Monday, April 28, 2014

The Unexpected Bride

In The Unexpected Bride by Joanne Walsh, Emma has come to Marietta from England to be the Nanny for Laurent's two small children.  After his wife died giving birth to the youngest, Laurent has struggled to raise his son and daughter.  Despite help from everyone, Laurent just can't do it all.  He has trouble connecting with and controlling his kids.  When his father hires a Nanny, he is wary...especially when he meets Emma.

Young, beautiful Emma is not at all what Laurent expected his new Nanny to be, and he has little faith in her abilities.  Emma soon proves Laurent's misconceptions wrong though.  She also stirs unwelcome feelings in him long forgotten, feelings he believes he has no business feeling.  Laurent is not the only one feeling the attraction though, and soon Emma will need to make a choice.  Laurent claims he can't offer her love, but he can offer her everything else.  Can Emma settle for less than love in return for the love she feels for not only Laurent but his children?  Or is it best for her to move on?

Joanne gives us a wonderful romance in The Unexpected Bride that is at times sad, but at other times will make you smile and feel hopeful and happy.  Laurent will pull at your heart strings as he struggles with guilt over his wife's death and his difficulty moving on from it.  Joanne demonstrates so well in Laurent's story that the time needs to be right to move on, and it is not an easy thing to do.  He is a tortured hero, and Emma is the perfect heroine for him with her patience and ability to see beneath Laurent's tough surface.  Emma is easy to like and relate to.  Both characters have a lot of depth, and as much as they fight it, the chemistry between Emma and Laurent is hot!

The Unexpected Bride is fast paced and although a quick read it is also riveting.  I'd recommend The Unexpected Bride to any romance reader looking for a well written, emotionally driven read about a second chance at love. 

5/5 stars

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Letting Go

In Letting Go by Maya Banks, Joss has grieved the death of her husband Carson for three years. Joss is lonely though, she is ready to move on and feel alive again. Joss kept a part of herself hidden away from her husband. Her darkest desire, the one she knew he would not be able to give because of his background. Joss loved her husband with all of her heart, but this time she’s seeking what she needs. What she needs and desires is to be dominated by a man. Read More

3.5/5 stars

Break For Me

Break For Me by Shiloh Walker is the second novella in her new Secrets and Shadows series.  Break For Me picks up where Burn For Me left off.  The Bell family lost their mother 15 years ago.  No one knows what happened to her.  There have been no answers and no clues, they all still suffer in their own ways.  Jensen, the oldest daughter, is a police officer now.  She takes pride in her job, in keeping people safe.

Dean is a DA with shadows and pain in his past too.  From the moment he saw Jensen he was intrigued by her.  She is full of attitude, but as much as Dean sees through that it is also part of what draws him to her.  They see each other a lot on the job and Jensen is just as attracted to him, but she has no plans to act on it.  That changes quickly though, and soon Dean and Jensen are exploring the chemistry they create in the best possible ways.  It is so much more than just chemistry though, and when Jensen needs someone to lean on Dean is there for her.  They are there for each other, even as the past starts rearing it's ugly head with answers no one expected and even more questions.

I loved Break For Me!  Not only does Shiloh give us a fantastic romance with Dean and Jensen, she continues the mystery of what happened to Jensen's mother.  Break For Me is a fast paced novella that is easy to become absorbed in.  The length is perfect for this part of the story being told.  I really like how Shiloh finished each novella so that it can be carried over into another story, but it is definitely not what I would call a cliffhanger.

Dean and Jensen are both strong characters who have known each other for a year now as colleagues, so when the romance strikes it seems realistic for it to move pretty quickly.  Shiloh's writing of Break For Me will evoke many strong feelings in you when you read this, and have your heart loving these characters.  Shiloh's smooth writing style make it easy to get to know Jensen and Dean, and really want things to work out for them. 

I really enjoyed the carry over of family and characters from Burn For Me as well as the small town feel.  They make me eager to read the next novella in this series!

I'd highly recommend Break For Me to any romance reader looking for a captivating romance with a mystery woven intricately into the plot.

5/5 stars

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Sweetest Sound

The Sweetest Sound by Lilian Darcy takes place simultaneously with Lilian's novella The Sweetest Thing.  In The Sweetest Sound we learn all about Charlie, and what is happening in his life at this moment in time.

Charlie has a lot going on in his very busy life.  He is in his final year of residency as an orthopedic surgeon and that alone takes up all of his time.  He certainly shouldn't be daydreaming about the gorgeous busker - Ramona - who plays her music and sings outside of the hospital.  The woman whose music makes "...his whole day.  His stress eased.  He felt less tight and tired.  He glimpsed another world."  He thinks he'd be crazy to go after her.  Especially since his birth mother and newly discovered half sister want to meet him, making his already crazy time table even fuller.

