's been so long and Kate doesn't think she has any business starting any kind of relationship with the shape her life is in right now.

Soon they seem to run into each other everywhere though, and spend more and more time together.  Kate is feeling good and making positive changes in her life...and both Kate and Harrison feel a connection and so much more.  For Kate it is happening very fast and a misunderstanding on her part threatens to unravel what they've started just as quickly.  But some connections are meant to be and just might be worth the effort to build...  When tragedy strikes it is a time of grief and a time of pulling together.  Will Kate risk pulling things together with Harrison?

Lilian gives us a romance to lose yourself in with Late Last Night.  Whether or not you've read any of the other Montana Born books you will be soon be quickly immersed and enchanted with Kate and Harrison's story.  Late Last Night is a quick read, but definitely a complete read.  Lilian manages to pack in the emotions, both good and bad, and write with a flair that blends them together so well...making them real.

Kate and Harrison are both mature characters and their life experiences make them easy to relate to and to love.  It was with a lot of good feeling that I watched Kate grow and gain confidence in herself.  She is a really good person who has always put others it's time to put Kate first, but she still makes sure no one is neglected.  Harrison is ready to settle down and he knows what and who he wants!  As contented and peaceful as Kate feels with him, he feels the same.  The chemistry between Harrison and Kate is off the walls and Lilian writes this well into the story line.

If you have read the other Montana Born books you will see a lot of characters from previous books, the connections and where they've come from.  This was something I really liked about Late Last Night is really engaging how Lilian manages to weave them into Late Last Night so effortlessly and make them all a part of the story whether as strong secondary characters or very subtle ones.  However, as I said before you will not be lost if this is your first book!

I'd highly recommend Late Last Night to any romance reader looking for a quick, heart felt read with some memorable characters.

5/5 stars

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love, Chocolate, and Beer

In Love, Chocolate, and Beer, Luke has moved to Cactus Creek to set up shop.  His chocolate shop that is!!   Something about Cactus Creek called to Luke as soon as he first set foot in that place.  Along with his good friend Quinn, they prepare to open...and are always trying new chocolate recipes. 

Dani is the brew master in her own bar.  She is everything Luke is not...she's not a romantic, she's rather have beer than chocolate, and she has a hard enough time believing in second chances at love let alone love at first sight!  But the chemistry Dani and Luke create can't be ignored and Luke is going to do his best to get Dani to admit to not only the chemistry, but the feelings.

When a mix up threatens to stop anything in it's tracks before it's started, sending Dani into a tizzy, Luke finds her all the more irresistible!  Soon their businesses are embroiled in a Valentine's Day contest ... ironically the most romantic day of the year for some, and it's almost impossible to separate the business end of romance from the personal.  But Dani is still holding back from Luke, and the longer she holds back, the harder the truth is for her to admit to.  Will Luke be the man to make Dani want to risk her heart?  Can she?

Violet gives us a fast paced, fun, up beat, ultra modern romance with Love, Chocolate, and Beer that will sweep you up, give you cravings for chocolate and maybe a drink of beer.  Luke and Dani are really an entertaining couple!  Dani tries hard not to fall for Luke, she tries hard to be her prickly, non romantic self, but Luke just finds that side of her all the more attractive!  I thought this was hilarious!  I felt like he was a great match for Dani as I read more deeply into Love, Chocolate, and Beer.  He listened to her let steam off, didn't get offended, he poked at her, and he just kept pursuing her...wooing her with chocolate, romance, and Valentine's!

Violet make Luke and Dani real to the reader, not only with their feelings, issues and real life problems, but also with the way she makes modern technology such a big part of Love, Chocolate, and Beer.  I really enjoyed this and it left no doubt as to when this book was taking place.  Violet gives the reader a real connection to the world of the characters, one that they can relate to and make sense of.  Violet also introduces some strong secondary characters in Love, Chocolate, and Beer along with secondary romances and possibilities that keep the story very interesting and make us eager for the next book in the Cactus Creek series.

I'd recommend Love, Chocolate, and Beer to any romance reader looking for a fun read that involves chocolate and beer!  

4/5 stars

A Little Combustible Chemistry

A Little Combustible Chemistry by Violet Duke is a great introduction to her new Cactus Creek series!  Luke is new to Cactus Creek, hoping to make a success of his chocolate shop and make Cactus Creek his home.  Dani is the brewmaster in the pub once run by her father and now run by her.  

As soon as Luke and Dani see each other across the crowded bar there is definite chemistry!  Dani is beer and Luke is chocolate.  Luke wants her.  He can't stop thinking about her.  With surprises, fun, and a little sexting, Dani and Luke begin our adventure in Cactus Creek.

Along with Dani and Luke, we meet a host of other characters who I hope to see a lot of in the coming books by Violet Duke.  A Little Combustible Chemistry is a fast paced novella with catchy dialogue that makes you want to jump right into book one of the series, Love, Chocolate, and Beer.

4/5 stars

Haunt Me

In Haunt Me by Heather Long, Justin is trying to fulfill the terms of his father's will, biding his time in Penny Hollow until he can move on with his life.  Between legends, curses, the town council and his work, he has it all figured out.  Or he thinks he does, until MacKenzie arrives in town to live in the house her aunt has left her...the same house Justin needs to do his part to save the town.

MacKenzie is in Penny Hollow to make a new start, to find her muse - she feels like it's meant to be.  She has absolutely no intention of selling her aunt's home to Justin.  Justin is determined to buy the house and has some unexpected help from persuasive towns people.  Soon though, Justin is drawn more to MacKenzie than the thought of buying her house.  As he helps her around her home and they spend more time together, slowly MacKenzie thinks she just might be able to trust Justin...they just might have something.  There are powerful forces at work though...ghosts of the past that linger, and not just your usual hauntings.  Will the past cost them their future together?

Justin and MacKenzie are fun to get to know, and I loved the interactions between them as they slowly began to get to know each other and trust each other...especially MacKenzie!  With MacKenzie, Heather really brings her to life and makes the reader feel for her.  She is determined to be independent after her past, but slowly begins to realize that with Justin, accepting help doesn't make her dependent.  I think he is really good for MacKenzie and I really like Justin for the hero of Haunt Me.  He was flexible with his 'game plan', patient with that and MacKenzie, and seemed to genuinely care.  Once you delve further into Haunt Me, it would be easy to question Justin's actions with MacKenzie...but Heather will keep you reading and move you away from the obvious to something much deeper.  MacKenzie, Justin and the secondary characters and small town feel of Penny Hollow in Haunt Me will captivate you.

Heather gives us a fast paced, paranormal romance in Haunt Me.  Haunt Me is more than just a ghost story, Heather will pull you in and take you beneath the surface to a place you never imagined when you picked up Haunt Me!  Heather's writing is easy to read and her characters are the people of real life, easy to relate to.  Heather weaves a magical, unique story line that will keep you guessing and then surprise you!  With just the right amount of romance mixed with goose bumps of fear, I'd highly recommend Haunt Me to any romance reader looking for suspenseful paranormal action!

4/5 stars