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Review: Love to Believe (Fireflies book #2) by Lisa Ricard Claro

Book Blurb:

A woman in a man’s world…

CPA Rebecca Walker wields a hammer and saw with skill, but it’s like fighting tooth and nail to prove to her chauvinistic father that she’s capable of managing the family construction business. Romance is a luxury Rebecca can’t afford.

A man with secrets…

Thanks to his past, romance isn’t in Sean Kinkaid’s future, so when Rebecca proposes ‘friends with benefits,’ Sean agrees. It’s the perfect scenario until love sneaks in—and Sean’s secrets tear them apart.


But Rebecca has a secret too, one she fears Sean will never accept. It will take intervention from an unlikely source to convince these two lovers they have the one thing neither of them ever expected to find…a love to believe.

My Review:

Rebecca works hard at her family's business.  She's currently managing it, and managing it well, even if her father would never admit it.  Work comes first right now, above all else, even her personal life.  Sean is a lawyer who blames himself for past occurrences.  His sense of guilt is almost overwhelming at times and he is still punishing himself.  Convinced he'll never have another long term relationship, that a committed relationship is not for him, he'd rather have a friend with benefits.  Rebecca is sure that's what she wants too.  Her current boyfriend wants so much more than she is willing to or can give - hence their break up.  Connected through family, Rebecca and Sean have a friendly, fun, light friendship filled with teasing, great banter, and a lot of sexual innuendo.

When Rebecca and Sean decide to have a no strings attached, very physical relationship, what can go wrong?  When they both enter into their agreement, the stirrings and feelings are already there even if they're pushed deep down.  Is this really what they want?  When the unexpected happens, will it work or hurt?

I thoroughly enjoyed Love to Believe!  Filled with heat, all kinds of relationships from family, to friend to foe, Love to Believe enchanted me and Lisa kept me intrigued through out.  I really liked Sean and Rebecca.  Their relationship and feelings were all over the place, and they felt so real.  They were fun, emotional, and a great hero and heroine to get to know.  I had to keep reading to see how, or even if, they'd get a happy ending.  The interactions between them, misunderstandings and all were realistic and brought these characters vividly to life.  I had a great time being part of their journey!

The characters from the first Fireflies book (Love Built to Last) are very prominent in Love to Believe, and I liked the way they flowed into this story.  I would highly recommend reading Love Built to Last before reading Love to Believe to get the whole picture and experience!

Lisa filled Love to Believe with hope, a little bit of magic, animals, the expected and the unexpected.  Family and family relationships play a big role in Love to Believe, both alive and dead, and Lisa did this in a believable, inspiring way.

Love to Believe is an exhilarating, emotional, entertaining read that flows fast and smooth.   I can't wait to read the next book in this series!  I'd highly recommend Love to Believe to any romance reader!! 

5/5 Sensational Stars!!

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BLOG TOUR: Fatal Honor by Misty Evans

FATAL HONOR by Misty Evans

About the Book

Title: Fatal Honor
Series: Shadow Force International, #2
Author: Misty Evans
Release Date: April 25, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Buy Links:

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Book Summary:

The second thrilling novel in the bodyguard romantic suspense series, Shadow Force International.

Miles is Charlotte’s one and only weakness. He’s also her only hope…

To stop a Romanian crime lord and clear her name, British Intelligence officer Charlotte Carstons has no choice. She must track down former Navy SEAL Miles Duncan and ask for his help. Miles holds the key to completing her undercover assignment and proving she’s no traitor…but he also holds a grudge. Getting him to forgive her may be the most challenging mission of her life.

Charlotte is his fantasy woman. She’s also the biggest mistake of his career…

He was supposed to hunt her down. Instead Miles ended up at the mercy of the sexy, mysterious MI6 agent who left him without so much as a goodbye after their six-week love affair in the Carpathian Mountains. Back in the States and working as an operative for Shadow Force International, Miles has been searching for Charlotte ever since—and so has everyone else. She’s a traitor to her country and she may be responsible for the deaths of his SEAL teammates a year ago.

