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Can't Let Go

Can't Let Go by Jessica Lemmon introduces us to Aiden and Sadie.  The meet at a nightclub, and that night go back to Sadie's home together.  But the night doesn't end as one would expect as Aiden and Sadie instead bare their soul's to each other instead of their bodies.

Sadie is a one date kind of woman, but Aiden is very intrigued by her.  When he asks her to go out again, Sadie surprises even herself by saying yes.  After a disasterious ending engagement, Sadie trust no one but herself.  She wants to be the one in control, even though she is drawn to Aiden.  Aiden shakes her control, making her feel more than she wants to for someone she just met.  "Sadie didn't want to feel this kind of attachment to anyone.  She didn't want to worry whenever he was late, or whenever he was out on his bike and the weather turned.  She didn't want to care this much, dammit."

In a matter of days, Aiden and Sadie fall hard for each other.  But Aiden can only let himself get so close to Sadie.  He is hiding things from his family, and for now must hide Sadie from them too.  Sadie seems to have more issues than a broken engagement, but in the span of a short novella we aren't privy to these.  And if Aiden can't be honest with his family, can he be honest with Sadie?  He might end up giving up the best thing he's had in a long time, even though he just found her.

Can't Let Go is an introduction to Hard To Handle, a full length novel that will come out soon (I hope!) where I'm hoping we'll delve deeper into Aiden and Sadie's relationship.  Crickett and Shane are there briefly, from Tempting the Billionaire, and it looks like we might see more of them in Hard to Handle too.  I liked both Aiden and Sadie, even though Aiden especially frustrated me because of his lack of honestly with his family which can only result in hurt for Sadie.  No matter what his reasons, I felt like he should have been as honest with them as he was with Sadie.  I felt like I got a good grasp on their personalities from this novella.

Jessica Lemmon gives us a quick read with Can't Let Go, I like the feel of it and how it ties into the other books.  There's a little bit of sexual tension, lots of humor, and love at first sight (which I totally believe in by the way!).  It is not a stand alone novella, and I feel like it ended too abruptly, even for a cliffhanger.  I will definitely be reading Hard to Handle as soon as it comes out!

3.5 stars/5 stars

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Time For Home

I LOVED this 5 star book!!

A Time For Home by Alexis Morgan: Callie is between job contracts at the moment, temporarily staying at her parents home. When she hears shortly after arriving that her good friend Spence has died in Afghanistan, she is shocked and devastated. Even more shocking is that he's left his house and all his belongings to Callie. She is not sure what she's going to do...Read More

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Deceiving the Witch Next Door

Storie Bell is a witch.  She has moved around a lot, both as a child and as and adult.  Despite rejecting the magic, her father always tried to do the best for Storie after her mother abandoned her.  Storie left Bloomington, Texas the same evening she had a chance, passionate encounter with Reid Malone.  Now Storie is back in Bloomington, intending to make it her home.  She longs to fit in and be 'normal' instead of feeling alone and isolated.  She hopes she will be able to do this in Bloomington, where her and her friend Harper are renovating the filling station Storie's Dad left her, to open up The Storiebook Cafe.

Even with the excitement of coming back to Bloomington and opening their cafe and bookstore, Storie can feel a darkness.  Not sure what it means or what it will bring, she carries on.  She certainly doesn't expect for Reid to be back in town also...Reid who has always hungered for the city life but after that one afternoon with Storie has never forgotten her.  "...she was a damn siren.  A girl next door who could bring a man to his knees with a crook of her finger."  Reid is unaware that Storie is a witch with magical powers, maybe he's dismissing the signs, but he is just drawn to her like no one else.  Storie is sure drawn to him and can feel the chemistry, but after years of listening to her Dad, she really believes no witch can have a lasting relationship with a mortal man.

Reid is back with his own that he's not sharing with Storie, but could have everything to do with Storie.  Both Reid and Storie are hiding things from each other, and the more Storie tries to push Reid away the more he pushes back.  With secrets and history holding them back is there any hope?  When everything comes to a head and the past comes back, so they have any chance at all?  When Reid finally realizes it's not where you are but who you are with will Storie still be there?

