Monday, March 31, 2014

What a Bride Wants

In What a Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter, despite, or maybe because of, the family wealth, Ella works on the family ranch with her father.  Her mother died years ago so it's just been Ella and her father, who has decided it's time Ella settled down and found a husband.  Ella would like nothing more to find her true love, but so far she has found no one who sees beyond the family wealth to Ella. 

Until Sawyer.  Perceived as the local drifter, there is a lot more to Sawyer than what meets the eye.  What begins as a lark between Ella and her father to find a husband for her, soon morphs into something much more meaningful when Ella gets together with Sawyer.  The sizzle is hot, the attraction immediate, and soon the two of them are getting to know each other very well.  Both of them are falling hard for each other

Sawyer's family has a skeleton in their closet though, and it's one of the reasons he has been afraid to commit, afraid to love anyone.  Will this time prove differently though?  When all is out in the open and needs dealt with, will Sawyer and Ella's new relationship survive it? 

I loved this novella by Kelly Hunter!  Written with a perfect infusion of romance, humor, and a little suspense, Kelly draws you in to Ella and Sawyer's story and makes you hope they will have a happily ever after.  The characters are strong and the feelings are real.  Ella is strong, independent and she likes to be in control.  Sawyer could be the perfect match for her...especially once she gets below the surface.  Sawyer is open, he's not offering a lot of information up about himself and his past, but he's not hiding it either.  He too wants acceptance for who he is, not what he has or what he's come from.  The chemistry between the two of them is great and they have a lot of fun together.

I'd recommend What a Bride Wants to any romance reader looking for a fast paced, fun, love at first sight romance.

5/5 stars

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Come Home to Me

In Come Home to Me by Brenda Novak, after 2 years away, Presley is back in Whiskey Creek to live, to be near her sister, and to open her own business.  She never expected to run into Aaron - the man she perceives as a threat to all she holds dear - if he learns her secret.  Once, Aaron and Presley had a lot of chemistry together, and always wound up in bed.  He's from a low point in her life, one she is determined not to return to, and she is determined to steer clear of Aaron.

Aaron thought he and Presley once had a connection, but it was a bad time for both of them.  He has always felt bad about his lack of support for Presley when her mother died...and shortly after that she just disappeared.  He hasn't seen her since, and although he tried a few times to find out where she was from her sister Cheyenne, he never did find her.  Now she's back, they've both changed and bettered themselves...and he can't help the spark of attraction he still feels for her.  She feels it too, she admits to once having loved him, but she is not going down that path again, no matter how much chemistry is between them.  Presley is ready to settle down and make a life for her and her son, to marry someone who loves her.  Aaron has had no thought of marrying and settling down, but he'd really like to see where things with Presley and him might go.  He is moving on...can't they have right now?  Presley tries desperately to resist him, even dating someone else, but her efforts are futile to the heat between her and Aaron.

If her secret gets out though, that could change everything...and then what?  Can they safely have here and now without Presley getting her heart broken?  Aaron seems to think so...but soon Presley starts to mean more to him than he anticipated...Where does that leave things with them when he leaves to open the garage in Reno?  How will Aaron feel when he finds out the truth?  Because some secrets are never supposed to be secrets.

Along with Presley and Aaron's story, we get a strong secondary story with Cheyenne (Presley's sister) and her husband Dylan.  Between the two of them meddling in Presley's life and Cheyenne's planned deception of her husband, they turn into a large part of Home to Me. There are various other secondary characters you will recognize from the other Whiskey Creek books who pop in and make appearances. 

I found it very hard to feel any connection to Presley in Come Home to Me, and what connection I did feel to Cheyenne got weaker.  Presley was not someone I would want to be friend with, she comes across as very judgemental, makes huge assumptions, and generally hard to like.  She is not being honest with Aaron, or even her sister, instead of just standing up to her.  She is honest about what she wants, but then turns around and assumes she knows what Aaron wanted and wants in the future.  I didn't feel there was a lot of character development or growth in Presley.  Cheyenne seemed to have digressed significantly from the strong character I felt she was previously.

Aaron, while he made his mistakes and bad choices, was honest.  He was a stronger character than Presley's.  His brother Dylan is the one I felt the most for, and mostly it was sadness about what's happening that he doesn't know about.  I've always loved Dylan.

