Monday, June 30, 2014

In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love (Cupcake Lovers #4) by Beth Ciotta takes us back to small town Sugar Creek, Vermont.  Sam is a widower with two children who is finally feeling reading to move on after his wife's death.  He's had a few dates, but none of them have felt right.  None of them can measure up to Harper, the woman he's had a very secret sexual affair with.  The same woman he's intensely attracted to and wants to know better.  Harper is a celebrity publicist who became involved with the Cupcake Lovers to help promote them and the charities they support.  She's never been looking for long term or attachments.  She keeps busy and doesn't really connect with anyone.  With a mysterious past and an uncertain future, Harper is not only scared to let people in, she just doesn't know how.  Sam is a hot former Marine, but he's also a father and she's never thought of anything beyond their affair.

Unexpected circumstances bring them together again and Sam is determined to win her over.  What he proposes to solve one of her problems could bring them closer than Harper ever anticipated, if she can trust her heart and Sam.

In The Mood For Love is a great addition to the Cupcake Lover's series, and I fell in love with Sam as much as Harper struggled not to.  He is patient, caring, and understanding...a hero who will steal your heart.  Harper has her struggles.  She's used to dealing with everything alone, and I really enjoyed seeing Sam slowly break through her walls.  Harper especially really grew through In The Mood For Love, and it was so great to see this and experience it with her through Beth's fantastic writing.  As different as Sam and Harper are, in this case opposites really do attract.  I could feel them getting closer, and really hoped for them.  Sam and Harper are both people who have issues that are real, and this realism draws you in to their characters.

I love the small town feel and closeness that Beth manages to portray in In The Mood For Love, the ups and downs of small town living where everyone thinks they know everyone else's business.  The secondary characters bring so much into the story, especially Daisy...I love that woman!  She is full of spice and the humor she sparks even as a secondary character nicely balances out the seriousness in In The Mood For Love.  I also really enjoyed a couple of the secondary romances Beth weaves into In The Mood For Love, they made the people all the more real.

In The Mood For Love is an entertaining, smoothly written story with characters I came to love.  Beth shows us that sometimes the opposites who attract actually bring out the best in each other...and it's always nice to have someone to lean on.

I have read all of the Cupcake Lover's books, and even though I think you could read this one on it's own, you'll enjoy your visit to Sugar Creek, Vermont all the more if you read them all.  I recommend this to all romance readers who enjoy humor along with the serious side of life, characters you can relate to, and a great love story!

4/5 stars

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Second Chance Honeymoon

In Second Chance Honeymoon by Ally Blake, Juliana Jones (JJ) is at a down point in her life and is looking forward to the cruise she's about to embark on.  She has no luck with jobs or relationships and she's never really settled with anything.  The cruise is just what she needs to pick herself back up!  The cruise turns out to be more of a surprise than she'd anticipated when she realizes she's on a Second Honeymoon cruise, and the other passengers are all much older...not a single hot young guy among them.

Kane is the fitness director on JJ's cruise, and he's running from shadows in his own past.  From the moment JJ runs into him there is an instant attraction on both sides and he might not be as off limits as she thought.  JJ is just looking for a fun fling and the thought of anything else could send her running...and a fun on board fling that soon becomes hot and heavy threatens to do just that.  As far as JJ's concerned she has no chance at any kind of forever, she's no good at that.  But Kane might be the one to change all that if she'll let him get close enough to have a chance.  But will she?

Second Chance Honeymoon is a fast paced, light hearted, great romantic escape read.  Ally gives us a lot of humor interspersed with more serious elements in Second Chance Honeymoon, and some great meddling secondary characters who are hilarious all by themselves.  I really liked the interactions between all of the characters.  Second Chance Honeymoon is a novella that is the perfect length for the story being told, that focuses on the present of JJ and Kane.

I'd recommend to romance readers looking for a fun read!

4/5 stars

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Millionaire Affair

In The Millionaire Affair (Love In The Balance #3) by Jessica Lemmon, since a disaster with his college girlfriend, Landon has built walls around his heart. He is now a very successful advertising executive, but he wants no romance and definitely no love in any of the relationships he has with females. Any relationships he has had since are ones that do not risk his heart. Even his intended wedding with the woman who left him very publicly was going to be of convenience only. Single again, and intending to stay that way, Landon can not anticipate Kimber…Read More

5/5 stars!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cupid's Last Stand

In Cupid's Last Stand (The Cupid Chronicles #4) by Shauna Allen, after getting dumped at the altar by someone he wasn't even sure he should be marrying, Tristan decides to start fresh, his goal living in California running his own business.  Before he goes there though, he ends up in New Destiny, Arizona...drawn there by memories and a need to help after a disastrous earthquake. 

He is not expecting to run into Darby, the woman he knew as a 16 year old one summer.  The woman who lost her heart to him at the age of 16 then was heartbroken when he left and never came back for her.  After the death of her father, Darby's dreams were put aside and she is now running the family business.  She does not expect to ever see Tristan in New Destiny, and now that he's there she wants nothing to do with him.  Tristan can't understand why.  He just know that seeing her again makes him feel things he didn't expect to feel.  Darby will deny feeling the same, she'll deny the attraction and chemistry...but it is unavoidable. 

The pull between Tristan and Darby is magnetic and with a little help from Cupid's angel Michael, can they have another chance at love, this time as grown ups?  Or will it be a temporary fling that will leave Darby broken hearted again when Tristan moves on?