He can't resist Ramona.  "The cleverness and the beauty both made him want more."  Ramona notices Charlie too.  She calls him the "Hot Doc".  But Ramona's home is in Spain with her mother and father, and she has every intention of returning to Spain in a few months. Her parents need her, even if they tell her they want her to follow her dream.  Charlie and Ramona are both dealing with a lot in their lives, and don't think they have room for anything or anyone else.  But the instant connection they experience along with Charlie's persistence soon have them at the start of a new and exciting relationship.  They communicate, but there is also misunderstandings that might drive them apart before they can even try to make it work.  Torn between two different worlds, will their love at first sight make all things possible?

I loved Charlie's story!  The romance between Charlie and Ramona is definitely the dominant story line, but Charlie's anticipation and reunion with his mother is woven in very well and is a strong secondary plot.  The romance might be first and foremost, but everything else is just as important in The Sweetest Sound.  I really enjoyed both Charlie and Ramona.  They had fun together and really seemed to fit together.  Both are strong characters who are going through their own dilemma's in life, and if they give it a chance they can take strength from each other.  I loved the little glimpses of Spanish in Ramona that Lilian gives us, the descriptions of Ramona's home land and the way Ramona always thinks that Charlie is "so American".  Lilian really pulls you into the emotions the characters are experiencing.

The flow of The Sweetest Sound is great, the novella length is perfect for the story being told, and you will hear Ramona's music through Lilian's words.  You can read The Sweetest Sound as a stand alone, but I also highly recommend The Sweetest Thing.  Any romance reader will enjoy The Sweetest Sound.

5/5 stars

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Perfect Hostage

You will literally jump right into the party in The Perfect Hostage by Misty Evans - the one Lucie is hosting for her very pregnant sister and soon to be brother in law.  Since being rescued from a hostage situation, Zara has found the man of her dreams, and now Lucie wants hers.  She is determined to spend some time with John, one of the special ops who rescued them.  John definitely feels an attraction for Lucie, but he's not a forever relationship kind of guy.  He doesn't have a family or really know what one would feel like, but he finds himself at Lucie's party anyway.  Little does John know that Lucie has decided he will make The Perfect Hostage for the weekend after the party is over!  As hard and as fast as John is falling for Lucie can he open up and let her in?

There is scorching chemistry between John and Lucie, but a weekend together soon turns into a nightmare they can only hope to survive.  John really is The Perfect Hostage, only not quite how Lucie had envisioned.  Can he save her and what they've started?

The Perfect Hostage is a fast paced novella filled with chemistry and all kinds of action that will keep you moving along the pages easily.  The general plot is well developed in the time frame of the novella, but at the same time I really did feel like I was jumping into the middle of something and missing out on a lot.  This is due to the fact that I was unaware there was a previous book to this, which if I'd known I would have read first!  Honestly I'm not one to go back in series if I already know what's happened, but I would highly recommend reading the book before this one first!  (I believe this novella ties in with I'd Rather Be in Paris)

I really loved Lucie, she is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it (or him!).  From the background I could figure out, Lucie has had a lot going on in her life and I really hoped she and John would work out.  John was not dealt a nice hand in life, but he's done very well for himself and I don't think he gives himself enough credit!

Misty does give us great chemistry with great characters with enough suspense to surprise you!

I'd recommend this for romance readers looking for a quick read, but highly recommend not reading it alone!

3/5 stars

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sweet Revenge

In Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti, Matt and his brothers have been hiding, running, and searching for 5 years now. Ever since they escaped the compound they’d been raised in – as the subjects of genetic experimentation, in the quest for the ultimate soldier. They grew up with no mother or father, just ‘the commander’, each other, and other boys ‘in training’. Now Matt is looking for the one person who he hopes can save him and his brothers. Matt’s search takes him to Charmed, Idaho. Time is running out, there is no room for anything or anyone else. Read More

5/5 stars

Betting the Rainbow

In Betting the Rainbow by Jodi Thomas we meet numerous characters who live in Harmony.
Ronny is back in Harmony after a year of travelling the world following the death of the man she loved. She just wants to be alone in her lake side home and plans never to love again. Austin is her neighbor. Former military, in a fire that claimed the lives of his friends, he was severely injured, but he survived. He too just wants to be alone, but he is inexplicably drawn to Ronny as much as he doesn’t want to be. They are both injured, both of their hearts are bruised. As they work their way closer to each other, can the future be better than either of them hoped for? Is it worth the risk?
Read More

3.5/5 stars

Escape For the Summer

In Escape For the Summer by Ruth Aberton, we meet three women all experiencing life changes.  They are heading to Rock for the summer, for a working summer holiday.  And what they hope will bring them what they need.