I loved Deceiving the Witch Next Door, with the mystery, magic, and the dance of a relationship that both characters want but don't believe they can have.  It was easy to feel a connection to Storie, with or without magic.  Her magic is fun, there is just enough paranormal in Deceiving the Witch Next Door to satisfy me and not take it over the top!  I really admired what Storie was doing, especially going back to Bloomington.  Despite the way she was treated there, she wanted to make a home there.

Right or not, Reid was trying to do what he felt was best for his father.  He didn't count on Storie though...and without any magic she manages to capture his heart...if she'll accept it  The interactions between Storie and Reid were at times hot, funny, and sweet.  They will make a great forever couple if they can get past the secrets and past.  The inclusion of the secondary characters was just right.  Harper and her daughters didn't distract from Storie and Reid's story, and the appearance of other significant characters later in the book added to the plot.

Melissa gives us a fast paced, intriguing romance with a great story line in Deceiving the Witch Next Door.  I loved it and highly recommend it!

5/5 stars

Friday, August 23, 2013

Always On My Mind

Leah grew up with a perfectionist father who seemed to see nothing good in Leah.  She was constantly told she'd never amount to anything and couldn't do anything right.  She was more than happy to leave everything and everyone in Lucky Harbor behind when she left, including her good friend Jack.  Years later now, Leah is back in Lucky Harbor to run her grandmother's bakery while her Grandma recovers from knee surgery.  Leah has never really settled anywhere since she left Lucky Harbor, and she is not sure where she'll head next after Lucky Harbor.  She never did finish pre-med, political science, journalism or culinary school - then she was on the reality cooking show Sweet Wars...but what's next is still up in the air since no one knows the outcome of the show yet.  She does know she loves baking is one of the few for sure things in her life.

Jack watched his mother fall apart after his father was killed on the job as a fire fighter.  Now he is also a fire fighter, and he's determined his line of work and a long term relationship won't work.  As happy as he is to see his good friend Leah back in Lucky Harbor, he still feels the hurt of her leaving him all those years ago.  He's not sure how things will be between them now, but he does know that Leah is still part of his life.  She's been a big help to his mother too, who has had cancer and is undergoing treatments.  Unfortunately, Leah tries so hard to cheer his mother up, she blurts out that her and Jack are now in a relationship, hoping that the fact that Jack is in a committed relationship will make his mother happy.  Leah's little lie has the desired effect on Jack's mother, but it's about to throw a whole new wrench in Leah and Jack's friendship.  It's something Jack might have wanted years ago, but not now when he has no intention of settling down.

Leah and Jack start off playing the pretend relationship, but soon it evolves into something much more, no matter how much they both try to deny it.  Both of them are very cautious with their hearts.  For Jack, Leah "...had always been fickle with her heart and its wants.  If he let himself fall for her again, losing her this time would kill him."   The chemistry is certainly there for Leah and Jack, but Leah is still ready to run and not settle...even though Jack is starting to feel more and more like he wants Leah to stay in Lucky Harbor with him, running the bakery.  Jack knows some things are worth fighting for "I want you, Leah, I've always wanted you, but you have to want to fight for it too...", but he's not sure how much fight he has left in him.  Will Leah finally believe that she is worth love?  Do they have the courage to risk their hearts for each other?

Leah's issues with her father's treatment of her have carried forward into all aspects and relationships in her life.  She doesn't have a lot of self confidence, she's a complete perfectionist, and so far she hasn't stuck around in one place for very long.  She had a really good friend in Jack, but ran from that too.  Leah was a really hard person for me to connect with.  I felt at times bad for her and at times frustrated with her for her lack of faith in herself and others.  She's a perfectionist but seems to have very low expectations of herself.  I would have liked to know a bit more about her relationship with her mother and why her father's behavior was tolerated.  I loved Leah's Grandma and her silent support of Leah.

Jack is doing what he feels is expected of him...following in his father's footsteps even though it's not exactly what he wants to do.  Why he is who he is is much clearer in Always On My Mind.  He's definitely not looking for a relationship, but his 'pretend' one stops him from seeing anyone besides Leah.  He has always had feelings for Leah, but the hurt from the past are still with him...and seeing his mother unable to move on from his father's death have deeply affected him.  Whereas I felt Leah had very low expectations of what she could do, I felt like Jack had too many expectations of what he should be doing!