Together, they can save the world. Or destroy each other…

When Charlotte shows up on his doorstep asking for help, Miles knows better than to get involved. She's determined to go back to Romania with or without him, however, and he knows she’s walking into a deadly trap. Can he keep her safe as they travel across continents and explore the depth of their feelings for each other? Or will misplaced honor and treasonous loyalties prove fatal for them both?

* * *

Excerpt from Fatal Honor by Misty Evans

“You going to come out of the bathroom on your own, darlin’,” a lightly accented Southern voice said from the doorway, “or am I going to have to come in there and carry y’all out?”
That voice. A tiny thrill went through her, every cell in her body rejoicing at the sound of that deep, husky voice.
Charlotte remembered the first time she’d heard him speak. He’d been unconscious for days, barely clinging to life, in and out of consciousness. Exhausted from caring for him and keeping her location a secret, she’d fallen asleep next to him in bed, her head lying near his. He’d touched her face with the tips of his fingers, waking her, and said, “You must be my guardian angel.”
He’d fallen right back to sleep, but it had made her giddy that he’d woken up and spoken to her. Twenty-four hours later, he was fully awake and wanting to know what had happened.
She was no guardian angel. Angel of death was more like it. It was her fault the scientist’s plane had been shot down in those mountains. Her fault he’d needed rescuing by Miles and his Navy SEAL team.
If Miles had found out she was the cause of all of that—the trouble that killed his teammates—no wonder he hadn’t knocked on her motel room door and kissed her silly when she opened it.
Tucking herself closer to the wall, she tried to see through the slit in the doorframe. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness but she couldn’t make out his whereabouts.
She could feel him, though. Every place that he had touched, every spot he had kissed in her cabin in the mountains, was suddenly alive again. Not scarred and bruised and broken, but tingling with anticipation.
Laying her brow against the cold metal of the gun barrel, she closed her eyes for a second. She’d been waiting for this moment, looking forward to a reunion with him. Never in all those fantasies had she envisioned herself sitting on a dirty bathroom floor, wrapped in nothing but a towel with no way out.
In her version of the reunion, she’d planned on retrieving the video from her hidden safe first, putting Nicolae behind bars where he could never hurt anyone again, and then showing up on Miles’ door with a clean slate and the tiniest hope for the future.
Best laid plans…
Without warning, the door banged fully open, smacking her body and nearly knocking the gun from her hands. A shadow moved, hands grabbing her and slamming the wrist of her gun hand into the edge of the sink. She grunted, trying to hold onto the Beretta as she kicked out at the same time with her right foot.
She landed a solid hit to her attacker’s shin. He grunted and knocked her wrist against the sink once more, the impact sending a shockwave up her arm and forcing her to let go.
No stranger to pain, she suppressed the cry that exploded in her throat, kicking out again with both legs and nailing him in the knees this round. The towel covering her backside slid on the tile floor from the effort, causing her to go down on her back as he released his grip on her wrist.
Damn. Now he had her gun.
A large hand wrapped around her ankle. One jerk and she was flipped over onto her belly, the towel coming completely undone, her chin bouncing on the floor.
The tiles chafed against her naked skin. She fought, reaching for anything that would give her purchase, anything that could be used as a weapon.
Her fingernails scratched against something hard. The tiny garbage can under the sink. It was only plastic, but it would work if…she could…reach…it…
Miles plopped down on her butt, his heavy weight pining her to the floor. She heard him eject the Beretta’s magazine, clear the chamber of the round. He reached down and knocked her outstretched hand away from the direction of the garbage can; one of his did the job of restraining both of hers above her head.
“Don’t fight me, Veronica,” he said, his lips close to her ear as he held her immobile. His breath was warm, sending a fresh wave of goose bumps over her skin. “Or should I call you Charlotte? Or my favorite, Sarah?”
Grinding her teeth, she ignored the pain in her wrist, the chafing of the tile against her breasts and hips bones, the weight of him. “Get off of me, you lughead.”
He chuckled. “That’s not what you said the last time I was on top of you.”
Even with the cold tiles under her, a hot flush wormed its way under her skin. The memory of him on top of her, of his body working its magic on her, was enough to make her stop fighting.
He’s not the enemy, she reminded herself.
If only she could breathe. “My first name is Charlotte. My friends call me Charlie.”
“Ah, but we’re not friends, are we? Fuck buddies, lovers maybe. Not friends. Friends call one another, they don’t leave in the middle of the night with no goodbye and disappear for nine months.” He still pinned her down, his nose brushing against her head as he spoke in her hear. “What are you doing here?”
He’d kept track of their time apart. Charlotte took hope in that. “Let me up and I’ll explain.”
The light drawl evaporated. “You must think I’m naive or incredibly stupid.”
“I don’t believe either. Why?”
“You slipped away me from once before, Agent Charlotte Carstons. I’m not turning you loose so easily again. Start talking.”
So he did know her true identity. She closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in his familiar Miles scent of citrus and warm male skin, wishing she could tell him the one simple truth burning in her throat. I love you.
He wouldn’t believe her after all the lies she’d told, and saying the words out loud wouldn’t change the fact she would have to lie to him again. Leave him again. For his safety and for hers.
Struggling to breathe under his weight, she shoved thoughts of confessing her love aside and opened her eyes. “Nicolae Bourean, head of the Corsicani clan in Romania. I’m on the run from him. The reason I left you was to save your life. You and I survived that brutal winter in the mountains, and it’s one of my fondest memories, but when spring came, I had to ensure no one knew you and I had been together. It was too dangerous for you. I made contact with Emit Petit, told him where to find you and I left. I had work to do on my case, information I still needed before I could close it out, and I had to go to Nico to get it. Unbeknownst to me, he’d figured out I was MI6. He took me prisoner. I escaped a few weeks ago, but he’s after me. He wants me back. Badly.”
She forced herself not to shiver at the thought of what Nico would do to her if he ever did get hold of her again. Death would be a blessing. “You, Miles Duncan, literally hold the key to my survival.”

My Review:

Fatal Honor by Misty Evans took me on an international adventure!  Charlotte, a British Intelligence officer, has been branded a traitor.  She's fighting to clear her name, at the same time trying to stay undetected.  She needs help, and there's only one person she thinks can help her.  Miles is a former SEAL now working for Shadow Force International.  Charlotte saved him it his turn to help save her now?

I really enjoyed everything about this book.  I liked how Misty Evans takes us right into Charlotte and Mile's story from the start.  In a small cabin in the Carpathian Mountains, Charlotte and Miles become closer as she helps him recover.  They don't talk about their pasts or who they really are...even though they each know.  They are just together, and the pace of the growth of their relationship over these 6 weeks was just right.  When Charlotte disappears and Miles is rescued, he's not sure if he'll ever see her again.

In dual POV's, Misty takes us right into action when Charlotte and Miles finally come together again.  There is no hiding who they are now, no hiding that danger chases Charlotte.  The chemistry is still hot between Miles and Charlotte, and as trust is built and a connection is strengthened, I liked how Miles and Charlotte were with each other.  They are both strong, determined main characters torn by loyalty, the need for truth and justice, and their feelings for each other.  I liked that they didn't play games with each other and I could feel the connection building along with the attraction between them.  There is tension, conflict, danger, and unexpected twists and turns in Fatal Honor.  The romance and suspense are strongly woven together in a believable way.  Misty's smooth, well paced writing with vivid descriptions kept me mesmerized.  I couldn't wait to see how all the different angles of this plot would turn out.

The secondary characters, particularly the other Shadow Force International operatives, are a great addition who add depth and character to the plot.  I liked how they are involved and their characteristics are perfect!

With a unique, interesting plot that makes you think it just might happen, I'd recommend Fatal Honor by Misty Evans to any romantic suspense reader.

About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published over twenty novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. As a writing coach, she helps other authors bring their books – and their dreams of being published – to life.

The books in her Super Agent series have won a CataNetwork Reviewers’ Choice Award, CAPA nominations, the New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2010 and the ACRA Heart of Excellence Reader’s Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense in 2011.

Her Witches Anonymous series was dubbed a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read. The Super Agent Series, Witches Anonymous Series, and the Kali Sweet Series have been on multiple Amazon Kindle bestsellers lists. Her culinary romantic mystery, THE SECRET INGREDIENT, and the first book in her Deadly series, DEADLY PURSUIT, are both USA TODAY bestsellers.

Misty likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, movies, and hanging out with her husband, twin sons, and two spoiled puppies.

Connect with Misty:  Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter / Pinterest

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Review: Weekend with Her Bachelor (Bachelor Auction #4) by Jeannie Moon

Book Blurb:

The hot, sexy bachelors of Marietta, Montana take another trip down the runway to raise money for a good cause.

Bachelor Gavin Clark is determined to help Marietta reach its fundraising goal for the town's hospital charity. So the handsome emergency physician is up for almost anything on his date with the lucky winning bidder.

Little did he know his former high school crush, Ally Beaumont, just so happened to be that lucky winner. Their date whisks them off to her friend's destination wedding at a romantic, luxury ranch resort in the western Montana mountains and close quarters, a shared history, and a magical location push the two old friends into each other's arms...

Is Gavin and Ally's story just beginning, or will their romance end with the weekend?

My Review:

In Weekend With Her Bachelor by Jeannie Moon, when Ally needs a date for a wedding weekend as fate would have it there's a bachelor auction happening in her home town of Marietta.  Her first love just happens to be one of the bachelor's and Ally finds herself in a bidding war to win him with the intention of taking him to the wedding with her.  Not just for one night either, but for a weekend.  Ally wins, and she and Gavin discover that the flames between them were never really doused.  The chemistry and connection is still there, but their past and their present stand between them.  Ally is convinced they can just be friends...Gavin is not as convinced.  Things heat up pretty quickly, but will it just be for a weekend, or will they have a second chance for a future together?  Old hurts need to be put to rest before anything either of them can move on...but will they be able to move on together?

Weekend with Her Bachelor is a fun, fast paced second chance romantic read.  It was amusing how Ally tried to convince herself they could just be friends, while Gavin was pretty open about the impossibility of them being so close and yet staying away from each other.  Jeannie Moon packs a lot of emotion, heat, and entertainment into Weekend with Her Bachelor, and I liked getting to know Gavin and Ally as they navigated an adult relationship...whether it's only for a weekend or something more.  There are many obstacles in their path physically and emotionally, and watching them find their way made for a good read.  I liked both of them, but Gavin in particular with his humor made him a great character.

I really liked the secondary characters in Weekend with her Bachelor from Lars to Gavin and Ally's family's and their words of wisdom.  They helped make the story!

I'd recommend Weekend with Her Bachelor to any romance reader.

4/5 stars

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Review: Serve and Protect (Heroes of Evers, Texas #3) by Lori Ryan

Book Blurb:

Ashley Walker was one of the lucky ones. Adopted when she was fourteen years old by a family willing to love her as their own, they stuck beside her through all the hell she put them through.

A kind of hell that would haunt her forever. But now she’s put her past behind her—or so she thought. Garret Hensley never imagined he'd be chasing the killer of the woman who'd set him on the path of law enforcement.

She'd given him reason to believe in himself, to believe he could make a difference. And he suspected her giving heart was the reason her life had been cut so short. When the evidence leads him to Ashley Walker, he knows he has to ignore the feelings she stirs in him, because getting her to reveal the truth of her past is the key to finding a killer.

Serve and Protect is book three of the Heroes of Evers, Texas Series but it can be read as a stand alone novel!

My Review:

In Serve and Protect by Lori Ryan, when a loved social worker is murdered, police detective Garrett is assigned to her case.  Unknown to his supervisor, Alice the social worker played a vital role in his life, and he is now determined to get justice for her.  Ashley is a woman who has buried her past and tried her hardest to keep it in the darkest corner of her mind.  Her life was changed thanks to Alice, and Alice's death rocks the walls she's built.  Garrett and Ashley cross paths frequently, in part because Garrett is sure Ashley knows more than she's telling...and in part because he is so drawn to her as a woman he can't stay away.  Has the past come back to haunt them?  Can Garrett hunt down a killer and maintain the blurry line between personal and professional with Ashley?

The farther into Serve and Protect I read, the more I felt part of the story.  Garrett and Ashley really came to life as I got to know them.  I felt for both of them, for what they had each been through, where they are today, and the struggles and conflicts Ashley in particular is facing.  Ashley's story is heart breaking, and the guilt she harbors weights heavily on her.  Garrett seems to be perfect for her.  I liked the connection between them.  They both feel it.  Trust is slow to build, and I liked how Garrett didn't rush Ashley about anything, whether regarding the case, their blossoming relationship, or her past.  He just seemed to get her.  Lori develops these main characters and their stories very well and sensitively.   I never would have guessed what had happened!  It works well with the story, it's believable, and it's sad.  I was glad that Ashely had such strong support from her family and from Garrett.  

The mystery of Serve and Protect also took unexpected turns, and this kept things edgy and mysterious.  The romance and suspense in Serve and Protect is a good mix and balances each other out very well.  I couldn't wait to see what happened with each part of the plot, and was intrigued through out!

Not only are the main characters strong, but the supporting secondary characters are just as strong.  They felt like people I'd want to have around me in good times and bad.

Serve and Protect is part of Lori Ryan's Heroes of Evers, Texas series, but is a powerful stand alone book.  With evil vs good,  along with love, hope and relationship building, the pace of this book flows well and was easy to lose myself in.  I'd recommend Serve and Protect to any romance reader who likes some mystery/suspense and hard, real life issues thrown in.

5/5 Serve and Protect stars 

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Review: Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown

Book Blurb:

From New York Times bestselling author Helen Brown comes a witty, uplifting novel about a woman who discovers that it's never too late to build the home--and the life--you've always longed for…

The windows rattle. The roof leaks. Every surface cries out to be stripped, painted, or polished. But for writer Lisa Trumperton, the dilapidated manor house that once belonged to her great-grandfather is far more than the sum of its battered parts. It's the chance for a new start on her own terms. The fact that it's in the Melbourne countryside of her Australian homeland, far from the deceitful ex-husband she just left behind in New York…well, that's a bonus. 

Lisa sets to work refurbishing Trumperton Manor, assisted by her son, his friends, and a "Gray Army" of retired handymen. But it's not just her ancestral home that's being transformed. As she trades her chic Manhattan clothes for jeans and work boots, Lisa is changing and fortifying her relationships with her family and her sense of self. There are floods, fires, and catastrophes, but there are new allies too, including a one-eyed cat, a stubborn cockatoo, and a rugged landscaper with an irresistible grin. Piece by piece, the house is pushing Lisa beyond her old limits, daring her to embrace something bigger, braver, and more rewarding than she ever dreamed. 

My Review:

I loved, loved Tumbledown Manor!! It was so refreshing to read about a middle age woman and what was happening in her life. I loved the whole story, the messages it gives, the laughs I had, the emotions and the hope. First the cover drew me in, and the first paragraph cemented the knowledge that I had to read this book. I could feel a connection to Lisa and was thrilled to go on this adventure with her. Tumbledown Manor is an unforgettable read with fantastic characters who all had so much to offer. I'd highly recommend Tumbledown Manor to any woman's fiction reader!

5/5 stars

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