Besides the incredible difficulty finding positives about some of the characters, Come Home to Me is well written, clear, and easy to read.  I love the small town feel of Whiskey Creek, and the appearance of characters from past books.  If not for the strong presence of Dylan and Cheyenne, I would consider this a stand alone, but because of their influence in Come Home to Me, I strongly recommend reading the other books in the series to get a good feel for the character.

I will read the next book in this series to see where Brenda takes us next.

3/5 stars

Thursday, March 27, 2014


In Spirited by Mary Behre, Jules wants nothing more than to be normal…not the oddball she’s always felt like. Seeing and speaking to the dead is definitely out of the ordinary though, and Jules’ move to Tidewater does not stop the ghosts from finding her. She has come to tidewater to try to find her sisters, to escape her past, not to help more ghosts. This trait sometimes gets Jules into trouble …especially when just after her arrival in Tidewater she ends up in the midst of not only a jewel theft ring investigation, but a murder investigation, and a ghost who just won’t leave her alone. The dead want her help, but she’s not always sure how to help them. Read More

3.5/5 stars

Seduced by Fire

In Seduced by Fire by Tara Sue Me, Julie has always felt like something has been missing from her life, she has never truly felt fulfilled. While working in the flower shop she owns with her friend Sasha, she meets Daniel…there is an instantaneous attraction, despite Sasha’s assertions that Julie could never be the right woman for Daniel. When they meet up again and get together at an event Daniel has hired Julie and Sasha’s flower shop to decorate, the sparks really fly and a night of passion follows. Daniel has something he’s hiding from Julie though, he wants to explore what they might have without scaring her off.Read More

4/5 stars

Need You Tonight

In Need You Tonight by Roni Loren, Tessa is trying to move on with her life after leaving her emotionally abusive and cheating (now ex) husband. She moves back to Texas, to be close to her friend since childhood. Deciding Tessa needs to get out and meet people, Sam drags Tessa along to a singles event. That doesn’t work out for Tessa, but as she’s leaving she meets Kade – a hot, sexy man who sends little thrills of desire through her. Tessa becomes the woman she’s always wanted to be that night – she decides for one night she will take what she wants, be who she wants. Read More

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Deadly Deception

In Deadly Deception by Misty Evans, FBI agent Roanna Punto ('Ronni') has been slowly recovering after a brutal injury on the job.  She is now ready to be back at work, and put those events behind her.  Ronni has always kept a big part of herself hidden though, and now she's also hiding the pain, fear, and mistrust that remains after her injury.

When she is summoned to San Diego, she is partnered with DEA agent Thomas Mann.  The same Thomas who was working with Ronni at the time she was attacked, Thomas who harbors incredible guilt that he was supposed to be protecting Ronni but in his mind he failed.
Irrationally attracted to Thomas, Ronni is determined to keep things professional between them.  Although she claims she doesn't blame him for the attack and her injury, her actions and lack of trust say differently.  This op will test their trust and togetherness.

Their assignment is to infiltrate Heaven's Gate cult and bring down the cult leader.  But Ronni's past is catching up to her and the last of her secrets are revealed.  The cult leader (Adam) is the half brother she saved once, years ago when a raid on a cult by the FBI took many lives.  A time in her life that she's never recovered from, Ronni is still emotionally scarred.  Between flashbacks, a developing relationship with Thomas, and increasing danger, will Ronni save Adam again or will the evidence against Adam be too much?  The heat of the job and the heat between Thomas and Ronni is enough to singe your fingers on the pages of Deadly Deception as not only does their relationship grow, but so does the mystery of what is happening with the cult.

Misty gives us realistic characters with relate-able emotions in Deadly Deceptions.  Thomas is funny to Ronni's serious, but you can feel the click between them even before they do!  Ronni has been through so much in her life, it is easy to feel for her.  She is conflicted, slow to trust, but at the same time her heart shines through.

Misty writes Deadly Deception with great flow, and seamless transitions between romance and suspenseful action, making Deadly Deception and easy book to fall into.  Misty gives us lots of plot twists you don't see coming, she keeps you guessing and catches you off guard.  I love all of the secondary characters in Deadly Deception.  In particular, Ronni's brother Adam plays a big role.  He is a strong secondary character who adds a lot of depth to the story.