Always On My Mind is a friends to lovers story that works really well.  The friendship part of the relationship was a long time ago, now limited to a few cards a year Leah has sent to Jack, and it was fun to watch them muddle their way through a 'pretend' relationship with all sorts of rules.  The secondary characters and side plots in Always On My Mind really added depth to Leah and Jack's story...the little mystery and quirky characters were woven well into the main plot.  They were a great part of this book to bring it to life for me.  I loved reconnecting with all the other residents of Lucky Harbor we have met through the series, and of course, the facebook page!!  

Jill gives us an easy to read, fun love story in Always on My Mind.  I don't think you have to have read all of the other Lucky Harbor books to enjoy this one, but I recommend them!

3.5 / 5 stars

Until Fountain Bridge

Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young tells us about Ellie and Adam. Adam is Ellie’s brother’s best friend, and Ellie’s been in love with him forever! Adam has been a bit of a player with the ladies though, never acknowledging he sees Ellis as more than his best friend’s little sister, despite some of the mixed signals he gives her as she gets older. It took a brain tumor scare for Adam to finally give into the feelings he has for Ellie. Once that happened, things moved pretty quickly…but they’ve known each other forever! Read More

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Blaze gives us 8 short love stories.  I love how the stories all slightly intertwine with the characters and they are all set in Coombethwaite, England.  We catch the odd glimpse of a character from another story in Blaze, but at the same time the stories can all stand alone.  The title "Blaze" is so appropriate because every story features a hot firefighter from Coombethwaite!!  All the better!

Memory's Flame by Maya Blake...Ellie is back in Coombethwaite for her Grandpa's funeral, to sell his house, and get out again as quickly as she can.  Until she runs into Jake...the love she left with no explanation when she ran off from Coombethwaite all those years ago. Jake has never gotten over Ellie, no woman can measure up to her, and he's determined to get some answers from her before she runs off again!  But it's more than answers Jake is hoping for, and the heat between them is still sizzling.  Can Ellie can stick around long enough to give them another chance?

The Fire Inside by Romy Sommer...Ryan is in Coombethwaite from London for a friend's wedding when he meets Sam.  Sam is a firefighter, and all the guys on her team see her as just one of the guys.  Ryan definitley sees the woman in her, and definitely wants to know her better!  Will Sam find the courage to follow her dreams, and maybe Ryan?

A Smouldering Attraction by Suzanna Ross...Shelley and Harrison have both sworn off the opposite sex and relationships.  They are definitely attracted to each other, but it isn't until fire fighter Harrison is injured on the job that Shelley realizes he just might be worth the risk.

Locked into Love by Catherine Coles...Cassie and Ben were childhood sweethearts until Ben took it upon himself to decide Cassie would never follow her dreams if he was around, and he wasn't going anywhere, so in his mind he 'sent her off to follow a dream'.  In Cassie's mind he broke her heart.  Now Cassie is back, being rescued by Ben, and maybe following a new dream...

Hot, Bothered and Bewitched by Kat French...Seraphine is the new vet in town.  She's also Wiccan, it's Hallowe'en and her birthday.   She's hoping for a fresh start in Coombethwaite, where no one knows her family history and she won't be judged.  Just as Seraphine is lighting the candles for her love spell, there is a knock on the hot fire fighter complete with black cat.  Has fate finally knocked for Seraphine as the sparks fly between Seraphine and Isaac?

Lighting Love's Spark by Sally Clements...Annabel, a teacher doesn't trust men with her heart after her last relationship ended in disaster.  She's also new to Coombethwaite, hoping for a new start in life.  When she meets her student Chloe's father Daniel though, she might just have to reassess her views on men.  Who can resist a fire fighter in uniform and his sweet daughter?  Daniel's other self might be the final pull to lure her in too!

Worth the Risk by Tara Pammi...After leaving Coombethwaite and cutting off ties with her best friend Marcus, baker Annie is back for good this time.  She's always secretly loved Marcus, now will be the time to see if he can feel the same way about her  - if he can forgive her for leaving in the first place.  Will her revalations push Marcus away or bring love into their lives?