The POV's from both Tristan and Darby really made you more in tune with the characters, finding out what motivated them, and gave you deeper insight into them.  I liked that Darby had some real life, relatable issues.  She was strong and doing her best to do what was right, but I found her hard to relate to because of the bitterness and grudge she still held from her teenage years.  I found Tristan made his way into my heart faster.  I felt I could better understand where he was coming from.  He has issues that stem from childhood that hold him back, make him feel unworthy and insecure.  Both characters really grew and developed throughout Cupid's Last Stand as they opened up more to each other.  But it still might not be enough to have them trusting in a future together.

Michael, the angel, is a strong character also.  I loved him, he brought a lot of humor and light to an emotional story.  Even as an angel in a human body, he was easy to like and Shauna made him real.  There are a lot of great secondary characters in Cupid's Last Stand, and they all add their own special something. 

Shauna really hooked me from the start of Cupid's Last Stand and kept me immersed in the story, right there with the characters right to the last word.  I love the whole concept of The Cupid Chronicles, and how Shauna smoothly brings in a very spiritual concept in such a realistic way, with no preaching or judging, which I felt made every book in this series ones that will touch your heart and have you believing in angels if you don't already.

Well written and easy flowing, Shauna weaves humor with deep emotions to make Cupid's Last Stand a book that shows sometimes it's best to trust in love and your heart.  Cupid's Last Stand will have your heart feeling a bit lighter and hopeful.  Cupid's Last Stand can definitely be read as a stand alone, but you'll want to read the other books in this series also.  I highly recommend Cupid's Last Stand to all romance readers.

5/5 stars!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Rafflecopter giveaway!! Dream Huntress...

                                                          Book Title: Dream Huntress                                                
Author: Michelle Sharp
Release Date: June 23, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Ignite
Author Website:
Author Twitter: @msharpbooks
Author Facebook:

Author Bio: Michelle Sharp is a romantic suspense author from the Midwest. Although she has a degree in journalism from Southern Illinois University, she finds weaving tales of danger, deception, and love much preferable to reporting the cold, hard facts. Her goal in life? To team resilient, kick-ass heroines with the sexy alpha’s who love them. As most writers probably are, she is an avid reader. Her husband and kids would call it obsessive—but whatever. Her first choice is usually a story with a thrilling combination of danger and love, but any book with a great voice and intriguing story will keep her turning pages well past any reasonable bed-time.

Her debut novel will be published with Entangled Ignite in June of 2014. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Missouri Romance Writers.

Book Synopsis:
Detective Jordan Delany has a gift. Through her dreams, she connects with dead victims of violent crimes. Her isolated life as a drug cop is perfect for hiding the freakish visions, until her newest investigation has her posing as a cocktail waitress in a down-and-dirty strip club. When she’s saved from a drunken customer by a handsome stranger, the heated chemistry is exactly why she intends to keep Mr. Arrogant at bay. But learning he’s the new bouncer for the corrupt club she intends to bust just might be the one reason why she can’t.
Tyler McGee suspects a drug ring operating out of the local club is flooding the streets of his hometown with heroin. Determined to get answers, he plays the part of a fallen cop and lands the job of head bouncer. What he discovers is that the club owner isn’t the only deadly obstacle he’s facing. His attraction to an intriguing cocktail waitress with a penchant for danger just might kill him first.

Tagline: Dreams can be murder...
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Dream Huntress

In Dream Huntress (Dream Seeker #1) by Michelle Sharp, Jordan is undercover in a strip bar seeking to bring down the owner and his son for drugs.  This operation has significant meaning to her, and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Even if it means not always being honest.  Tyler is a 'former' cop looking to do the same thing for his own reasons.  Unaware of what the other is doing or who they really are, Tyler and Jordan inadvertently meet as they both work on the case separately.

There is a hot, instant attraction between them, but there is also danger to go along with the secrets each of them carries.  A relationship between them would be nothing short of impossible, not to mention very dangerous.  Chemistry has a mind of it's own though, and as they become closer not only to each other but danger, can they have each other and solve the case?  Or as the truths come out, will it push them apart?

Jordan and Tyler are both strong, brave characters looking to do good in a world that hasn't always been good to them.  Jordan has her share of issues and initially it was hard to connect with her or even feel for her because of her attitude.  She did grow on me though, and the little bit of paranormal that comes with Jordan is a great piece of Dream Huntress.  Tyler is protective and secretive, and he knows what and who he wants!

Michelle really keeps you intrigued with the way she draws out the background stories of Jordan and Tyler.  For me this was a bit frustrating at times, but overall I think it worked well with the story line.  With lots of action and suspense, Dream Huntress will keep you not only guessing about what's next, but at times you will be on the edge of your seat!  Fast paced and believable, Dream Huntress is a plot driven romantic suspense that has enough conflict to keep things interesting and enough heat to steam the pages up!!

If you enjoy steamy romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal you will enjoy Dream Huntress.

3/5 stars

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal

In The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal by Lucy Monroe, Liyah Amari has come from America to work at the Chatsfield in London for one meet her father, who after impregnating her mother, never acknowledged her except for support payments.  Working as a chambermaid, she is assigned to the rooms of Sheikh Sayed, who is in London with his entourage and fiancee.  Liyah is unexpectedly tied up in knots over Sheikh Sayed, but he is betrothed and Liyah is keeping her mind on her true objective.