Andi has lost not only her job, but her cheating boyfriend.  She's been lied to, used, and she's not feeling like she'll ever be able to trust anyone again.  Determined to move on, when she meets Jonty, who is like the boy next door she also finds a job with his brother.  Starting to feel good about herself again and pay off the debt left to her by her ex, Andi begins to develop a relationship with Jonty.  With both of them not being completely honest with the other, it's complicated though.  Soon Andi will need to decide if she can forgive him his ommissions as he did her, or if she is going to let the past color her future.

Angel is Andi's younger sister.  Angel has also lost her job and has an entirely different agends in Rock than her sister.  Angel is somewhat shallow and clueless but at the same time endearing in her naivety.  She is used to being taken care of, and is on the endless search for Mr. Right who will be rich and handsome.  Angel is pretending to be someone she's not though, and when her Mr. Right starts to mean more to her than she ever thought possible, can she risk losing him by being truthful?

Gemma is Angel's friend, and now the third room mate in a run down caravan the ladies are sharing in Rock.  Gemma has a never ending love/hate relationship with food, and it's the love part of the relationship that has her being rejected for too many acting rolls, and her agent threatening to give her up.  The chance of being on a reality TV show in Rock has her hopes high though.  When she meets Cal, the former football hero, now the star of the reality show, they find they have more in common than they'd have thought.  But they will have to fight past barriers and social misconceptions if they are to make the most of the chemistry they have.  Instead of trying to change, they might have to accept who they are in order to be happy and have a future.

What will happen after the summer in Rock?

Escape For the Summer is a fantastic summer adventure of three women who you will come to love!  Laced with humor and strong emotions, Ruth will having you wish their summer in Rock would never end.  I really enjoyed the way Ruth wrote Escape For The Summer from three points of views.  She seamlessly writes these and the flow is smooth, with easy transition between the characters and the scenes.  The interactions between not only the three main characters but their men are gripping, drawing you in so you understand not only the women, but the men.  They are easy to relate to characters, and even with the quirkiness of their situations, the sense of realism is definitely there.

The character growth in Escape For the Summer was amazing, and it was fun to watch them grow and change over their summer in Rock.  They all obviously care for one another, and are together, but at the same time are very separate people. 

I love how Ruth brings the seaside to life, so you can taste the salt air and feel the ocean breeze.

From the serious to the not so serious, Ruth gives us a hilarious, entertaining read in Escape For the Summer.  It was an easy book to lose myself in and one I would highly recommend to all romance readers who like a story with strong heroines that will make you laugh out loud as they take you along on their journey!

5/5 stars :)

The Innocent

In The Innocent by Shiloh Walker, Jay literally goes to Hell to meet Linc, a man she met and connected with online.  Out of the blue Linc pushed her away, and Jay wants to find out why.

Jay is a psychometric, unable to touch people without experiencing what they are, their emotions, their memories.  Good and bad.  When Jay gets to Hell she finds there is a lot of trouble there, and Linc seems to be in the midst of it.  Surprisingly, Linc is a psychic null and Jay can touch him freely, and be touched by him.  Linc has not time for anything or anyone else besides what is happening in Hell.  But once Jay is there and connects to Linc, she can't leave.  Not only is there a job to be done there, but she has no intention of giving up on Linc.  Not after what she feels for him, what he makes her feel.

When the worst happens though, how can they possibly move on and have a future?  Jay just might have to let Linc go after all.

Wow, The Innocent drew me in from the first page and kept me immersed!  Shiloh gives us a fast paced, pulse pounding romantic paranormal suspense in the Innocent.  Anything can happen, and Shiloh manages to surprise the reader with the unexpected.  The Innocent is flawlessly written with strong characters who will really make you feel.  There is a lot of story in The Innocent, but the novella is easy to read and follow, very well paced.

I would highly recommend The Innocent to any romantic suspense reader who likes a paranormal aspect mixed in.  You won't be disappointed!!

5/5 stars

Burn For Me

Burn For Me by Shiloh Walker is a fast paced introduction novella to Shiloh's Secrets and Shadows series.

After a tragedy that changed his whole outlook on life, his way of being and the way he views himself, Tate has kept his emotions under tight control, his feelings hidden.  He has a relationship with Ali, but in her opinion it is more of a friends with benefits relationship.  He keeps so much of himself from her, coming and going in the night.  Ali loves Tate, but she needs so much more.  So much more than he's willing to give.