A Kindling Romance by Lorraine Wilson...finally in Blaze we meet Polly and Drew who meet each other in the most unconventional way!  She's new to Coombethwaite and Drew is happy to come to her rescue in more ways than one!  You will laugh a lot with this short romance!!  Will Polly find what she's searching for in Coombethwaite?

As I mentioned, I really enjoyed all of these short romances.  Sometimes you're just in the mood for a quick romance that is just that!  Blaze gives us lots of love at first sight, heat and laughs!  All of the characters were so well described and easy to well as some of the secondary characters that we saw in more than one story.  I highly recommend Blaze for any romance reader!

5/5 stars

The Sweetheart Bargain

The Sweetheart Bargain by Shirley Jump: At a time in her life when she is ready for change, a lawyer shows up on Olivia’s doorstep. He gives her the keys to a home her biological mother has left her, a photo of it, and a necklace. Before she can change her mind, or think of reasons not too, Olivia has packed up herself and her dog, quit her job and is heading to Florida for that fresh start. She never knew her biological mother, and is hoping that she will finally find some answers.Read More

5/5 stars

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Not only did Jessica and Quaid work together as firefighters, they were married and each other's soul mates. But after a horrifying fire and explosion 5 years ago, Quaid lost his life and Jessica lost the love of her life, the light in her life. The team Jessica worked with disbanded and everyone moved onto other things. Jessica now works for a private lobby firm, but she feels so empty inside even 5 years later without Quaid.

There was always something suspicious about the last fire they all worked. There were chemicals involved that "...poisoned the entire team and left them all with bizarre paranormal abilities." It also gives them shadows...people who are always watching. When another explosion eerily similar to the one 5 years ago happens at a government facility called "The Castle", it sets up a series of events that will once again change Jessica's life forever.

When members of her former team show up after rescuing one prisoner (Cash), claiming a prisoner called simply "Q" might be Quaid, Jessica refuses to believe it could be possible. She has been to hell and back since the explosion, and has no desire to get her hopes up only to visit there again. But stranger than usual things are happening and soon Jessica is on a rescue mission to rescue "Q" with the rest of her former team. Whether he's Quaid or not, there is something about the man they call "Q" that calls to someplace deep inside of her.

"Q" has no recollection of his past or who he really is. He has been tortured, isolated, and used as a human experiment for the last 5 years. When he is rescued, he doesn't know who to trust...or what's real and what's not real. He has seen Jessica in his dreams, and often she has brought him comfort. Now that she's here in person, he will not let her go. While "Q" and the rest of the team discover secrets and who he really is, they must be very careful. Because someone else wants "Q" any cost.

As Jessica gets to know "Q", they also are in a race against time to out secrets and corrupt politicians, and save "Q" and Cash from a certain death.

Rush is a fast paced thrilling adventure that shows you a world you can only hope doesn't really exist! At times I was anxious to keep reading, but at the same time wanting to close the book for a while, scared of what was to come! The romantic aspect of Rush takes a back seat to all the suspenseful action, but is an integral part of Rush. Jessica and "Q" discover who each other are in today's world, and have to put the past where it belongs. Will "Q" survive the chase to be with the one woman he's always dreamed of?

Rush is very well written, and will captivate you from the start...having you wondering - what could possibly come next? I have not read the other books in this series so I did find keeping all the characters straight a little bit confusing at times, but I would still say you don't have to read the first two books to be entranced by Rush...I do think it would add to the rush though! I'm looking forward to seeing where Joan takes us next!

5/5 stars

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hearts in Motion

Hearts in Motion is a fun, fast paced romance!

In Hearts in Motion we meet Abby and Holden.  Abby has been raising her sister since their parents died, and she is struggling to make a go of the cat furniture business she has with a friend.  Abby is fun and optimistic, but at the same time she is realistic.  When Holden's aunt asks her to look after Cara (Holden's daughter) for 2 weeks, she does it first for the income, but it soon becomes all Cara.  Abby and her pets fall under Cara's sweet spell. 