I loved how Misty wrote both the cult aspect - the good and the bad to give the reader a good understanding of cult life.  She also writes about mental illness, and brings that out into the open.  She certainly did not shy away from any issues in Deadly Deception and I loved this!

Deadly Deception is book 2 in this series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I'd highly recommend Deadly Deception by Misty Evans to any romantic suspense reader looking for a very well written book!  I will be waiting impatiently for Misty's next book!

5/5 stars :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

High Seduction

High Seduction by Vivian Arend will bring you right into the heart of action.

Erin is a the helicopter pilot for a SAR team based in Banff, Alberta. She is independent, strong and very courageous in her work life but she's not always as confident in her personal life and relationships. For Tim, a paramedic who is also SAR, Erin is the one who got away. He has never forgotten her, never gotten over her. He hasn't seen her in years, but she is still what he wants, what draws him to Banff and work at the same company as Erin. Read More

4.5/5 stars :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Walking on Air

In Walking on Air by Catherine Anderson, gunslinger Gabe is not a man to settle in one place. He has not had an easy life and although he is rich now – his father acknowledged him after his death when he left him a fortune – he is still the same restless man, always on his own, never feeling good enough for any one woman. While in Random, Gabe is caught off guard and shot, he dies seeing the face of one beautiful woman, and he dies with regrets. Upon his death and his quest to enter heaven, Gabe is given a chance that many would treasure…a chance to come back, even for a little while, and a challenge.
Read More

4/5 stars

Mine to Crave

In Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden, Drake, former special forces and current casino magnate,  has a tormented soul...he has been burned by a woman before and will never fall for or trust another woman again.  He'll take them to his bed, he just won't take them in his heart.

When he sees Jasmine on the floor of his casino, as she crooks her finger at him, he is more than intrigued.  Saving her from someone after her, then taking her up to his suite sets off a chain of events that no one could have predicted.

Jasmine is more than the thief she appears to be...and as much as Drake doesn't want to trust her or even like her, the combustible chemistry between them can't be ignored.  Even after catching her stealing from him for someone out to destroy him, he wants her.  As much as Jasmine wants to distance herself from Drake, knowing the danger he is in and wanting to keep him safe, there is no way Drake is letting her get away.

Neither of them intended to fall for anyone, let alone each other...but with the chase on with the enemy and lives at stake, they might not have much time anyway.  Not only is Drake in danger, but so is Jasmine.  Both want to keep the other safe as not only are secrets revealed, but Drake's past comes rushing back to haunt him.    Will Drake leave the one woman to touch his soul under his misguided belief that he doesn't deserve her and could never be good enough for her?  Will he ache forever?  When all is said and done, will either of them have a future to face?

Wow!!!  Cynthia gives us a thrilling, adrenaline filled read in Mine to Crave!  She keeps you on edge, you never know what's coming, and no one is what they seem!  Cynthia has a great style of writing and is brilliantly able to pull the reader in for fast paced action, romance and danger.

The characters in Mine to Crave are multi-layered and just when you think you've figured them out (especially Jasmine), Cynthia throws another twist in and sucks you back under!  Jasmine has a lot of secrets and is very mysterious.  She is strong and independent but also has her weaknesses, which makes her all the more realistic.  Drake is the man we all want!  He has a dark side, is full of unknowns, and is completely alpha delicious.  I could very easily see him in my minds eye as I read Mine to Crave.  He gets who Jasmine is, and he wants her that way.  He has no desire to changer her.  She continually challenges him, but he wants her anyway.  He is as protective as he is possessive.

Cynthia does a great job of slowly exposing more and more about Jasmine and Drake.  There are a myriad of emotions throughout Mine to Crave with plot twists that are complex but easy to fall into.  Cynthia's writing is smooth and easy to read, and she managed to keep me entranced in Drake and Jasmine's world with my heart alternating between melting and pounding.

I'd highly recommend Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden to any romantic suspense reader who won't mind being awake for hours after finishing it because your heart is still racing!