Tate feels so much peace when he's with Ali.  But he's afraid to give anymore.  As much as it hurts, Ali has to do what is right for her or she'll never find what she needs.  It breaks both of their hearts, but Tate is unable to let go of the past and move on.  Until he can, until he can open himself up, if he ever can, Ali can no longer be with him.  Will Tate ever be able to move on?  Or will he stay locked in the past and lose Ali?

Tate and Ali have a smouldering relationship that Ali wants to take to the next level.  As painful as it is, I love how she is honest with Tate about what she needs and wants.  Tate really has suffered, and even as he frustrates you, you will really come to care for him.

Burn For Me is a fantastic, quickly read novella.  Shiloh writes with a passion that will suck you into their relationship and make you feel the emotions.  I love how she ended Burn For Me but left enough mystery and room to leave you anxious for the next novella in this series.

I will definitely be reading all of these books!  I recommend Burn For Me to any romance reader looking for a quick novella filled with passion, angst, and mystery.

5/5 stars

Monday, April 14, 2014

Almost a Bride

In Almost a Bride by Sarah Mayberry, Tara has vowed for her entire adult life not to end up like her mother.  Tara's father left his family when she was 13, and her mother was completely devastated, never really getting over it.  Tara has no intention of ever letting herself be set up for such devastation by a man.  In her quest for relationships, she chooses safely.  At least she thinks she does, until her safe fiancee turns out not to be Mr. Upstanding after all when he's caught cheating on her with one of his students.

Initially Tara is devastated, but I love, love that she doesn't let this break her.  Of course she is hurt and angry, but after a day or two of misery, she realizes it's only herself she's been trying to fool.  The break up of her relationship frees the inner Tara, she finally starts to open up and do things she's always wanted to do but never has.  One of them might just be Reid.

Reid is her partner on the police force.  He's only temporarily in Marietta to help his parent's out on their orchard.  He definitely is not staying forever, he never stays anywhere for too long.  Since the day Reid and Tara met though, there has been an unacknowledged spark between them, almost a forbidden chemistry they wouldn't act on.  Now there is no stopping them.  Tara knows whatever they have will only be temporary, but she has to know how things would be between her and Reid.  They already know each other very well, maybe it's time to take things to the next level... 

Can they do that though and be ok when Reid leaves?  Being together changes a lot of things for both of them. 

Almost a Bride could almost be called a friends to lovers romance.  Tara and Reid have always been friends, but there has also always been that underlying current between them that they've been ignoring up until now.  I really enjoyed the realism of their situation and their relationship with not only each other but with their families.  Sarah manages to bring Tara and Reid right to life in Almost a Bride!  Tara and Reid are both strong, mature characters who have experienced life and are using those experiences in a positive way.  They are a very easy couple to like and relate to!

I also liked how Sarah also tells some of Almost a Bride from Reid's point of view.  It's fun to watch their relationship grow and evolve from 2 perspectives. 

Some of the characters in Almost a Bride you will recognize from the first 2 Montana Born Brides books.  I liked seeing Tara and her sister Scarlett interact, the relationship they had and how it's changing.  You will definitely not be lost if you read Almost a Bride as a stand alone though, it does stand very well all by itself.

If you are a romance reader looking for a romance with an engaging couple with great chemistry and a lasting impression, I'd highly recommend Almost a Bride.  It's a novella of the perfect length for the story to be told.

5/5 stars

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty's Kiss

In Beauty's Kiss by Jane Porter, Taylor is fairly new to Marietta, but not to small towns.  She came from an even smaller town to take a job as a librarian in Marietta.  By her own admission, Taylor is an introvert who would rather spend her time alone at home cozied up with her historical romance books.  She's not looking for love, she's been burned before by Mr. Right, and Taylor has too  many other responsibilities right now.  When her friend Jane tries to fix her up with Jane's ex-boyfriend Troy for the upcoming Valentine's Ball in Marietta, she is less than thrilled.

Troy is back in Marietta for two reasons.  The hotel he bought and restored where the ball is being held, and his father is very ill.  He is not excited about taking the new librarian to the ball either...but when he meets Jane, he is immediately intrigued by the young woman who hides behind her glasses.  When Jane finally decides she will go to the ball with Troy, she insists that all they will ever be is friends.  It doesn't matter that she feels a spark from him, she is not getting involved with this hot, rich businessman.  Troy feels the spark too, but he plays Jane's friendship game.  For now.  Will Jane keep her heart closed off and shut Troy out?  Or will she take a chance with him?