Holden is business minded, serious, trying to save his family furniture's business, engaged to an 'appropriate' woman, and has no idea what to do with Cara, who's grandparents have dropped her off and left.  He knows Abby from years ago when she briefly dated his brother, and it looks like he's going to get to know her a bit more since she's looking after Cara. 

Before too long though, Holden is feeling things for Abby he certainly does not feel for his fiancée.  Abby is feeling things for Holden too...but he's off limits - or is he?  His fiancée has a big secret, the love is not there and he feels so good when he's with Abby and Cara, and he just might be able to help with her business.  The animals are meddling too...they think it's time for Abby to settle down and Holden might be just the man for her!  The animals might be the smartest ones after all!
Holden and Abby are opposites that certainly attract.  They are going to be very good for each other if they can find a way to take a chance on each other.  Cara is so sweet, she is a little girl that sure pulls at your heart, and she might be the best thing for both of them.  I loved reading both Holden and Abby's point of views, seeing how they both think and feel.  Holden is so confused and torn, wanting to do the right thing.  Abby is frustrated by Holden at times, and very protective of Cara.  Abby's sister Grace isn't as involved in the story as Abby, Holden and Cara, but she is definitely part of it and it is refreshing to read about a 'good' teenage girl!  The animals and their conversations are a great, funny part of the story, I really enjoyed them!  They add a unique aspect to Hearts in Motion.

I loved this fast, funny, sweet romance by Edie Ramer!  She draws you into Holden and Abby's lives and keeps you there until the last page!

Storm Warning

In a small coastal town of Scotland, there are more secrets and darkness than there first appears...

Sorcha has come home again, many years after she left at the age of 10 after her father died. She is hoping to find peace and move on with her life after a disasterous relationship. This is not going to be easy to do though, since Sorcha is hearing voices and seeing her dead father's ghost. She doesn't know why, just that it's getting harder and harder to cope with. And peace is even harder to find when someone considers Sorcha's return a threat...and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Ben is an American DEA undercover in Scotland, determined to find out who was responsible for leaking his partner's status to a drug cartel...resulting in his death. All leads point to Sorcha as being involved, and Ben will do whatever it takes to get justice for his partner. Ben becomes closer to Sorcha in an attempt to find out her secrets...but does she really have any? Between dead bodies, threats to Sorcha, a near drowning, and drugs found in the lighthouse on the island Sorcha is working on, Ben doesn't know what to think. He has a harder and harder time maintaining an emotional distance from Sorcha though.

Sorcha is drawn to the American, "No doubt about it, there was something intriguing about the man. The dangerous quality counteracted by a sexy smile she didn't trust." As she spends more and more time with Ben, she finds herself beginning to care about him in ways she didn't want to feel for someone again. She finds Ben to be warm and caring one moment, then distant and cold the next...Sorcha doesn't know what is going on with Ben. After a night where they lose themselves in each other and Ben decides it's a mistake, Sorcha is more hurt than she wants to be. They keep coming back to each other though...Ben with his secrets and Sorcha with hers.

Ben has a job to do though, no matter what the cost to his emotions. He does not want to become personally involved with a possible criminal, but as he spends more time with Sorcha and mysterious, frightening things continue to happen, he begins to wonder if he might be wrong. Not knowing who Ben really is, Sorcha struggles to decide if she can trust Ben with her secrets and her heart. Will he feel the same when she reveals them? Is Sorcha involved in drug running? But when Sorcha's life is in imminent danger, Ben can only hope he's not to late to save the woman he realizes he loves.

Toni Anderson really pulled me into Storm Warning...from her descriptions of the Scottish coast "...the crumbling seawall, mist-laden air, and the constant beat of the waves in the background of every breath he took." to the depth of the characters, I could feel myself there and I could feel myself in the characters. Sorcha has done well for herself despite what she endured after her father's death. She is strong and independent. Unaware of the psychic background in her family, she is not sure what to think about the voices or her father's ghost... Her attraction to Ben is unexpected for her, and along with everything else suddenly going on in her life she handles herself (and Ben!) very well. Ben is undercover DEA who has not had an ideal childhood, but is determined to do good where he can. Sorcha forces him to acknowledge parts of himself he's been ignoring. I didn't always like how he acted with Sorcha (the hot/cold thing)...but since I was outside looking in, it made complete sense to me! 