5/5 stars :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Carolina Man

In Carolina Man by Virginia Kantra, Luke is a Marine. It’s what he is, who he is, and how he defines himself. He has never had any plans for marriage, a white picket fence, or children. Luke’s life is thrown into the unknown though when he discovers he has a daughter…a 10 year old daughter – Taylor – he never knew about from his relationship with his high school sweetheart Dawn. The only reason he found out is because Dawn has suddenly died and she has named Luke as guardian for Taylor.Read More

5/5 stars :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Once in a Life Time

In Once in a Life Time by Jill Shalvis, after a significant loss, Ben decided he was better off alone.  He escaped memories and heart ache by working in dangerous, unstable, war torn areas of the world.  He's had enough though, and is back in Lucky Harbor.  Ben is ready to be home again but he is a bit lost and not quite sure what to do next.  

Aubrey is the girl most people love to hate - deserved or not.  She has some family issues and unhappy family dynamics, but she has chosen to remain in Lucky Harbor despite everything.  She has plans.  Big plans.  She is going to re-open her late Aunt's bookstore, even if she has to do most of the renovation work herself.  Aubrey is determined her bookstore will be more than a store, it will be a place for people to belong...herself included.  Aubrey has rarely felt she belonged anywhere, and to move forward she feels she needs to ask people for forgiveness for past digressions so that she can move on, away from the past that follows her.

The last person she expects her Uncle to hire to work on the renovations in her store is Ben.  Strong, sexy Ben.  Aubrey is determined to keep her distance from Ben.  Ben definitely does not want to keep his distance from Aubrey.  Her reputation precedes her, but that won't stop Ben, he makes his own decisions, not based on others' judgement.  Aubrey does not want to fall for Ben, but the chemistry between them is impossible to ignore for long.  Neither of them expected to find the other, but they have.  Aubrey is keeping a secret from Ben though, and it's one that she fears will push him away from her forever.  When her secret is revealed and Ben's heart is aching again, will Aubrey have the courage to fight for him?  Or will she let him go?

Jill gives us a fantastic return to Lucky Harbor in Once in a Life Time!  Jill will take you on a fun, heart warming journey to where ever things go - whether or not they end up together.  The hero and heroine in Once in a Life Time are strong, unforgettable people who could be your best friend, your neighbor, or your book store owner, they are so realistic and easy to relate to.  I really felt for Aubrey...especially when Jill gives us glimpses of the little girl she was.  It was easy for Aubrey to work her way into my heart.  On the outside she is confident and strong, and she says what she thinks, but on the inside it's a different story.  She is trying hard to better herself, even if the more we read and see things from outside her perspective she's not a bad person at all.  As I said earlier, Ben is strong and sexy.  I did really like Ben and how he pursued Aubrey despite her resistance.  Can he be as forgiving and open as we hope?

I love the small town feel of Lucky Harbor, where even though everyone knows everything and there are meddling senior citizens,even the people you least expect have your back.  It was great to catch glimpses of people from previous Lucky Harbor stories, but Once in a Life Time can definitely be read as a stand alone.  (Though it's much more fun if you read all of the Lucky Harbor books!)  Jill writes a great contemporary romance in Once in a Life Time with a lot of sizzle and entertainment.  At the same time Jill manages to make you think - about perceptions, relationships, and love.  You will laugh and you will want to cry!

I highly recommend Once in a Life Time to any romance reader, you won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shroud of Fog

In Shroud of Fog by Janice Kay Johnson, Sophie hasn’t spent much time in Cape Trouble in the 20 years since her mother died there…in the sand dunes. When she has visited her aunt Doreen in Cape Trouble, she avoids that area like it doesn’t exist. Currently Sophie works on events for a major corporation in Portland, but she’s back to help her aunt with an event in Cape Trouble. An auction to raise money to buy and save the same land her mother died on from development. Read More

5/5 stars :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sensual Surrender

In  Sensual Surrender by Katie Reus, Ellie and Jay both work at the Serafina Hotel and Casino, they are a great couple and they seem to fit together really well.  

Ellie has a past she's kept hidden though, and now it's coming back, on a collision course with her present and her future.  Despite the powerful men surrounding her, Ellie panics and runs scared, leaving Jay confused and scared for her.  She feels unworthy, and she thinks she's protecting them by leaving.  But Jay is not letting her go so easily.  Although he is crushed and hurt by her abrupt, unexplained absence from his life, he is determined to find out what is happening.  Together with his friends, his boss, and fellow employees, they are steadfast in their love of Ellie and their desire to help and protect her.