Jane gives us great characters in Beauty's Kiss.  As we get to know Troy and Taylor better, they are impossible not to like, impossible not to relate to on some level.  Although in some ways worlds apart, in other ways they are so similar with their loyalties, sense of family, and openness.  Both of them have so much going on in their lives, and this really is a journey for them, one that I loved reading about.  Jane makes it easy to get lost in their story with smooth, easily flowing writing.  There are numerous secondary characters in Beauty's Kiss, but they are clearly defined and don't distract from the story being told.  The chemistry between Troy and Taylor is obvious, but is also subtle enough that it doesn't overshadow their journey, and this works out very well in Beauty's Kiss.  

Beauty's Kiss is all is all about love, relationships, and romance - about having the courage to do what's right for you.  If you are looking for an easy to read, quick romance, I'd highly recommend Beauty's Kiss.  Beauty's Kiss is the second book in this series (Taming of the Sheenan's), but can be read as a stand alone.

5/5 stars

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wildflower Wedding

In Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane, Gabby has come a long way from the trailer park she grew up in and now owns a flower shop in Cricket Creek. She hasn’t forgotten where she came from, but she’s worked hard to get where she is now. Watching her mother be hurt by many men over the years, Gabby is very cautious when it comes to men and relationships. Before her mother died, she insisted Gabby find a stable, good man and not to settle for less. With this in mind, Gabby has her eye on the mayor who also has his eye on her…even if he doesn’t quite light her fire. Read More

3.5/5 stars

The Sweetheart Rules

In The Sweetheart Rules by Shirley Jump, Mike, a Coast Guard Lieutenant based in Alaska, is back in Rescue Bay. This time he has his daughters with him, daughters he doesn’t really know, after his ex-wife informed him the month was his with the girls. Mike craves order and a schedule, two things that are almost impossible with children. “…schedules kept him sane. Gave him a measure of control over a life that had rarely been in control.” This is a great description of Mike! He has enough on his plate right now, he has no intention of getting involved with anyone.Read More

4/5 stars

Monday, April 7, 2014

Where She Belongs

In Where She Belongs by Cindy Procter King, Jess has come 'home' to Destiny Falls - the last place she really wants to be.  When Jess and her mother faced tragedy before, instead of drawing them together, it pushed them apart.  Especially when Jess's mother remarried very quickly after the death of Jess's father.  Jess and her stepfather never had a good relationship, and she remains full of hurt and resentment.  When he dies, she goes back to help her mother.  This time, her mother is facing her grief in an entirely different way, one that confuses Jess and digs into her unhealed wounds.  Since her father's death, then her fiancee's death, Jess has never felt at home in Destiny Falls.  She's never felt at home anywhere, really.  Even in Toronto where she lives, she travels a lot for work and has no real ties to the area.  Jess really doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere.  Her plan?  To stay in Destiny Falls long enough to help her mother, then leave.  Again.

The last person she expects to meet up with on her return is Adam, her friend's cousin who she had a huge crush on when she was younger.  Adam is back in Destiny Falls, living and working there.  For him, Destiny Falls is home, for Jess it's just a tragic memory she can't move past.  She certainly doesn't want to feel anything for Adam, especially when she can feel him judging her when they first meet.  Adam is very attracted to Jess though, and he manages to slowly insert him in her the same time trying to understand and support her. Adam has been betrayed in his past too, but "...he'd conquered his own childhood demons years ago."  He's also conquered his adulthood demons and been able to move on.  Now he sees something in Jess even she doesn't see, and is falling hard for her.

I felt that the major difference between Adam and Jess is that Adam is comfortable in his own skin, he is happy with his life and who he is.  He is very persistent in his pursuit of Jess as well as the achievement of his goals and plans for life.  Jess does strike me as a high achiever, but she's not so comfortable in her own skin or with her life.  She wants to deal with everything alone.  She's loved and lost once, and doesn't want to risk anything again.  Being with Adam becomes irresistible though, and as Jess mends her relationship with her mother, she builds one with Adam.  Even if it is short term.  They both know she's leaving again.  It is very sudden for Jess when Adam decides he wants more.  Jess will need to decide if she truly wants to be alone or has she found a place she can finally belong again?

Where She Belongs is a small town romance that brings to life the feel of life there without being suffocating.  Jess and Adam's characters are a good mix, and I think their traits can compliment each other if they give it a chance.  Adam was easier to relate to for me...though I don't know if I'd want to be with someone I had to work so hard to convince as he does with Jess!  He is not free of issues, but he doesn't hold them against the world.  I found it really hard to connect with Jess's character, so it was fun to watch her character develop in Where She Belongs.

I liked the different relationships we saw in Where She Belongs, it was definitely not just about Adam and Jess.  All the secondary characters and stories help round out their story.

Well written and easy to follow, if you like small town romance with a heroine suffering a lot of angst you will enjoy Where She Belongs.