Storm Warning has lots of secondary characters that all play an important role in the story...they will all keep you guessing and surprising you! Storm warning is a 5 star romantic suspense that is a great read for anyone looking to escape to the Scottish coast for heart stopping mystery!

Feel the Rush

In Feel the Rush by Kelsie Leverich: Meagan is approaching her 30th birthday and no closer to meeting her 5 year plan than she’s ever been. She’s still single, living in a dingy apartment, partying with her friends, and when she does hook up with a man, he’s always Mr. Bad Boy Wrong. Meagan decides it’s time to change and start looking for Mr. Right. When the opportunity comes up to move with her friend Eva, Meagan decides this is a perfect time for a fresh start.Read More

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Curse of Passion

Welcome to small town San Julio, a place of secrets and dark legends.

Johanna has lived her life believing in the legend of La Llorona...that she is destined to be alone, no man will ever stay with her. Her own mother, crazed in her belief of the legend, even tried to drown a young Johanna and her sister Carmen in the river before taking her own life in it. "They all leave, Joey. Every last one of them. no man will stay with you. You're cursed." Since then, Johanna has made sure to keep herself and her sister safe. She is so sure neither of them will have a relationship that lasts, that even when she's attracted to her old friend and now her boss, principal Ray, she doesn't pursue him when he tells her he can't be involved with her. "...Ray was a man. And men left the Rios women. Always."

That is about to change though. When killings start in the name of La Llorona and Johanna is being stalked...the evidence is mounting that she will be the killer's final target. As much as Ray has fought his attraction to Johanna, he is determined to do everything he can to protect this beautiful, intelligent yet vulnerable woman. Johanna is thankful that she finally has someone to lean on, even if just for a little while. But as the killer gets closer and danger threatens, Johanna and Ray also find themselves getting closer, and Johanna finally thinks that maybe she can have a forever. Neither Johanna or Ray were looking to get involved with anyone, let alone fall in love. But when Ray looked at Johanna "He felt like he'd just found a light at the end of the tunnel he'd been slogging through for the last God knows how many years." Will they get the chance to be together, or will the killer get to Johanna first? Is La Llorona purely legendary...or is Johanna doomed?

Melissa really wowed me with Curse of Passion! I love how she's woven the legend of La Llorona so realistically into the romance and suspense of Curse of Passion. La Llorona is indeed a real legend, which makes the story even more realistic, and a little bit scary at times! Melissa gives us great background on the legend as it's told in Curse of Passion, and she weaves it well into the plot. Ray and Johanna were two people who you really hope make it and have a chance together...I really liked them both. Melissa gives us perspective from both Ray and Johanna, so we are able to get into their minds and see things how they do, which make them all the more relate-able. Even though Curse of Passion takes place over a short period of time, I really felt like the characters were able to grow and become stronger in that time.

Curse of Passion is a dark, thrilling story of legends, love, and fear. I highly recommend this!

Many thanks to Entangled Publishing for the ARC in return for an honest review.
5/5 stars

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot Pursuit

In Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris (Series: Hostile Operations Team , #1) Evie is back in her home town trying to pull her life together. She lost her restaurant when her partner and lover managed to steal all of the money. Not only is Evie broke and jobless, she feels like it’s the end of a dream. For now she is washing hair in her mother’s salon while she looks for a job as a chef. It would be nice to have her own restaurant again, but she’ll settle for just getting out of her home town again.Read More

5/5 stars

Color Me Bad

In Color Me Bad we are introduced to a group of women in Blessings, a small town in Georgia.  Curl Up and Dye is the hair salon in Blessings, run by 4 women.  It is a hub of activity, change, and friendship.  It is in Curl Up and Dye that customer Patty finally admits to herself the direction her life is taking and the changes she's going to have to make.  She's suspected her husband, the preacher, is having an affair ... and it is in Curl Up and Dye that she confronts not only this reality, but the other woman!