Soon Ellie will have no choice but to risk giving them a chance, hoping to minimize the danger to herself and others.  As they rush to stop a career criminal and save Ellie, she will learn what friends really are, and what makes a family.  When all is said and done though, with Ellie and Jay's relationship survive?  Can Ellie finally put the past behind her where it belongs, instead of feeling caught between the past and the present?

Sensual Surrender is a fast paced novel that will keep you engrossed in Ellie's story.  Katie does a good job of keeping the action high, the emotions strong, and the heat hot!  Katie's smooth writing and intriguing characters keep Sensual Surrender moving and you will not want to put it down.  There are a lot of great characters in Sensual Surrender.  Just from Katie's descriptions alone I can completely envision Jay in my mind's eye ;)  Ellie has had her issues and troubles in the past, and it's easy to feel for her at the same time you want to tell her to grow up!  Her character really does evolve nicely in Sensual Surrender, and by the end she'd done a lot of growing.  Sensual Surrender has a lot of secondary characters that add a lot of depth to the story without being over powering.  I am looking forward to meeting all of them again, and hope for a few more detailed stories about some of them!  Katie manages to keep some of them mysterious enough that I am very intrigued!

As she keeps you immersed in Ellie and Jay's story, Katie gives us a few surprises and unexpected twists to Sensual Surrender that made for a great story!  I highly recommend Sensual Surrender to any romance reader looking for suspense, passion, and great characters!

5/5 stars!

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First Surrender

First Surrender by Katie Reus is a fast paced hot romance that will quickly draw you in and have you glued to the pages!

We meet Sierra, who at 22 is a head chef at Cloud 9, the restaurant at the Serafina Casino in Las Vegas.  Hayden is a former SEAL (and a really hot one!) who is currently working in security at Serafina.

Hayden and Sierra have been really good friends for a year now.  In real life Hayden is her best friend, but in her fantasy life he is her lover.  Sierra is quite sure that Hayden doesn't feel the same way, so she carries on with the friendship, keeping her feelings silent.  Hayden has wanted Sierra for almost as long as he's known her...but also convinced she sees him as nothing more than a friend, he's done a pretty good job of keeping his attraction hidden.

When Sierra is attacked by an unknown assailant though, there is no longer any holding back.  Sierra is shocked to find out Hayden feels the same way about her, and the passion between them will ignite the pages of First Surrender.  As much as Hayden is determined to protect Sierra, they are both determined to be together now.  Hayden is a complete alpha male, big and strong, dominant, and completely in love with Sierra.  He is everything Sierra wants.  Sierra is very mature for her age, independent, and despite her lack of experience, very passionate when she's with the right person!

As friendship turns to much more, can Hayden keep Sierra safe until he attacker is found so they can have their future together?

Katie gives us a great introduction to her new series The Serafina: Sin City with First Surrender.  Her descriptions of the characters are very lifelike, the feelings real, and the passionate journey Sierra and Hayden are on is captivating!  The novella length of First Surrender is perfect as an introduction to the series and for Hayden and Sierra's story.

I'd highly recommend First Surrender to any romance reader who likes it hot and suspenseful!

5/5 stars

Perfect Together

In Perfect Together by Carly Phillips, after breaking her engagement and leaving her job, Nicole seeks a fresh start in Serendipity. With wealthy but distant parents full of expectations and a mentally ill sister, Nicole is ready to finally do what she wants to do and be who she wants to be. For her, not for anyone else. When she is confronted with suspicions that her fiance’s father has some very shady business associates probably on the wrong side of the law, it confirms to her that it’s time to move on. Read More

5/5 stars

A Man To Hold On To

In A Man To Hold On To by Marilyn Pappano, Therese is still struggling 3 years after her husband died in Afghanistan. He was the love of her life and now she is raising his son and daughter, not an easy or enjoyable task. She feels like she’s just barely making it day by day. None of them are happy, and Therese is feeling the stress of her living situation. Her saving grace are her friend’s in the Tuesday night margarita club. They know her, they are her support system. The last thing Therese is thinking about at this point in her life is a new romance…her life is too complicated as it is to add that to the mix.Read More

3.5/5 stars


In Disarm by June Gray, Elsie has had a crush on Henry, her brother’s best friend, since she first set eyes on him. She’s long given up any hope of having any kind of romantic relationship with him though – he treats her more like a sister than a potential girlfriend.Read More

4/5 stars