As Liyah is finally meeting her father, who still rejects her, Sheikh Sayed's fiancee has run off and eloped with someone else!  An unexpected meeting when they are both drowning their sorrows and a night of really hot sex could have unexpected consequences though.  The next morning, after a lengthy discussion about the possible consequences (and the Shiekh's assistant is part of this conversation), Liyah is whisked off to Sheikh Sayed's palace and country until the results of their steamy night are known.  If she is pregnant what then?  And if she's not, will Liyah return to America?  Or will the quickly growing feelings they have for each other find a future despite their differences?  And is Liyha prepared for what this might mean?

Liyah and the Sheikh were easy characters to get to know in this modern day fairy tale.  I really liked how Liyah was herself all the time, she wasn't intimidated by the Sheikh and spoke her mind.  I thought she was brave and strong for what she was originally doing in London, then she handled the results of her time in London remarkably well.  I felt that she lonely, and the Sheikh, as quick as things moved, really made her feel cared for again.  Sheikh Sayed is honorable, and hotly amusing!!

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal is a easy flowing fast read that focuses on the relationship between Liyah and Sheikh Sayed instead of the cultural differences.  For the length of the story, I felt this worked well.  This is fiction, but I am always fascinated by how people like this might work around their differences, so I would have liked a little bit more about that just to fill in some gaps.  I really liked Sheikh Sayed's family, they were an unexpected surprise and very modern!

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal is a great, quick, fairy tale with some very modern elements that Lucy works in well enough to make it one of those things you think just might happen to someone somewhere!  If you enjoy this kind of romance you'll enjoy The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal.

3/5 stars

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inn At Last Chance

In In At Last Chance by Hope Ramsay, Jenny has given up on love and family and is pursing her other dream.  She's purchased the old Raintree family home, renovating and bringing to life her dream of opening a Bed and Breakfast.  

The appearance of her home's former owner, Gabe, on a dark, stormy night is completely unexpected.  Gabe, a famous author, has decided he must have the home's where he knows he can write again.  He'll pay any price to get it back, but Jenny's not selling...and she's not letting him stay.  That all changes though, when as a favor to the town and the town library, Gabe is now a guest in Jenny's not yet opened B & B.  

Dealing with an unwanted guest is bad enough, but soon scary, unexpected things are happening in Jenny's new home.  And it all seems to center around Gabe.  Gabe, who Jenny thinks of more than she should.  A surprising and conflicting attraction between Jenny and Gabe slowly grows, just as secrets and long forgotten memories of Gabe's start to surface.  With all of his past suddenly haunting him at once, will Jenny and Gabe's chance at love survive?

Inn At Last Chance is part of a series and I would recommend reading the other books first.  I didn't and I felt like I was missing a lot of background information, especially on Jenny.  It was difficult to get a good grasp of her character with so many unknowns.  That said, I did find Jenny to be brave and independent.  I liked that she was a mature character with goals she was working hard to achieve.  There was definitely more to Jenny than what first meets the eye!  Gabe was a tortured hero with so many secrets and such a hidden past!  Hope manages to draw this out through most of Inn At Last Chance, intriguing me and making me want to keep reading to find out exactly what was up with Gabe!

There are a lot of secondary characters, and I can tell by reading that many of them were introduced in previous books in this series.  From meddling to irksome, Hope gives a real small town feeling to Inn At Last Chance.

If you enjoy small town romance with unexpected surprises you will enjoy Inn At Last Chance, but once again I'd recommend reading the other books in the series first if you want to feel like you know everyone!

3/5 stars

The Bride Who Wouldn't

In The Bride Who Wouldn't, Kate is doing all she can to keep the family antique business from going under after the death of her father and subsequent poor management by her mother and brothers.  Kate loves antiques, history and her family.  She is a historian teaching genealogy when she meets Ivor who is researching his family's Russian roots.  She becomes good friends with Ivor, even traveling to Russia with him.  

They both have secrets and they both need help, so a contract between them is drawn up for a marriage of convenience.  In return for marrying Ivor for a year, Kate will receive much needed money for her family business.  But Ivor dies suddenly before they can be wed.  Suddenly the deal is over, and Kate is faced with some unexpected decisions.  Ivor's nephew Issak gives Kate the choice to pay back the money...or marry him.  Feeling stuck, Kate decides the wedding will go on.  Despite her attraction to Ivor though, she will not give him everything.  It will remain a marriage of convenience.  There are things Isaak doesn't know, and by the time he realizes the extent of it, they are on their honeymoon in Paris.  Surprised by his reaction and attraction to Kate, Isaak sets about to woo her and to really make her his. 

As Paris and Isaak work their magic, Ivor's secrets slowly come to light.  Isaak will discover there is more to both Kate, Ivor, and even himself than he imagined there could be!

The Bride Who Wouldn't is a fun, fast paced steamy hot novella!  Kate manages to draw you in quickly and keep you there, adding a little bit of mystery with the romance that makes the story line unique and intriguing.  Kate and Isaak are both very likeable characters and very similar in a lot of ways.  They are both strong and very loyal to their family's...even when you might question why.  Their romance was unexpected and fast, but Carol really made it believable.  More importantly she made Kate and Isaak people we'd love to be with.

The pace of The Bride Who Wouldn't was appropriate, and this novella is the perfect length for Kate and Isaak's story.  Carol throws in a few surprises along the way, and I felt the way she gives us some of the answers to some of the secrets fit really well with the story line.