This sets in motion change and new beginnings for not only Patty, but many of the women in Blessings.  When Patty takes charge of her life and her future, she is at first ostracized, but soon admired.  But her acceptance and friendship from the ladie's in Curl Up and Dye is never changing.

Sharon Sala gives us a fast paced, witty novella with Color Me Bad.  Color Me Bad is a novella about change, hope and new beginnings.  Patty demonstrates well that you can either curl up and cry, or move on to greater adventures when your life takes an unexpected turn.  Patty unexpectedly turns out to be someone others can learn from...ok, not from everything she did, but who wouldn't want to do what she did if given the opportunity?

4/5 stars

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perfect Fling

Perfect Fling by Carly Phillips takes us back to Serendipity and everyone we know there! This time, in a moment of loneliness and a need to be close to someone, good girl Erin has a one night stand with Cole.

Cole is back in town, on his down time between jobs. The kind of jobs no one talks about, and very few know about. He is not looking for any kind of relationship, he doesn’t feel he’ll be good for anyone, especially someone like Erin. He has a lot of emotional baggage from the past, not to mention his under cover work, so he’s definitely not planning to stick around. Erin and Cole go their separate ways after their hot night together – well, as much as you can in Serendipity! When they do PFrun into each other, Cole is careful not to get too close to Erin and send her the wrong message. No matter how sweet she is, no matter how great the sex was, it was a one night stand. To most of Serendipity, including his father, Cole is still a bad boy, never outliving his rebellious teen reputation. Few people will actually talk to him…but Erin can see the walls he’s erected and what lays behind them.Read More

Sanctuary Island

I had such a great visit back to Sanctuary Island with Lily Everett’s first full length novel in this series!

Ella grew up fast. Her mother was an alcoholic and in her early years Ella spent a lot of time dealing with her mothers mood swings, the fear of people finding out, and taking care of her younger sister. When her father finally left Jo Ellen, taking Ella and Merry with him, Ella felt very responsible for Merry. Often her father was working 2 jobs to support them, leaving the girls alone often. Jo Ellen got treatment with the help of her Aunt from Sanctuary Island, but she has never seen her girls since they left with their father. Despite weekly letters and requests to see them, it has never happened.Read More

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Unwanted

Destin and Caleb are both psychics. Up until 5 years ago, they also both worked for the FBI...and were a couple. In a shocking turn of events for Destin, Caleb left her...just walked out and she hasn't seen him since. Presently, Caleb still works for the FBI, but Destin now works for a private investigation company with many of her former FBI colleagues. Destin has never felt the connection to anyone else that she felt with Caleb, working together or as a couple, and her boss knows this. When a new case comes up that's not even on the FBI radar, Destin's boss decides only the best will do...bringing in Caleb to partner with Destin.

In their time apart, neither Destin or Caleb has been able to completely forget the other. Being together again will be a test neither of them prepared for, both personally and professionally. They both carry scars, they have both changed, but they will need to put their personal differences aside if they are to be successful in their mission - they need each other to do this. A forced togetherness might force them even farther apart...or pull them even closer together. First they need to focus on the job, but will they be there for each other to pick up the pieces afterwards? When they find what has been missing between them, can they take another chance at love together?

The Unwanted is a fast paced, action packed romantic suspense! Caleb knows just what Destin needs on the job and off...that has not changed for them. Shiloh writes a perfect blend Caleb and Destin's broken relationship and the suspense of their job. The Unwanted is a quick read, because you won't want to put it down! I really liked both Caleb and Destin, watching them struggle to heal and try to be together again.

This novella is the perfect length for Destin and Caleb's story! The Unwanted can be read alone, but I highly recommend the Shiloh Walker's other FBI books too!

5/5 stars

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Choosing the Right Man

In the third book of Nice Girl to Love - Choosing the Right Man, Abby is going to have to make a choice between brothers Brian and Connor. In Falling For the Bad Boy (book 1), Abby had a month of bliss with Connor, the bad boy brother of her best friend Brian. When the month was over, he let her go...and didn't come after her. Brian, in Falling for the Good Guy (book 2), finally realizes the extent of his feelings for Abby go far beyond the friendship they've always had. Seeing her with his brother was just the push he needed to try to win her over, and make her see that they could have so much more together.