3/5 stars

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts, by Tina Wainscott, is a quick, intriguing introduction to the Justiss Aliance and a group of former Navy SEALS who will work there.  

Six Navy SEALS were on an unofficial mission in that went horribly wrong, and only five came home.  No one, not even the SEALS, know the full story.  The SEALS are left to take the fall though.  Tainted as 'rogue' SEALS they are readjusting to life as a civilian way sooner than they imagined they would have to.  They are no longer SEALS, but the call to duty remains strong, the fight for justice and right still drives them.  If they join the secretive Justiss Alliance, it might just give them and others what is needed.

Tina writes a great novella in Wild Hearts.  She gives us enough background to catch your interest and want to follow these men and the action that is sure to follow with them.  I liked how she did this, taking us into each of the former SEAL's lives for a brief period, learning just enough about their backgrounds to understand them a bit better and really look forward to where they go from here!

If you are looking to start a new series with strong, hot, alpha men, I think you will like this one!  I'm really looking forward to where Tina takes us in the Justiss Alliance series.

4/5 stars

Where the Heart Is

In Where the Heart Is by Darcy Burke, Chloe has packed up and moved across the country to Ribbon Ridge, Oregon.  She is looking for a fresh start and happiness.  Unfortunately almost immediately her rental home burns to the ground with her belongings in it...and Chloe doesn't know what to do, but she is definitely not turning tail and heading back to where she came from.  While watching her home burn, she meets a sexy fire fighter - Derek - who despite the circumstances, catches her attention immediately.  First he comes to a kitten's rescue, then he comes to Chloe's rescue by helping her find a place to stay.  There is an immediate connection between Chloe and Derek, and they quickly progress to a hot and heavy romance.  When Derek turns out to be much more than the fire fighter/bartender, Chloe will need to decide if she wants to take the chance.  She is brave enough to take that leap.

Chloe could not be happier in Ribbon Ridge...especially when Derek rents her his house.  But that could end up being their downfall because Derek has so much secrecy and sorrow within himself, a past he's never had closure on, that he soon is doubting everything about his and Chloe's relationship.  Whereas Chloe is open, Derek is closed...he keeps a big part of himself from not only Chloe, but the Archer family, his second family.  Instead of dealing with the past, Derek wants to avoid it, even if it means losing matter how much it all hurts.  Will Derek risk losing the woman of his dreams?  Or can he finally open himself up and start healing with Chloe at his side, or will it be too late?

Where the Heart is was a quick, fast paced, steamy novella that was the perfect length for Derek and Chloe's story.  I really enjoyed Chloe, it was easy to feel a connection to her.  She is courageous, fun, loving, and very patient and understanding with Derek.  Derek has a big heart, but he is so afraid to take some risks.  I felt for him and what he went through, even if he was frustrating at times!

Darcy writes an intriguing romance in Where the Heart Is.  I loved the big family of the Archer's, they really helped make the story!  I also loved the small town setting...Darcy wrote about it perfectly so that you will feel it's a place you'd love to visit.  There are lots of great secondary characters in the Archer family who I'm sure we'll see more of in future stories from Ribbon Ridge.  Even though it's set around Christmas time, I think Where the Heart Is and the story it tells is a good read for any time of year!

I'd recommend this to any romance reader looking for a spicy quick read with some angst to get through!

3/5 stars 

Second Chance Bride

In Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey, Scarlett risked it all by up and leaving Marietta, heading to Australia to marry her 'true love', a man she met online.  That definitely did not work out, to no one's surprise, and Scarlett is left broke, looking for work and a way to get home again as she carts around her backpack and bad luck wedding dress.  She needs to get home, her mother is sick.  Scarlett is determined to earn the money for a ticket home, no matter what the price to her.  Or so she thinks.

Scarlett meets Mitch in a very unusual way, in a place she really has no business being.  Scarlett is not at all what Mitch first thinks, but the chemistry between them is immediate.  When that little job didn't work out and Scarlett sends Mitch on his way, she thinks she will never see him again.  Fate has other ideas though, and she runs into Mitch again outside of a bar not long after their first meeting. 

Mitch sees the desperation in Scarlett...she needs money and he needs help.  When he proposes that she be his fake girlfriend for his best friends wedding (who also happens to be marrying Mitch's ex-fiancee), an all expenses weekend away and money for a flight home, it's a win win situation for all, right?  Especially when they are both so hot for each other, to make it seem more realistic why not be real lovers for a few days?  Neither expect to fall hard and fast for the other just as Scarlett has finally found a way to get home to Marietta.  She will leave a piece of her heart in Australia when she leaves...because she can't bring him home...