I'd recommend The Bride Who Wouldn't to any romance reader who likes it hot, fast, and a bit mysterious!!

5/5 stars

Sunday, June 15, 2014

All You Need Is Love

In All You Need Is Love (Green Mountain Romance #1) by Marie Force, big city girl Cameron is heading to Vermont hoping to secure the contract to build a website for the Abbott family business.  It is a much needed account for her struggling company, and she is determined to give it her best shot.  When she accidentally drives into Fred, the town moose in the middle of a dark, winding road, it is Will Abbott who comes to her rescue.

Will does not want to like the big city girl in her fancy boots, he's had his heart broken by a big city girl before and he's never taking that risk again.  Cameron feels the spark as soon as she sets eyes on Will...even if he is cranky and makes it clear he has no interest in why she's there.  He and his siblings have no interest in a website or expanding the family business.  That is all his father's doing.  

Despite it all though, they are magnetically drawn to each other.  As Cameron spends time in Will's small town awaiting the Abbott family's decision on her business proposal, Will spends more and more time with the same time showing her the magic of Vermont and the man he is.  Soon he is the man who wants her and the man she wants.  But Cameron's life is in the city and Will's is in Vermont.  He's been hurt before, but just might take the chance with Cameron.  Is Cameron willing to take the chance too?  She has had heart break in the past too, and is terrified of being hurt again...especially since what she felt for previous men can't even compare to what she feels for Will.  Will she risk her heart again?  Is there any way a big city girl and a small town guy can make a relationship work?

All You Need is Love is a super start to Marie's newest series!  This is Cameron and Will's story, but at the same time it is a great introduction to the rest of the Abbott family who are integral to this story and the Green Mountain Romance series.  Marie will make you want to be part of the Abbott family. 

Marie gives us two strong main characters who have real life feelings and problems.  Cameron has had a completely different upbringing from Will, but as opposite as they appear they really do attract!  Cameron is also dealing with some real life issues, one of which I don't see written about very often, and I really like how Marie wove this into the background of Cameron, making it just a part of who she is.  Will is great!  He is loyal and caring, and wants to make sure the decisions he's making are not only based on how his heart feels.  I really liked how Cameron handled most things in All You Need Is Love.  They are a fun, captivating couple who you will find yourself hoping they can work it out!  There is conflict internally and romantically, and the maturity of their characters shines through as they deal with these conflicts.

Marie writes smoothly, captivating you with her words, enchanting you with her descriptions.  I really enjoyed the quotes she uses at the beginning of each chapter by Will's Grandpa, and how she's incorporated The Beatles into this series!  Light hearted at times, serious at others, All You Need Is Love is filled with people you will fall in love with, a place you want to be, and feelings you will carry with you long after you finish the book!

I'd highly recommend this to any contemporary romance reader looking for a great escape!!

5/5 stars!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Years Bride

In Last Years Bride by Anne McAllister, Cole has the weight of the world on his shoulders as he struggles to keep his family ranch running.  It's a lonely existence, but work on the ranch is his life.  There is no room for anyone else, especially a woman who will eventually leave anyway.  He's seen that happen before.

That's part of the reason why no one knows that Cole is actually married.  In Reno 10 months ago, he hooked up with Nell...things were hot and heavy, and happening fast.   Before he could doubt himself, they were married.  Her job and his wish have kept her away from Marietta.  Cole has himself convinced that this is best for them both, that the marriage was a mistake.  As heavy as his heart is without her and as much as he can't stop thinking about her, he sends her divorce papers to sign.

But Nell is not giving in without a fight, and when the reality TV show she's directing ends up in not only Marietta but on the ranch, Cole's life is about to become much more interesting!  The harder he tries to push Nell away, the closer she becomes.  He is determined that ranch life is not for a city girl like her, Nell is determined that where ever he is is good for her.  They both admit to loving the other, but Cole just can't let Nell all the way in.  When the distant past is brought to light and a current family health scare, Will begins to see how wrong he is.  Can he be true to both of them and trust in not only himself but in Nell?  Or has he Cole finally push Nell too far?

Last Year's Bride is a fun, fast paced romantic novella with well written conflict and strongly developed characters that you will really care for.  Cole is strong and loyal.  On the outside he's gruff, but inside he hides a hurting heart.  He thinks he's protecting himself and Nell by trying to get her to do what he thinks is right, no matter how much he really wants to be with her.  Nell is also strong, and she is very determined!  She knows Cole is worth it and she's going to fight for their marriage.  I loved both of these people.  Anne really brings out the best in both of them with her writing.  I really enjoyed all of the secondary characters too...from Cole's family to the film crew, to 'the talent'.  They have a lot to offer to round out Cole and Nell's story.

With the strong emotions Anne evokes with her writing, she draws you in quickly and keeps you there for the romantic journey.  I loved the setting of the ranch for Last Year's Bride.  With her descriptions and easy flow of words, Anne brings Cole and his ranch to life.  Last Years Bride is the perfect title for the story!  This is one of a series of the Montana Born Bride Books, but it can definitely be read as a stand alone.

Any romance reader looking for a novella that will give you all you want in a small town romance will love Last Years Bride!

5/5 stars!!

Deeper Than Need

In Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker, Trinity is starting fresh, and has moved with her son to Madison, into a wonderful old house she's renovating.  As soon as she saw the house she felt like she was home.  She was completely unprepared for the 'click' she felt when she met contractor Noah.  He is hot and she is going to be seeing a lot of him when he works on her home.