In Choosing the Right Man, things come to a head, and Abby finds herself caught between the two brothers. She loves them both, but who is she in love with? Even Abby can't make up her mind. Both brothers want her. Connor is much deeper than he appears. His bad boy persona is all in the past, and he's struggled with his own family issues. He wants the chance to show Abby how good they are together. He needs to be honest with his feelings and show her who he really is. Abby is drawn to him, just the thought of him makes her heart race. Abby has known Brian forever...they're best friends and she's seen him through some very rough times, being a second mother to his daughter Skylar. She is attached to both Brian and Skylar...she knows everything about Brian, the good and the bad. She has loved Brian as a friend forever, will she be able to love him as more than that?

Brian and Connor come up with a way to spend time together with Abby separately, giving her a chance to figure out who her future will be with. It is an emotional, overwhelming time for Abby. There are so many factors that influence how she feels, who she really wants to be with, and who she thinks she should be with. No matter who her heart belongs to, someone will be hurt. Abby is going to have to decide with her heart what is best for her, who she wants to spend forever with.

The characters in the book are very well developed and all of them work well together. We get some insight into all of they feel and what they are going through. I do think you need to read the first two books in this series to get a good understanding of their backgrounds.

Violet works the plot of 2 brothers wanting the same woman perfectly. When Abby is spending time with each brother, there is not a lot of comparing the brothers, which worked really well. She focuses instead on the feelings each of the characters are experiencing. There is very little sex, although there are certainly moments that have the pages smoldering! I certainly don't mind well written sex scenes (which Violet does write very well!), but that wasn't what this book was about. I was really relieved there were no sex comparisons between the brothers, that would have just been too weird for me! Violet writes Choosing the Right Man in such a way that there is no discomfort or weirdness about Abby having been with both brothers and now trying to choose between them.

Choosing the Right Man was a fast paced, fun romantic read. It does have its serious side too though...something that makes it even harder for Abby to choose, and you find yourself hoping she'll pick who you would! I loved Choosing the Right Man!! Thank you Violet for another great read! I think Abby made the right choice! I love how Choosing the Right Man ends, and you will too, regardless of who you're hoping Abby will have her happily ever after with. We are left with enough to be very sated readers, but looking forward to Violet's next book!
5/5 stars!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

First Temptation

Zoe has been ready to move on from her job as a Border Patrol Agent ever since the death of one of her partners, Cody. When a risqué undercover position with ICE comes up, Zoe jumps at the chance to be part of it. Her experience and knowledge will give her the edge she needs...even if it means having to work with Taft. Taft initially doesn't think Zoe has what it takes professionally or personally to get the job done, but Zoe soon proves him wrong!

Working together as a married couple running their adults only shop, Zoe and Taft are trying to bring down a notorious Mexican drug dealer. Between learning about various sex toys and the dangers of finding the players in the drug ring, Zoe and Taft soon find they are very compatible...but Zoe has a rule about having relationships with people she works with. When Zoe almost walks away from the job thinking her identity has been discovered, her and Taft soon find out they know just what the other needs and they don't need sex toys to do what they do so well together!

Zoe stays on the job though, and her and Taft put on one big show, hoping to draw the players out. It works better than either of them anticipated, both professionally as well as personally...and when the investigation cumulates, both will have to trust the other if they are to survive.

In First Temptation, Joan gives us a fast paced, suspenseful romance in which the main characters really are meant for each other. Taft challenges Zoe and makes her bring out her feminine, senuous side that is usually well hidden. He is not afraid to admit when he's wrong, he's honest, and protective of not only Zoe, but any colleague. He is hot and knows how to please Zoe! Zoe has lived a lot of her life being one of the guys, not openly embracing the woman in her. We are given enough background to understand why, so it makes it even better when Zoe and Taft embrace who she is! I loved both Zoe and Taft...they were able to easily move past their initial annoyance with each other, they worked well together and they played very well together! Their relationship moved fast, but it was believable...sometimes you just know.

The pace of First Temptation was perfect, Joan kept me very interested in both the romance and the suspense, I really loved how the story played out...sometimes unexpectedly!

5/5 stars