Trish gives us a fast paced, steamy romance in Second Chance Bride with equal parts humor and romance that will pull on your heart strings and have you wishing there could be a happy ending for Mitch and Scarlett.  I really fell for both of these people in Second Chance Bride!  Scarlett has always been impulsive, unsettled, and just trying to find her way.  She is strong and I loved how she was not easily intimidated!  She speaks her mind and does what feels right for holding back for this girl!  She is a woman you could have as your friend, someone you can just feel a connection with.  Mitch wasn't looking to become involved, but Scarlett is like a whirl wind who just pulls him in and he can't resist her, even if it is just temporary.  He wasn't looking for more, but when he finds it in Scarlett he shows her in numerous ways how quickly she's become to mean something to him, even if they only have a short time together.

Second Chance Bride is well written, flows smoothly, and Trish makes it easy to become immersed in Mitch and Scarlett's story.  This novella is the perfect length for the story to be told, a story that will make your heart happy.  I highly recommend Second Chance Bride to any romance reader looking for a quick, sizzling romantic fix with two characters you can't help but love!

5/5 stars :)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Bridge

In The Bridge by Carol Ericson, Elise is the woman who escaped a serial killer. Sean is the detective who 'catches' her case. Sean's past shadows the present, but he will do all he can to keep Elise safe and catch a killer.

But the killer doesn't want to be stopped, he has a grudge and won't let go. He won't let the one who got away go too if he can help it. As the killer gets closer, so do Sean and Elise. The chemistry between them is just as hot as the plot is captivating! Will Sean catch a killer like he's caught Elise's heart? Or is it too late?

The Bridge is a quick paced, suspenseful romance novel with great action and plot twists that will keep you guessing and surprise you! The characters are interesting and make you want to know them better! Sean is a protector, doing what is right, but inside always feeling like he has to prove himself. Elise is a sweet, but naive school teacher who falls hard and fast for Sean! The only odd thing I found off with the whole story was the way she tended to insert herself into the investigation at times, taking away some of the realism.

Carol's descriptions and setting for the Bridge were fantastic. I could feel the fog when she was describing it!

I'd recommend The Bridge to any reader who craves some romantic suspense.

4/5 stars

More Than a Touch

In More Than a Touch(Snowberry Creek Series #2) by Alexis Morgan, Leif is in Snowberry Creek to help his friend with some home renovations in their fallen comrad’s home. He himself was injured in the same attack that killed their friend, and he feels guilty to have been the one to survive. While Leif is in Snowberry Creek he is also working on his own physical and mental recovery…but will he recover enough to return to the military? All Leif has ever been is army. That is his family, it’s what he feels a part of. With his troubles coping and PSTD, the last thing Luke needs is to get wrapped up in the emotions of a relationship on top of everything else. Read More

4/5 stars

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweetest Surrender

In Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus, Angel has been on the run for 2 years...running from a dangerous stalker she hopes will never find her.  She's been in Vegas for a few months now, working in Cloud 9 at the Serafina.  Vadim, who works in computers/security at the Serafina, has become friends with Angel. Vadim carries an aura of danger around him, he is mysterious and lots of women are frightened of him.  Not Angel though.  In fact, Angel has feelings for Vadim that are definitely not of the friendly sort...only she thinks he only sees her as a friend.

Angel is starting to feel very comfortable in Vegas with her 'family' at Serafina...but she is starting to feel nervous and has the urge to run again.  Angel brings out the protective instincts in former Marine Vadim, who is feeling much more than friendly towards Angel.  When he senses something is up with her, he convinces Angel to say at his home.  He wants her close.  Soon both of their instincts prove right and she is in danger once again.  Not wanting anyone to be hurt because of her, she has to decide if she's going to run forever...or can she trust in Vadim and her other friends?  When Vadim finds out the truth he will do anything to protect Angel so they can have a future together.  The bond she is forging with him is getting stronger every day, is it worth the risk to stay and face danger? 

Sweetest Surrender is a fast paced, super hot book that will have you glued to the pages!  Angel and Vadim are a great hero and heroine.  Angel is independent and strong.  She does not want to be a charity case for Vadim to look after...and he is just the man to prove that she is anything but a charity case for him!  I really liked how despite Angel's bad experience she doesn't shut herself off from relationships or paint all men with the same brush.  Vadim is one hot, take charge alpha man!  I have been waiting for his story, having been very intrigued by this mysterious man, and Katie did not disappoint!  Katie gives us just enough background on him so that we understand him, and the present isn't clouded by the past.

The interactions between Angel and Vadim are super, and Katie will have you hoping they have their own happily ever after as soon as you meet them and get drawn into their story.  There are some great secondary characters in Sweetest Surrender who you will recognize from the other books, but they blend well with this story so that it can be read as a stand alone.