Noah has existed but never really lived since the disappearance of his teenage girlfriend.  He does not feel he has enough life in him to offer anyone, nor is he interested in relationships.  He keeps to himself a lot, and spends a lot of time helping troubled youth in Madison.  As Noah begins working on Trinity's home and seeing her every day, he is unable to deny the attraction and connection he feels for her.  He is also unable to avoid the past that confronts him every time he sees her house.  Noah's emotions are in conflict...

Trinity was so sure about her new felt so right but now that she's in it she is creeped out at night and hears things.  When a horrible discovery in her home bursts open a mysterious past, questions and secrets about the town she now calls home start to come out.  There is evil lurking, and some people want the secrets of the past to stay there.  Will the truth ever come out, or will it stay hidden in the shadows?  As the number of mysteries involving Madison become more abundant and unclear, the relationship between Noah and Trinity becomes clearer, as if they were meant to be together.  With pasts that haunt them both and the wariness only a broken heart can evoke, will they take the chance with each other?

Although there are 3 Secrets and Shadows novellas that precede Deeper Than Need, they are only very loosely tied to Deeper Than Need and this novel can be read alone.  Deeper Than Need is a much darker, much more complex story, but just as intriguing as the novella's.  I did expect there to be more of a relationship to the novella's, so that was a bit disappointing for me.

The main characters in Deeper Than Need are strong and outside of the mystery, Noah and Trinity's romance and feelings are believable.  Trinity's background is a bit more mysterious and the telling of it is more drawn out, but in an intriguing I want to get to know her way. They are both hurting and I loved how Shiloh brought them together.   There are a lot of secondary characters in Deeper Than Need, and Shiloh will give you POV's from some of them too, which really makes things interesting!  I did find that there were so many secondary characters they and their stories were at times difficult to keep track of, a little confusing, and a little distracting.  

Noah and Trinity's relationship was secondary to the mysteries surrounding the town of Madison in  Deeper Than Need.  Shiloh will keep you guessing with twists, turns and plot surprises.  She will keep you guessing for some of the story also as we wait for the next book in this series to come out.

Shiloh's writing is fabulous and the foundation of Deeper Than Need is strong, but I felt like it was a bit crowded in the book at times.

Romantic Suspense readers who like deep, layered plots will enjoy Deeper Than Need.

3/5 stars

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Turn Up The Heat

In Turn Up The Heat (Pine Mountain #1) by Kimberly Kincaid, when Bellamy finds out her boyfriend is moving away, hasn't bothered to tell her, and oh, yeah they are done, she decides a girls weekend away is just what she needs.  Of course, it can't be that easy, and once she's well on her way, her car breaks down.  Some good things might still be on the way for Bellamy though, because Shane, the mechanic is one hot man!  Even if she's not interested and he is definitely not into city girls.

Shane has a past he won't face, and secrets he won't share.  He loves his job as a mechanic with Grady, the shop's owner, even if that is all he has right now.  That is all he wants.  But Bellamy has him thinking of other things besides work, and in Pine Mountain they can't help but run into each other.  Shane does his best to not feel for Bellamy, but it's impossible.  Bellamy is working her way into his heart without even trying. 

When Bellamy spontaneously stays longer in Pine Mountain, on her journey of self discovery, she discovers just how much she wants to be with Shane.  She is what Shane thinks of as Big City though, and he's small town.  As open as Bellamy is, Shane is a contrast in that he keeps so much of himself hidden.  Are they really as different as they think though?  When Shane's secrets are suddenly not so secret and the truth comes out, can Bellamy still be able to trust him with her heart?  Can she find the courage to follow her dreams even as Shane struggles to find the courage to finally deal with his past?  And can they do it together or is it too late?

Turn Up The Heat is a story that emphasizes there is usually a lot more to someone than what meets the eye, and don't let preconceived notions taint what could be a great thing!  Bellamy and Shane at first appear to be complete contrasts to each other, but are they as different as they first think?  I felt that Bellamy was a lot more open than Shane was.  With his mysterious past, and what seemed to be like too much unhappiness in his life, Shane was a bit harder to get to know.  Bellamy really is like Shane's sunshine!  The dialogue between them is at times witty, at times serious, but at all times has a sense of reality that makes you believe in Bellamy and Shane.

There are some great secondary characters in Turn Up The Heat.  Bellamy's two friends have her best interests at heart and push her farther than she wants to go!  Grady, the automechanic shop owner and "car whisperer", has a strong role with Shane, as does Jackson, Shane's friend.  These people are with us throughout Turn Up The Heat, then Kimberly pumps up the interest level by adding a few newer ones later on in the story.  They all blend well in the story line.

Kimberly does a great job of keeping us guessing at the mystery of Shane all through Turn Up The Heat.  She manages to surprise us, and adds in a few unexpected twists to the plot. 

Romance readers who enjoy small town romance, twists and turns on the romantic journey will enjoy Turn Up The Heat.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dreamweaver Trail

In Dreamweaver Trail (Eternity Springs #8) by Emily March, Gabi is looking for something, but she's not sure what.  On a journey of self discovery she leaves Eternity Springs and takes a job pet sitting on an island in the Caribbean.  On that beautiful island she not only discovers her love of and desire to make fine glass art, she also meets Flynn.  When she mistakes Flynn for the pool boy next door, he doesn't correct her.  Flynn is at his island home seeking anonymity after making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  He is not at all who Gabi thinks he is, he's hiding a dark past from her, and he's not looking for any kind of relationship.  Gabi isn't looking for a relationship either, after what happened with her former fiancee, she has a hard time with trust.  The island is small though, and Gabi and Flynn end up spending quite a bit of time together.  She can't deny he's hot and she can't imagine away the chemistry between them.  Gabi is cautious, but decides a vacation fling might be just what she needs.  They both feel more than they expected though, and just as things are progressing between them, terror strikes, his secret is out, and Gabi flees her Caribbean escape.

When Gabi runs to Italy, where she is studying fine glass art, Flynn runs into trouble of his own.  Not just trouble, but a horrifying nightmare he barely makes it out of.  Flynn ends up in Eternity Springs, trying to find peace and heal even as he isolates himself.  With Gabi in Italy he thinks he and his dog are safe.  Until Gabi returns unexpectedly and is shocked to find Flynn living in Eternity Springs.  Gabi is even more disturbed by how much Flynn has changed since they last saw each other.  He's mysterious and won't talk to Gabi.  Even though Gabi didn't try to contact Flynn since she left the Caribbean, she still wants answers.  She also still cares and has strong feelings for him.  Feelings Flynn has too.  Flynn doesn't want to let Gabi in though, some part of him thinks he's protecting her.  He feels damaged, not whole, and he doesn't know if he'll ever feel whole again.  As hard as Flynn tries to push Gabi away, she pushes harder to get in.  Will he ever be healed enough to let her in?  Can they both forgive and have another chance together?

Dreamweaver Trail is an emotional romance with tragedy and triumphs.  This Eternity Springs book is much different from the other Eternity Springs books because much of the story occurs in the Caribbean, not in Eternity Springs.  However, Eternity Springs is where Gabi and Flynn come back to.  I loved how Emily writes Gabi and Flynn's story in the two different settings.  The contrasts between the two are great, and she describes both so well that you will easily feel you could be there with Gabi and Flynn, frolicking in the water in the Caribbean, or walking in the snow in Eternity Springs.

Gabi and Flynn are both great main characters.  They come from quite different backgrounds, but fit together so well.  Gabi is stubborn and will do what she needs to do!  She is a character you can admire...for all she's been through as well as the courage she has to take life and live it!  Emily gives us great background on Gabi, but leaves a little unsaid that I might have liked cleared up but it didn't take away from the story.  Flynn's story comes to us more gradually through Dreamweaver Trail, and he's been through a lot of tragedy and loss.  He is strong but he is also a bit broken, and Emily's way of writing about him will pull you right in...breaking your heart a little.  The chemistry between Flynn and Gabi is definitely there, heating up the pages!  I liked how Emily didn't write about this explicitly though, it was not necessary for the story and left some things to the imagination.  I loved the way both of their characters grew throughout Dreamweaver Trail, and how they dealt with conflict (and there is a lot!)... it was a process that could not be sped up.

Dreamweaver Trail is Gabi and Flynn's story told over a period of time...long enough that it didn't feel rushed.  The pace is perfect, and Emily's writing is smooth and easy to lose yourself in!  Most of the secondary characters you will have met before if you've read the other Eternity Springs books, but Dreamweaver Trail can be read as a stand alone.  The secondary characters that are revisited are in the background enough that we don't need a lot of detail on them.  I did love the dog in Dreamweaver Trail, another character who will steal your heart!

At times intense, at times more light hearted, Dreamweaver Trail is a contemporary romance I'd highly recommend if you want to lose yourself in another place for a while!  

5/5 stars

Friday, June 6, 2014

Love With A Perfect Cowboy

In Love With A Perfect Cowboy by Lori Wilde, an ongoing family feud in Cupid, Texas drove Luke, Melody, and their teenage love apart 15 years ago on July 4th.  With disastrous consequences on that night, Melody fled Cupid and moved on with her life.  Now living in New York with her photographer boyfriend and working in advertising, one day Melody's world implodes on her.  Jobless, homeless, and boyfriend-less all in one day - suddenly Luke is there.  Luke still lives in Cupid, running the ranch and is also Mayor.  Cupid is suffering from the drought, and in Luke's mind, Cupid needs Melody and her work experience to bring it back to life.  Luke is convinced Melody can do it, so he's come to New York.  He just has to convince her.

Melody never planned to return to Cupid to live.  In New York, she's far from her controlling mother and the feud in Cupid.  She definitely does not count on the attraction she still feels for Luke, especially when the only place for her to spend the night is in his hotel room!  But they can have one night and nothing more, right?  Luke might dream of more, but he knows they can't be together.

Back in Cupid, Melody is determined to avoid Luke.  It's hard to do when he's the Mayor, he lives in the same building as her, and they are both trying to save a dying town.  With love letters, legends, schemes, dreams, and a family feud still burning bright it might be harder than Melody thinks to save Cupid and leave again.  Especially with the forbidden flames between her and Luke that she can no longer deny.  Will their secret love be smothered or can an old feud be put to rest, a town saved, and two people who were meant to be together have a second chance at love?

Love With A Perfect Cowboy is the last book in Lori Wilde's Cupid, Texas series.  I think it helped that I'd read the other books in this series because Lori doesn't waste time revisiting stories already told, and the other books in combination are a great build up to the finale.  Luke and Melody are two people you just want to end up together.  They do have their obstacles though, both self imposed and feud imposed.  Melody is independent, strong, and smart!  She knows what she's doing and how to do it in most matters!  It's her heart she has trouble following.  Luke is a great hero!  I can totally picture him in my mind.  He is just as stubborn as Melody, and he is determined that the old family feud must end.  Luke and Melody don't always agree on what's best for Cupid, but they work well together like the mature adults they are anyway.  The way Lori gives us their history and builds it up throughout Love With A Perfect Cowboy makes it all the more mysterious at times and definitely intriguing!

It was great to see some of the same characters from previous Cupid books but they are more in the background.  Love With A Perfect Cowboy is all about Luke and Melody coming together again and I was interested to see if they could work it out!

Lori manages to give us a great small town feel and Love With A Perfect Cowboy is well written with entertainment, emotion and hope infused throughout that any contemporary romance reader will enjoy.

4/5 stars

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love Potions

In Love Potions by Michelle Pillow, Lydia was raised by her Grandmother Annabelle after the death of Lydia's parents.  Annabelle was whispered to be a witch, a reputation that still follows Lydia, and not always in a good way.  Lydia doesn't even know if she believes in premonitions, let alone magick, even if her Grandmother did teach her all she knows.  Some of those teachings helped her form her business "Love Potions", that she runs out of her Grandmother's old house, now Lydia's in Green Vallis.  Lydia keeps herself fairly isolated with the exception of her friend Charlotte.  Lydia is completely oblivious to the potential inside of her, of what she really is.

Erik MacGregor is a Scottish warlock, searching for a new home for his large immortal, magickal family.  He finds the perfect estate in Green Vallis.  He is one hot Scotsman, and when Lydia meets him, not knowing what he is, the hold he immediately has over her is spellbinding.  She feels an immediate, lustful pull towards him from the start.  Just thinking about him makes her ache in a way no man ever has before.  Lydia has the same effect on that is blatantly obvious!  Erik quickly discovers that Lydia lives in the only house near the estate.  His family wants him to buy her out, they can take no chances on discovery of what they are.  But from the start the connection between Lydia and Erik is too hot, too real to ignore...even as much as Lydia tries to deny it.  Little does Lydia know that she has powers that connect her to him.

Through magick gone awry, ghostly visits and the journey of self discovery Lydia takes, Michelle takes us on an enchanting journey in Love Potion.  But lurking in the shadows is an evil, waiting to take what it wants to make itself stronger, from who ever it can.  And just when you think it's over, Michelle throws in another twist, jump starting your adrenaline again!  Now that Erik has found his soul mate, can they survive to have a future together?  Or will evil push them apart and win?

My summary really can't do justice to Love Potion, it is a fantastic, 5 star paranormal romantic suspense!  Lydia is a strong heroine, afraid of things but standing up to them anyway.  She has stuck it out in Green Vallis and is not going to leave now!  All of the MacGregor's are so much fun to read and learn about!  Erik might be living in modern times, but parts of him are still old fashioned.  I can totally hear his voice in my head as he stands in front of me in his kilt, Michelle's character descriptions are that good!!  I really enjoyed the way she brought Lydia and Erik together.

Lydia gives us a hilarious romantic journey in Love Potion, and she manages to go from funny to frightening in the blink of an eye!  I loved how she managed to mesh the immortals with the mortals effortlessly so that it seemed real.  The unexpected twists and turns in Love Potion blending romantic heat and suspenseful fear will keep you immersed in Love Potion and dreaming of men in kilts!  Michelle's flow is smooth and the writing is flawless.  I do hope that Michelle will write future MacGregor books, the entire cast of secondary characters need their stories told too!

I highly recommend Love Potion by Michelle Pillow to any paranormal romance reader looking for suspense and a lot of laughter!!

5/5 stars!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Everlasting (Evers, Texas #2)

In Everlasting (Evers, Texas #2) by Lori Ryan, Katelyn is back in Evers, Texas. With her father Alan ill and her personal life in Austin in humiliating tatters, this time Katelyn is staying in Evers. The place she hasn't lived in since her mother was killed and her father sent her to live with her aunt when Katelyn was 4 years old. "Katelyn had learned at an early age: she wasn't ever going to be allowed to come home." She didn't understand why, she just knows her father doesn't want her there in his world. Now, despite the hurt of knowing he doesn't want her there, Katelyn is not going anywhere. 

John is the Sheriff of Evers. He is also like a son to Alan after Alan saved John. He "brought him back to life". Katelyn has always resented this about John, and that grudge and resentment has never allowed her to warm up to John. Even if she does take notice of everything about him. John is a big part of Alan's life though and he's not going to be pushed away by Katelyn. As they spend more time together, Katelyn's walls slowly start to crumble. There is an attraction on both sides, even if they are slow to admit it.

As things start to heat up between Alan and Katelyn, there is another type of heat swirling. Katelyn is unknowingly stirring up the dust from the past, a past she doesn't even remember. A past no one really has answers to. And someone is getting nervous. As the threats towards Katelyn become more serious and dangerous, so does the passion between Katelyn and Alan. Can they finally put the past to rest, or is it too late for them to have a future together?

Lori gives us some great characters, a lot of emotion, and a well blended mix of suspense, love, and loss in Everlasting. Her descriptive of the town of Evers was realistic and I felt like I could be walking through the center of town with Katelyn. Katelyn starts off giving off a bit of a lost feeling, with a chip on her shoulder. As Lori delves deeper into her character, it is easy to understand and relate to Katelyn's feelings. Katelyn's character goes through great growth, and the maturity and character development are a great part of Everlasting. I loved how Lori brought John and Katelyn together. The sparks were definitely there, but the relationship required some work on both their sides. I also liked the way Lori took the time in Everlasting to explore the relationship between Katelyn and her father. After all this time, and as ill as Alan is, this was one relationship that was very heartwarming to see grow.

The mystery in Everlasting will keep you intrigued, and Lori writes the suspense with great flow, and it's easy to get swept up in Katelyn and John's world.

Everylasting is a small town romantic suspense. In Evers, everyone thinks they know everyone elses's business, but there are unexpected secrets and dangers lurking. The small town feel was perfect, and made the mystery all the more consuming!

Everylasting is book #2 in the Evers, Texas series by Lori Ryan, but it can certainly be read as a stand alone. I'd recommend this to romance readers who particularly enjoy small town romantic suspense.

4/5 stars

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Cold Pursuit

In Cold Pursuit by Toni Anderson, Vivi is a single parent to her son Michael with little, if any from Michael's father. Michael has some issues, they are coping (though some days it feels like just barely), and Vivi is doing her best for him. After a specialist appointment, they head to the mall for a little down time...never expecting the terror that they would soon experience there.

FBI Special Agent Jed Brennan is on some enforced time off, doing some shopping for family. When a terrorist attack at the mall thrusts him back into action, Vivi is the hot tempered red haired woman he saves and her son who he goes back in for. The safe feeling Vivi feels after surviving that attack don't last for long. Michael could hold the key to the attack, and the wrong people want the little boy silenced. With Michael threatened, fear runs fresh and Vivi will do anything to protect him. Even if it means trusting their fate to someone other than herself.

Vivi and Jed both have trust issues, and now is not the time for the attraction they both feel simmering beneath the surface. They have both loved, lost, and hurt. "Feelings of attraction seemed foolish and juvenile when they were running for their lives, but it had been a long time since she'd felt any of those things and it unsettled her." When Vivi and Michael are whisked to a safe house, Jed stays close even as law enforcement tries to uncover who is behind the attack and why. Suddenly the safe house is no longer safe and Jed sneaks them away with the promise to them and himself to protect them. The chemistry between Jed and Vivi is no longer possible to ignore, even as they strive to secure the future. But can Jed protect Vivi and Michael from the unknown terrorist? Will they find answers in time, to save themselves and society even as danger chases them? Will it be too late for anything?

Toni takes us on a wild adventure in Cold Pursuit! Vivi and Jed are both powerful, catchy characters that you will find yourself hoping not only survive all this, but find a way to be together. Vivi is strong, independent, and devoted to her son. Jed is also a strong character who doesn't always follow the rules. I loved the way the two of them were forced together, but from there what they did was up to them. It's a struggle for both of them to come to terms with their rapidly growing feelings towards one another, and that journey is all the more tenuous given their unusual situation! Michael, Vivi's son, is a great asset to Cold Pursuit and is really the backbone of the story. I got the feeling a lot is going on in his mind, but the struggles he face are too powerful to overcome easily. All of the secondary characters, from evil to good, lent credibility and power to Cold Pursuit. In particular I really enjoyed Jed's parents...there we get a bit of humor mixed in with the terror Toni manages to elicit in Cold Pursuit, just at the right time and in the right way.

The mysterious, suspenseful part of Cold Pursuit will keep you on the edge of your seat as Toni twists and turns the plot so you never know what to expect and could never imagine what's coming! She blends the suspense and romance so well that the flow doesn't stop, both of them play off the other so that the romance complements the suspense and vice versa.

I thoroughly enjoyed being scared by Toni Anderson in Cold Pursuit! I loved the romance, the relationships, and that Toni manages to keep me off guard and surprise me! Cold Pursuit is the second book in Toni Anderson's Cold Justice series, but it definitely can be read as a stand alone. I'd highly recommend Cold Pursuit to any romantic suspense reader.

5/5 stars

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Covets have all the sexiness, emotion, and happily ever after that readers have come to expect and love from Entangled. They are firmly grounded in the contemporary world, but each novel brings in supernatural twists, breaking the contemporary and paranormal rules, alike. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books you’ll be coveting next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, LIKE their Facebook page, and join the Book Club.

Today I'm happy to be featuring Covet's June 2nd release:

Love Potions by Michelle Pillow

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Erik MacGregor, from a clan of ancient Scottish warlocks, isn’t looking for love. After centuries, it’s not even a consideration… until he moves in next door to Lydia Barratt. It’s clear that the shy beauty wants nothing to do with him, but he’s drawn to her nonetheless and determined to win her over.

Lydia Barratt just wants to be left alone to grow flowers and make lotions in her old Victorian home. The last thing she needs is a demanding Scottish man meddling in her private life. Just because he’s gorgeous and totally rocks a kilt doesn’t mean she’s going to fall for his seductive manner.

But Erik won’t give up and just as Lydia let’s her guard down, his sister decides to get involved. Her little love potion prank goes terribly wrong, making Lydia the target of his sudden embarrassingly obsessive behavior. They’ll have to find a way to pull Erik out of the spell fast when it becomes clear that Lydia has more than a lovesick warlock to worry about. Evil lurks within the shadows and it plans to use Lydia, alive or dead, to take out Erik and his clan for good.