Katie gives us an enchanting mix of suspense, romance and heat in Sweetest Surrender with unexpected but thrilling plot twists that will keep you guessing, never knowing what to expect.  Smoothly writtten great attention to detail, if you like romantic suspense you will love Sweetest Surrender.

5/5 stars :)

A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson will have your heart racing, and keep you guessing!

Every since her twin sister was kidnapped from their bedroom at a young age, FBI special agent Mallory Rooney has never been the same.  Her life changed dramatically that night, and has never been the same.  Despite resources and her parents wealth, her sister was never found, and no clue as to her where abouts was to be had.  Mallory has never stopped looking for her the cost of having any life for herself, she spends all of her time reviewing the case and searching for clues...searching for a killer.  Not even when she stopped sensing her sister's life did Mallory stop.  She is an FBI agent for the main reason of having access to things civilians don't, always searching.

When it becomes obvious that a vigilante is working to kill serial killers, she is transferred to BAU where she is given the task to covertly investigate this, to find out who is involved.

Alex Parker is a former soldier, former CIA.  When he was captured, jailed and tortured in a foreign country with not acknowledgment from his government, The Gateway Project seemed like his only life line.  Now Alex is a government sanctioned assassin on US soil.  Not what he thought he'd end up doing, but he gets the job done and counts down the days until he is free from it.  For now he has no life of his own, this was the price for his freedom.

Alex doesn't expect to fall for Mallory.  He doesn't expect the feelings she evokes in him, the wants she makes him feel.  For the first time in a long time, Alex finds himself wondering what his future could be like.  Mallory has no clue who Alex is when she meets him through a colleague...but the attraction is like nothing she's ever felt.  She senses his darkness but she also sees the good in him, the parts even he doesn't see.  But with Alex's secrets and a serial killer after Mallory, they might not have a future to worry about anyway.

Alex and Mallory are a great opposites attract hero and heroine, working towards the same purpose but in much different ways.  They are both admirable, strong people who have survived things most people don't have to cope with.  I felt like I got to know the characters very well...Toni leaves Alex just mysterious enough to make you even more intrigued.  Both of them were easy characters to like and feel for.

Toni has given us a thrilling start to her new series with A Cold Dark Place.  The intricate plot with many twists and unknowns will pull you in, and at times have you wondering just what else could happen.  The suspense is high and the romance is hot!  A Cold Dark Place is fast paced with clear, smooth writing that makes it a really great read, a complicated plot but written so well that you won't be lost along the way.  Alex and Mallory have a lot of differences, and Toni brings ethical dilemma's to the forefront in A Cold Dark Place...she doesn't brush them aside but puts them right out there - the black and whites vs. the blurry grays.  Toni keeps the reader guessing in A Cold Dark Place, weaving the promise of justice with the very unexpected.

Toni magically blends sizzling chemistry between Alex and Mallory with lots of suspenseful action in A Cold Dark Place.  At times I wanted to hide my eyes, not knowing if I could face what might or might not happen!  The edge of your seat suspense is riveting! 

5/5 stars :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Make You Blush

In Make You Blush by Macy Beckett, Joy has been looking for love in all the wrong places.  She is tired of the hook ups arranged by her politically driven mother and father that are all about image.  She is tired of being someone she's not.  When she seeks a little help from a cupcake baker/voodoo priestess then winds up in a tattoo studio, she finds Ryan who is "Spiced carrot cake..with lots of sprinkles." compared to what she feels like is her "vanilla".

Joy wants " outside to match who I am inside."  And Ryan might just be the man who can help her do that.  The attraction is immediate, the chemistry is sizzling - "...they had enough chemistry to steam the ink off his skin.", and the dialogue is witty.  Ryan makes Joy feel alive, makes her feel like the person she knows she is deep inside...the one she's been hiding to be the appropriate, good daughter.  But she's still hiding from her parents, who she is and who she's seeing, despite the strong feelings Joy and Ryan share.

Will Joy find the courage to be true to herself and Ryan?  Or will she bow to the pressure of a father who's not the same one she grew up with, pushing Ryan away and hurting them both?

Macy gives us a fun, fast paced novella in Make You Blush.  Joy and Ryan captivate you and make you really hope they get a happily ever after.  They bring out the best in each other, and Macy's descriptives, smooth writing and easy flow will make you really glad you picked this novella up.

Make You Blush is a prequel novella to Macy's new series The Dumont Bachelor's, an enjoyable introduction to the series that will make you eager for more. 

I highly recommend this novella to any romance reader, you won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars