Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Kidnapped Christmas Bride

In The Kidnapped Christmas Bride (Taming of the Sheenan's #3) by Jane Porter, Trey is Marietta's bad boy.  He's been in more trouble than he's been out of for a long, long time.  His last trouble got him sent to jail...missing out on most of his young son TJ's life and losing the love of his life, McKenna.

Now out of jail, Trey is determined to prove he can be the man McKenna needs and the father TJ deserves.  Thoughts of TJ are what finally got him past just being bad.  Trey is heart broken and stunned to find out that the day after his release, McKenna is going to get married.  To a respectable man who can give her the stability she feels she needs.  McKenna has never forgotten Trey, but she is determined to move on...even if it means marrying a man who doesn't have her full heart.

Trey thinks he can handle losing McKenna, but he is determined not to lose his son at the same time.  But does he have to lose at all?

Jane really sucked me into The Kidnapped Christmas Bride and filled me with emotion as I read Trey and McKenna's story.  Theirs is a love meant to be and I kept wondering if they could have that second chance against all possibilities.  I loved these two characters.  In the short span of this novella, I got a real sense of how much Trey has matured and grown over the years.  Jane makes you feel and not judge.  I could completely understand McKenna's thinking.  She's been through a lot in her life.  McKenna and Trey are both realistic, likable people who I felt like I really knew by the end of The Kidnapped Christmas Bride.  TJ is a strong influence in this story, and this sweet boy will steal your heart.

It is not often that an author can make me feel so much and tear up over a book, but Jane managed to do just this in The Kidnapped Christmas Bride.  Jane's writing is flawless and moving.  Love, second chances, and healing from the past are all important parts of this story that I would highly recommend to all romance readers.

5/5 stars!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Baker, The Bodyguard, and the Wedding Bell Blues

In The Baker, The Bodyguard, and The Wedding Bells Blues by Lori Ryan (The Sutton Capital Series #5) Jesse is all set to marry Brad in her dream winter wonderland wedding. Or is she? When the first thing goes wrong, Jesse thinks nothing else can...but it's not just one thing that will go wrong for her dream wedding! Will the most important part finally happen?

The Baker, The Bodyguard, and The Wedding Bell Blues is a fast paced, entertaining catch up with characters from previous Sutton Capital Series books. I loved all of these characters, their interactions, and how they reacted to all the mishaps in this novella. The setting is wintry and feels magical, perfect for the scene Lori is creating. If you've read this series and are looking for a quick, fun, sweet read I'd recommend The Baker, The Bodyguard, and the Wedding Bell Blues.

5/5 stars

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Midnight Action

In Midnight Action (Killer Instincts #5) by Elle Kennedy, Jim is an ex army ranger, now mercenary. Years ago he met Noelle as part of an assignment. Unexpectedly there was a lot of chemistry and feeling between them…but Jim was still on the job, and he was not at all who Noelle thought he was. When her heart was broken by Jim to get to her father, Noelle vowed revenge on the man who broke part of her…even though to Jim Noelle turned out to be way more than a job. Read More

4/5 stars

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wolf Haven

In Wolf Haven (Jackson Hole #9) by Lindsay McKenna, Skylar "Sky" is a former ER and Navy RN. While she was in Afghanistan, a mission went tragically wrong and the results were horrific. Suffering from severe PTSD and now back in civilian life, Sky finds she can no longer do the job she once did. It is a struggle for her to move on from what happened, and a struggle to get through each day. Unable to find and keep a job, unable to continue living with her parents, Sky has no idea what comes next. When she gets a job at Elk Horn Ranch, Sky starts to feel just a little bit lighter and have some hope for the future.

Former SEAL Gray also works at Elk Horn Ranch, helping guests and working the wild life haven side of the ranch. As soon as Gray first sees Sky, he feels an instant connection to her. Gray knows all about PTSD, and as he gets to know Sky better both personally and professionally, the connection and the attraction between them grows. Both of them want more ... but neither will push it. Gray patiently is there for Sky, making her realize she doesn't have to do it all alone, it's ok to lean on someone. With Gray by her side and a sense of peace at Elk Horn Ranch, Sky slowly begins to heal and feel like her former self again.

Both of them have issues in their lives they are dealing with, but together life seems brighter. Together can they get through the rough patches of life and the sudden danger in Jackson Hole, finding a future with each other?

In Wolf Haven, Lindsay took me on an emotionally charged journey. Lindsay writes with great flow and seamless transition from scene to scene, blending it all together perfectly. Sky has a lot on her plate, from her PTSD, her new relationship with Gray, and her family dynamics. She is a courageous, strong heroine, even if she does still feel scared and anxious. I didn't feel like her character had to grow, because she is not a weak character. Sky needed to heal and the healing she needed to experience and the way Lindsay brought it to life was powerful and very believable. I really liked Gray, what he stood for and how he was with Sky. He has his own past he's dealing with, and being with Sky helps him cope with that when he never thought he'd be able to. I really liked the maturity of both of these characters, and how they desire each other so strongly but don't rush into anything. They also don't put a huge emphasis on the fact that they work together, they just make things work.

Wolf Haven is about so much more than a relationship between two people. Lindsay explores PTSD indepthly, and she does not sugar coat anything. There is a strong sense of realism in Lindsay's writing, and the raw emotions of the characters will at times make you want to cry for them. Lindsay obviously knows what she's writing about...she shows us what war does, that when a soldier leaves war it's not left on the battlefield, but part of that comes home. She also gives the reader a strong understanding of PTSD, how and who it is not a solitary disorder.

I liked the animals in Wolf Haven, and the sense of peace and love that animals bring to people, how therapeutic they can be. There are quite a few secondary characters in Wolf Haven, and they all have their roles and work well with the plot line. Lindsay's descriptions of the people and the place really bring it to life, and I could particularly picture Iris very well! Wolf Haven is part of Lindsay's Jackson Hole series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.

Well paced with a great writing style that is easy to fall into, Lindsay gives us strong, memorable characters and situations in Wolf Haven. I'd recommend Wolf Have to any romance reader looking for a romance with strong military and western tones that will make you care and feel for and with the characters.

I was given a free copy of Wolf Haven for an honest review. Lindsay has a website with all her news and a newsletter you can sign up for at

5/5 stars

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Playing To Win

In Playing To Win (Summer Beach Vets #2) by H. Y. Hanna, Ellie has uprooted herself from America to accept a dream job in Australia. A perfectionist and career driven, Ellie does not tolerate mistakes. Nor does she ever just relax and have fun. When an encounter with a playful dog who will eat anything, his owner, and then the vet, Ellie's life is about to change.

Dan, the vet, is fun and easy going. He's also quite charmed by Ellie...even if he does find her a bit uptight. Both of them are attracted, but Ellie is all about her career with no time for anything else. Soon though she is spending more and more time with Dan, as well as the dog and his owner, a young boy named Will. Dan shows Ellie a funner, more laid back side to life. That no one is perfect, and mistakes are a normal part of life. Ellie's not sure what her future holds, and she has a hard time letting go of her perfectionist ways...can she open her heart to Dan or will her career still be the most important thing in her life?

Playing To Win is a fast paced, entertaining story that will make you laugh while you hope Ellie would just relax a little! I found Ellie hard to connect with, but the story is written so well that H. Y. Hanna still drew me in and made me want to know how things would end up. I really liked Dan...his life was by no means perfect, but he was realistic, enjoying life, and hoping to have Ellie in his life.

I love the setting and the ocean in Playing To Win, H.Y.. Hanna's descriptiveness was well written, making Summer Beach a place I'd love to visit.

There are two main secondary characters, young Will and his dog Milo who managed to pull at my heart! There are some other secondary characters more on the periphery who I believe were part of the first Summer Beach Vets book. Having read only this book in the series, Playing To Win can easily be read as a stand alone.

Witty with enough of a serious side to be real, I'd recommend Playing To Win to any romance reader looking for a quick escape!

3.5/5 stars

Monday, November 17, 2014

No Christmas Like The Present

In No Christmas Like The Present by Sierra Donovan, Lindsay never slows down enough to enjoy Christmas – there is always so much to do! When Fred, a mysterious man, arrives on her door step one day to help her find happiness in the Christmas season again, Lindsay doesn’t know if she’s crazy or he is. Read More

4/5 stars

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold Light of Day

In Cold Light of Day (Cold Justice #3) by Toni Anderson, Scarlett leads a quiet life as a physicist.  She's had enough turmoil and doesn't usually like to draw attention to herself.  She's never believed in her father's guilt for a crime that has put him in prison for years.  Now he's dying and she's determined to prove his innocence.  Unfortunately Scarlett would never make a good spy or undercover agent, and her actions soon put her on the radar of some very dangerous people.

Former SEAL, now FBI agent Matt meets Scarlett at a political party, and the attraction he feels towards her is immediate.  He can't take his eyes off her.  For Scarlett though, attraction can't get in the way of her mission...and she's pretending to be someone she's not.   Matt is a firm believer in the organization he works for and for justice.  When the truth about Scarlett comes out and her actions are discovered, he, along with the rest of the FBI are convinced she is up to something criminal.  Both of them are seeking the truth, but seeing it through a different lens.

Soon the FBI, the Russians, and Scarlett are at the center of a potential political minefield.  In a race against time, Scarlett is used to no one believing her or in her father's innocence...but it's starting to look more and more like she just might be right.  At the same time that danger is circling, Matt and Scarlett are in this together...and soon they can't stop the chemistry boiling between them.  Will the truth come out before time runs out?  Or will someone get away with murder?

Toni really drew me in with this fast paced, dangerous plot.  She weaves a complex, believable story with strong characters.  I really liked both Matt and Scarlett.  Scarlett is brilliant, but not as worldly wise as Matt.  She is scared, but pursues the truth anyway.  Matt is a great hero and I loved how Toni explored the conflicts he faced once Scarlett became more than a job for him.  I really like how the relationship vs the job was handled in a mature way.  

Toni gives a mix of everything good in Cold Light Of Day.  There are a lot of secondary characters that are all integral to the plot, and I liked the glimpses of characters from previous Cold Justice books.  Toni blends them in well to Cold Light of Day, so that this can definitely be read as a stand alone (although I recommend the whole series because it's so good!).  Within the main plot there are a few secondary plots that make Cold Light of Day even more intriguing.

I liked that Toni gave me enough information to know who the characters were, but she still managed to keep me guessing right to the end.  The political aspect of Cold Light of Day kept things very interesting!

Cold Light of Day has all the elements of a great romantic suspense...danger, romance, action, and intrigue.  I'd recommend Cold Light of Day to any romantic suspense reader looking for a thrilling adventure!

5/5 stars

Christmas At Seashell Cottage

In Christmas At Seashell Cottage (Jewell Cove 1.5) by Donna Alward, Charlie is a local Doctor in Jewell Cove.  She loves where she lives, what she does and dreams of finding the right man to settle down with one day.  She feels lonely at times and has a hard time getting to know people in a small town where everyone knows each other.  Part of the problem is that she keeps herself somewhat distant, thinking that is the right thing for her to do as the Doctor of many of these people.  She is also dealing with feeling like a disappointment to her parents, even though she's doing what she wants to do good for people.  Volunteering to help set up the town's nativity sets off a chain of events that have the potential to change things for Charlie.

Dave is a former SEAL who is in Jewell Cove temporarily, to be close to his young daughter and decide what he wants to do next.  The last thing he expects is to meet up with someone like Charlie.  Someone who makes him feel more than he expects to.  When the two of them find an abandoned baby in the nativy's manger, Dave finds himself helping Charlie, then spending more and more time with her.  As attracted as they are to each other, they are both looking for much different things.  Can Charlie settle for a fling when she wants so much more?  The magic of Christmas in small town Jewell Cove might bring both of them more than either of them dreamed of if they can take the chance.

Christmas At Seashell Cottage is a fast paced, heart warming Christmas novella.  Donna drew me into Charlie and Dave's lives quickly, and they were both easy to like.  They are both mature and dealing with other issues in their lives besides a relationship, and this made them believable.  I like how Donna brought them together, the conflicts they faced, and the feelings they had.  Donna manages to pack a lot of emotion in a realistic way into Christmas At Seashell Cottage.

I really enjoyed the small town setting of Jewell Cove, especially around Christmas.  With her descriptive writing Donna took me right there.

Christmas At Seashell Cottage can definitely be read as a stand alone and I'd recommend it to romance readers looking for a sweet Christmas romance.

4/5 stars

Friday, November 7, 2014

Dangerous Surrender

In Dangerous Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City #4) by Katie Reus, when Taylor’s boss and the father figure in her life is murdered right before her eyes, she barely escapes with just a bullet grazing her. She runs to to Vegas, to Vadim, the one friend who she completely trusts to help her. But Vadim isn’t there…not knowing what else to do or where else to go, Taylor breaks into his house anyway, for temporary refuge. Read More

5/5 stars

Monday, October 27, 2014

Beauty and the Billionaire

In Beauty and The Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club #2) by Jessica Clare, from the moment Hunter sees Gretchen he is enchanted by her and wants to know her better. Scarred inside and out, billionaire Hunter doesn’t think any woman would want to be with him, but he has hope that Gretchen might be different. Living a very solitary existence, rarely leaving his home, Hunter comes up with a plan to meet Gretchen and spend some time with her. Read More

5/5 stars!

Dead Man's Carve

In Dead Man's Carve (A Tickled to Death Mystery #1) by Kym Roberts, Rilee is a wood carver with her own shop in Tickle Creek, Oregon. Rilee lost her fiancee over two years ago, and has never moved on. She remains loyal to him and emotionally cut off from almost everyone else. When one of her clients is found dead - by Rilee, she is determined to find the bride and groom carvings he commissioned from her, one of which disappeared with his death. For various reasons, the wood carvings are very symbolic to Rilee.

At the same time, Rilee finds herself with a stray Boxer calling her home his home, and a mysterious, former military stranger "Stone" taking up way too much of her thoughts. Stone has his own reasons for being in Tickle Creek, and as Rilee's search for the carvings and the truth behind Ryan's death intensifies, his reasons for being there are revealed. But the deeper Rilee and Stone dig into the past and current events swirling around Tickle Creek, the more questions arise. Will they find the answers even as danger gets closer? Will Riley finally start letting go of the past to find her future?

Dead Man's Carve is fast paced, and Kym writes with good flow in a story that will keep you guessing. The mystery twists and turns, and Kym kept me intrigued. I really liked Stone and Rilee. They both have tragedy in their pasts, and they both struggle in their own ways with their present because of it. They are strong, and I like how Stone draws Rilee out and makes her start to feel again. Their relationship was just as intriguing to read about as the mystery in Dead Man's Carve, and they both grow a lot as they get to know each other.

I like that Kym writes humor into this mystery, I felt that it really helped bring the characters to life. There a lot of secondary characters, some more visible than the rest, but they all add a lot of dimension to a small town cozy mystery.

I'd recommend Dead Man's Carve to anyone looking for an entertaining mystery with relationships and character growth woven in effortlessly.

4/5 stars

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Taste of Chardonnay

In A Taste of Chardonnay (The Napa Wine Heiresses) by Heather Heyford, Chardonnay “Char” wants to be known for much more than her father’s scandals and wealth. Char has her own ambitions and believes in giving back to the community and the people. Looking to get her own charity off the ground, she has entered an elite competition where the winner will get money for their charity. A lot of money that Char desperately wants for hers. Read More

3.5/5 stars

Friday, September 26, 2014

Close To Her Heart

In Close To Her Heart (Carrigans of Circle C #3) by C.J. Carmichael, Dani has always been the responsible one.   After being the caretaker for her sisters after her mother died, and not being close to her father, she moved from Marietta, Montana to Seattle.  She is happy with her life there.  Working in the psychology department of the University of Washington keeps her busy, she has a couple of close friends, and a lover.  Unfortunately her lover Adrian is also her department head...and that is part of his excuse to keep their relationship a secret.  

When Dani ends up pregnant, she expects a lot more from Adrian than what she gets.  She is still hopeful though and wants way more from him than he is willing to give...even if part of her is hurt by his reaction.  For numerous reasons, Dani chooses to tell very few about her pregnancy.  Her two best friends and her niece, but no one else in her family.  As Dani's pregnancy progresses, she finds help and support from her friend Eliot.  As the distance between Dani and Adrian increases, she finds herself inexplicably attracted to Eliot.  At this time in her life though, Dani does not feel the attraction can be real...or lasting.  Eliot has always been secretly attracted to Dani, and he pregnancy is no deterrent.  Caring and supportive, Eliot can't stand to see how Dani is being treated by the father of her child.

Brave but scared, Dani will not ask for help, but that won't stop Eliot, who wants to take a chance with Dani and her baby.  As Dani's life as she knows it is about to change, will she take the chance on who has been in front of her the whole time?

Close To Her Heart has a dynamic plot, filled with conflict, hope, and relationships.  Dani was a bit hard to understand at times.  She is supposed to be so smart, but she lets herself be treated very poorly and I just could not figure out why.  We never really found out what was so great about Adrian that she wanted to be with him so badly.  She wants to be very independent and do everything on her own, but sometimes asking for help is a character strength...and I hoped that Dani could get there.  I felt sorry for her actually, putting up with Adrian and being kept a secret.  Dani goes through much more than this in Close To Her Heart though, and she does the best she can to cope with what comes her way.  In many ways Dani is a brave heroine, I just could not understand some of her actions.  Eliot is a caring, good friend who wants more with Dani.  Even if she's not ready for more, he is there for her.  He is patient and could be a strong shoulder for her to lean on if she let herself.  

I would consider Adrian more of a secondary character in Close To Her Heart, even with his involvement with Dani we don't see a lot of him or know a lot about him to make him remotely likable.  Another good friend is a strong secondary character, and she has issues of her own!  Dani's family is really on the periphery even though she's supposed to be close to her sisters.  C.J. brings them in more towards the end of Close To Her Heart, and I liked how this was done.

Close To Her Heart is emotional, with a lot going on, and C. J. writes an really good story even if I wasn't enthralled with Dani.  The plot line is very intriguing, waiting to see how things would work as Dani struggles to cope with everything going on.  Intense at times with good flow and easy to read, I'd recommend Close To Her Heart to women's fiction readers who like a touch of romance.

4/5 stars

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Please Me, Cowboy

In Please Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane, Gracelyn has worked hard to be far from the dead end prairie town she grew up in. Now living in the big city and working for billionaire Jonah Flint's company, she's where she thinks she wants to be. Suddenly though, a work assignment with her boss threatens to bring her back much closer than she ever planned to be to any small town in Montana.

Jonah needs a fake girlfriend. He is heading to visit his twin Jasper in Marietta, Montana and a girlfriend is just what he needs to help him with his cause. He's not just going to see Jasper, he's going to convince him he's making a huge mistake by settling in Marietta and marrying a school teacher. They both worked hard to prove themselves and be successful, and Jonah isn't about to let Jasper throw it all away. For Jonah it's all about the money - there is no room for emotion.

Gracelyn has managed to ignore her attraction to Jonah...but being in such close proximity to each other soon proves the attraction is mutual, and the chemistry is hot. It might only be a two week 'assignment', but could it turn into more? Being in Marietta brings both of their fears simmering to the surface, and they both have very different ways of dealing with things. As Gracelyn starts to seep through the cracks in Jonah's heart can he let her all the way in? Or will the realities, challenges, and feelings stirred up drive them farther apart than ever?

Please Me, Cowboy has two very strong main characters who in most ways seem very different, but underneath all the money and walls they're not. Gracelyn and Jonah both had childhoods that were not easy and have left scars. They have both worked hard to get where they are today. Jonah is very bitter, edgy, single minded and purposeful. That's who he's trained himself to be. Jonah was difficult to warm up to and he is very different from his brother Jasper. Gracelyn has also worked hard to be where she is. She also remembers where she came from and how people made her feel. Her actions on this assignment though all in the name of work also made her difficult to connect to. She knows in her heart and her mind it's not right, but she keeps it up anyway. I couldn't wait to see how Megan played this whole plot out and she didn't disappoint me. Megan magnetically drew me into their lives even if I didn't necessarily like them to begin with. Megan's descriptions of the characters are great and the dialogue flows. There is strong character development and growth that moves along well with the plot.

Jasper is a strong secondary character and I really liked the interactions between him and Jonah, and seeing such big differences in characters who were raised the exact same way. It was really interesting and the conflict and turmoil between them was easy to feel. The whole plot revolves around Jonah thinking he can control Jasper's life, and even the growth of their relationship in Please Me, Cowboy is powerful.

I loved being back in small town Marietta, especially since I have read Jasper's story (Tempt Me, Cowboy). Please Me, Cowboy can easily be read as a stand alone though. I do really hope to see Gracelyn and Jonah in future books to catch up with how they are doing.

Please Me, Cowboy is a fast paced, well written romance that will entertain you and intrigue you. I'd recommend Please Me, Cowboy to any romance reader looking for a quick read with some strong characters.

4/5 stars

Sing Me Back Home

In Sing Me Back Home by Eve Gaddy, Jack is a physician in Montana who is raising his teenager daughter alone after the death of his wife.  He's had no serious relationships since her death, nor is he actively seeking one.

Maya Parrish is Jack's former high school sweet heart who broke his teenage heart way back then.  Once a model, now running her own business, divorced, and also with a teenage daughter, when she inherits her great aunt's house in Marietta, she decides it will be the perfect place for her and her daughter.  She hasn't been looking for another relationship either, but when she runs into Jack after all these years, the attraction between them is immediate and strong.  Neither Jack or Maya have spent years pining for the other, but now that they have met up again, it is impossible to leave old feelings behind, even as the new ones are even more powerful.

Things move fairly quickly between them, sometimes it's like the years never passed.  Maya knows she wants to be with Jack, she loves him.  But is Jack ready to risk his heart again?

Sing Me Back Home is a second chance romance with characters that are believable.  I loved the maturity of Maya and Jack, their dialogue, and their passion.  I also liked the little twist Eve gives us with the hero being the reluctant one.  Jack is dealing with a lot of guilt and mixed emotions as he and Maya's relationship becomes more serious, and this made him real.  I also liked that the two of them hadn't spent years pining for each other, but had moved on and lived their lives.  This makes the sparks when they come together again unexpected and hot!

I really liked both of their daughter's characters also, and how they were woven into the plot so well.

It was another great visit to Marietta, Montana in the first novella in a new series (Montana Born Homecoming).  Sing Me Back Home is the perfect length for the story being told, and the flow is smooth.

I'd recommend Sing Me Back Home to any romance reader looking for a fast, emotional read.

4/5 stars

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Every Time I Think Of You

In Every Time I Think Of You by Tracey Garvis-Graves, Daisy has two very important people in her life. Her grandmother who raised her and her son Elliott. Daisy had always planned to move on, but circumstances kept her in her home town, a single mother living with her grandmother. She is happy though, so when tragedy strikes with her grandmother’s murder, Daisy’s life is thrown into turmoil. She also worries that the murder wasn’t as random as it appears, and she will do anything to keep her son safe. Read More

5/5 stars

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Billionaire's Suite Dreams

In The Billionaire's Suite Dreams (Sutton Capital Series #4) by Lori Ryan, P.J. is a famous singer whose life is suddenly turned upside down. Someone has stolen her journal, is making parts of it public, and is threatening her and those she loves.  Needing some down time between concerts,  when P.J.'s friend of many years Gabe offers her a sanctuary, she can't refuse.

Gabe is a billionaire hotel owner who wants to give P.J. so much more than friendship.  When he finds out she is in at risk, he needs to keep her safe.  The more time they spend together, the more obvious the attraction they have for each other is.  It is impossible to ignore, and for two people who have been friends for so long, a bit difficult to give in to.  P.J. is still keeping parts of her life secret from Gabe though, and is terrified how he will react when the whole truth comes out.  Love is a powerful force though if P.J. can believe in it and take the chance. 

At the same time, mystery and intrigue surround P.J., giving her a whole new perspective on life as the past collides with the present.

The Billionaire's Suite Dreams is a fast paced, easy to read romance with strong, believable characters.  P.J. has a big heart and cares a lot for others.  She's been hurt and had her fair share of struggles, but has worked hard to get where she is today.  Gabe is protective, all alpha man!  I can totally see him in my mind thanks to Lori's great writing and descriptions of him!  I felt that since they had known each other for years, the sudden romance and chemistry that heated up between them was realistic.

There are a lot of great secondary characters on the side lines of The Billionaire's Suite Dreams who fit well with the plot, and I like how Lori brings them in to complement the main characters.  Most of them are from previous Sutton books, but since they are in the periphery, there is no confusion or feelings of missing anything if you haven't read the other Sutton Capital books.  The Billionaire's Suite Dreams can easily be read as a stand alone.

Lori's writing style makes reading her books entertaining and it's easy to fall into the world of P.J. and Gabe.  I liked the mystery in The Billionaire's Suite Dreams, it was well balanced with the romance.

I enjoyed reading this, and ended it with a really good feeling.  I'd recommend The Billionaire's Suite Dreams to any romance reader.

4/5 stars

Mine To Have (Mine #5) by Cynthia Eden

In Mine to Have (Mine #5) by Cynthia Eden, Saxon is done with the FBI and undercover work.  Finishing up his last job before he starts his life fresh, away from the darkness, he saves Elizabeth from a sure death at the hands of a hired killer.  Huge and scary, Saxon terrifies her.  He is also the only person standing between her and a murderer - which makes the attraction she feels for him a little bit scary.

Elizabeth has no idea who would want her dead or why, and soon she finds herself on the run with Saxon.  Because someone won't stop until she's no longer alive.  Danger follows them, and Saxon can trust only one other person - his brother Victor.  Suddenly it's not only Elizabeth who is in's all of them.  Elizabeth and Saxon are brought very close together very quickly, and the chemistry between them sizzles.  She is the light in his dark world...but will they survive to have a future together, away from the darkness and danger?

Mine to Have is a fast paced, edge of your seat thrilling romantic suspense filled with all the actions that make up a great romantic suspense.  I love the characters. Cynthia's writing and descriptions bring them to life.  Cynthia made me really feel for them too, especially Saxon who is so ready to move out of the darkness.  She really pulled me into his world, and my heart went out to him.  Elizabeth is smart and brave, and I loved her mature character...even when she didn't always listen to Saxon.  She has a mind and will of her own, and she was very believable!  I like how Cynthia brings them together, the chemistry and how they just seem to be meant to be together.

The mysterious suspense is full of the unexpected and Cynthia managed to surprise me numerous times.  It is great when an author can do this, fill the pages with unpredictability, surprising and pulling you in deeper.  With heart pounding action, it was easy to become immersed in Saxon and Elizabeth's story..

The secondary characters all add a little to the story.  Some we see from other Mine books, but Mine to Have can be read as a stand alone with no difficulties.  Victor is a prominent secondary character and I do hope to get his story!

Mine to Have has great flow, is clearly written and a great book to escape into if you are looking for a lot of heat and excitement!  I'd recommend Mine to Have to any romantic suspense reader!

4/5 stars

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kiss Me, Cowboy

In Kiss Me,  Cowboy (Montana Born Rodeo #3) by Melissa McClone, Charlie has worked hard to fit in as a wrangler at the Bar V5 Dude Ranch.  She loves her job...but she also loves Zack.

Zack is former military now working as a wrangler alongside Charlie.  He's got ghosts of his own that haunt him and has no desire to be in a relationship with anyone.  No matter how much he's attracted to Charlie.  He has his 'family' on the ranch and will do anything to protect that family he's made for himself, even if it means not getting involved romantically with anyone he works with.

The one kiss Charlie gives Zack on a night he desperately needed comforting only makes her want him more.  A year has passed and she can't stop thinking about him or dreaming of being with him.  She thinks Zack is oblivious to her, but he's not.  He just knows he's not perfect, and he thinks she deserves better.  Charlie wants him anyway...

But Charlie can't go on with this, being around Zack and loving him, with him denying them a chance.  With changes at the Bar V5 happening, Charlie is going to have to make some decisions about what she wants and how long she'll wait.  Zack might have waited to long, and Charlie might be ready to move on.

Kiss Me, Cowboy is a real up and down emotional romance!  Charlie is independent, and underneath the wrangler is a cowgirl dying to get loose and be herself.  I admired Charlie for what she's done and her inner strength.  Her infatuation with Zack that lasted a whole year seems like a long time to secretly covet someone once you're all grown up...and I was glad when she finally admitted to her feelings, despite the risks to her heart she was taking.  Zack exudes strength and cowboy hotness...but he's hiding a tortured soul.  He was a bit hot and cold at times with Charlie though, which only confused her more.  I saw a lot of growth in both of these characters through out Kiss Me, Cowboy, especially in Zack.  I would love a follow up with these two!

I love the ranch setting and Melissa did a fantastic job of taking me there with her descriptive writing.  The secondary characters round out the story well without overwhelming and taking away from Charlie and Zack.

Kiss Me, Cowboy is well paced with believable characters whose world you can easily fall into.  Kiss Me, Cowboy can easily be read as a stand alone, but the previous Montana Born Rodeo books are just as enjoyable.  I'd recommend Kiss Me, Cowboy to any romance reader looking for a quick, sweet romance with a western flare!

4/5 stars

Brushing Off The Boss

In Brushing Off The Boss (Half Moon Bay #2) by Annie Seaton, Sienna is an artist who is finally so close to her dream of having her own art exhibition in a gallery she owns.  Out for a night to celebrate her birthday and excited about her future, Jack, a man she met once before through friends is suddenly there too.  He's just as hot now as he was then and Sienna decides she might not mind getting to know him better.

Her plans of seduction are soon on hold though and her dreams in danger of shattering when she finds out that Jack is the absentee owner of the gallery she's hoping to buy...and that he has no intention of selling.

Jack is finally doing what he wants to do, and the art gallery is a big part of that.  He is much more than he appears to be, although he does nothing to negate all the assumptions Sienna is making about him.  Worried about her art and her future, Sienna makes a deal with Jack that has the two of them becoming very close and sharing way more than either of them anticipated!  As they grow closer and get to know each other better, both of them will have issues to deal with and Sienna will need to decide if she can truly trust Jack...or will she Brush him off?

Brushing Off The Boss is a fast paced romance that was easy to find myself immersed in.  Although there were parts of both the hero and heroine that I didn't particularly care for, their flaws made them more realistic.  The struggles they go through make them believable.  The chemistry between them is obvious and I felt that they complemented each other well, even if they had a hard time seeing it.  They were a fun couple to get to know.  Sienna was much more open than Jack was, and I was interested to see what she'd do and think when he finally told her everything.

I loved the small town setting of Brushing Off The Boss, and especially the art gallery.  Annie's descriptions of all of this are excellent!

The unexpected turns in the plot that Annie weaves in really added to Brushing Off The Boss, and I liked how she did this in such a smooth, well written way.  

Brushing Off The Boss is the second book in the Half Moon Bay series but can definitely be read as a stand alone.  Entertaining and emotional, I'd recommend Brushing Off The Boss to any romance reader looking for a great escape!

4/5 stars

Release date September 15, 2015 - purchase from Amazon

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Barefoot In Lace

In Barefoot In Lace (The Barefoot Bay Brides Trilogy #2) by Roxanne St. Claire, you will go from Mimosa Key to France and back on a captivating journey of love, acceptance and family.

Gussie is a destination wedding planner in Barefoot Bay along with her two friends.  She is strong and independent, but has her own heart ache and sorrows.  She has, in own unique way, moved on and is happy with her life right now.  A chance encounter in a convenience store with famous photographer T.J. "Tom" DeMille will soon have her going places she's never dreamed of...physically and emotionally.

Tom finds himself in Mimosa Key, guardian to his niece Alex after his sister's sudden death.  A niece he doesn't really know, and he is struggling.  That chance meeting with Gussie soon not only has him taking wedding photos, but has Gussie helping him with his niece.  The attraction they feel for each other is definitely mutual, but Tom has never been a settler.  His motto is "Alone Always".  Even now with his niece it's difficult for him to even imagine living in one place.  Not at all what Gussie is looking for, but sometimes the heart just knows what is right.

When his work unexpectedly takes the three of them on an adventure, the attraction between Gussie and Tom only intensifies.  Tom has lost so much he's scared to love again, even if Gussie is cracking the walls surrounding his heart.  Gussie wasn't looking for love or family, but it found her - if only Tom could take the chance.  

Barefoot In Lace is a powerful, enchanting story!  I loved Gussie, she is so good for Tom, even if he can't fully recognize it.  She's very open with him, and this is so refreshing in a love story.  Tom is more closed about unresolved issues in his life, but Gussie is patient and doesn't push him.  And she doesn't pull away from him when she knows he's keeping things deep inside.  He is very open about who he is and his life style, and doesn't have the need to apologize for it.  I love mature characters who don't feel the need to play games with each other in a relationship.  They have great chemistry that shines through and kept me hoping that Tom would take the risk of love again.  I really like how Roxanne takes this relationship and makes it realistic with the ups and downs and uncertainty.

There are a lot of secondary characters who only add more to Barefoot In Lace, and Alex is a strong secondary character with struggles of her own that will pull you in and make you want to reach out to her.

Roxanne's descriptions are amazing and vivid, so that I could feel the sand between my toes and be on the streets of France.

Barefoot In Lace is filled with emotions, and Roxanne expertly drew me in with her well paced writing.  Barefoot In Lace took me on the best journey with characters and feelings I won't be able to forget.

I'd highly recommend Barefoot In Lace to any romance reader it can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend Barefoot In White also).  You will lose a little piece of your heart to Gussie, Tom and Alex!

5/5 stars!

Purchase from Amazon

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Her Last Whisper

In Her Last Whisper (Dr. Charlotte Stone #3) by Karen Robards, Dr. Charlotte Stone "Charlie" is a psychologist who studies serial killers. That's not all she does though...she also sees dead people. Not just any dead person, but the ghosts of people who have died a violent death. There is one particular ghost who has attached himself to Charlie. Michael was on death row when he was killed in prison. Now he's a ghost who can't leave Charlie alone, and who Charlie does not necessarily want to see disappear into "Spookville". They have somehow built a relationship, and Charlie is doing what she can to help Michael stay earth bound...despite the risks and danger.

Charlie has her own history with serial killers, and has worked with the FBI on serial killer cases. Despite the toll it is taking on her physically and emotionally, Charlie can't say no when she's approached again to help. This time there might be a serial killer in Las Vegas. Last time Charlie helped she almost besides the ghosts she can hear voices no one else, not even Michael can. Now she heads to Vegas, Michael right beside her, with the FBI to try to solve another case. As she gets deeper into the case, the danger also increases...not only from a serial killer, but from the possibility of losing Michael forever.

I really enjoyed this third Dr. Charlotte Stone book! I would recommend reading the first two before this one so that you have a clear idea of the plot line. 

I fell for Michael from the start, hoping against hope he could somehow find his way to stay earth bound in this paranormal thrilling series. I love that with each book the mystery of Michael continues, but at the same time, little pieces are revealed that give an even clearer picture of his character. There are still many unanswered questions I hope will eventually be answered. Charlie is dedicated, independent, and her feelings for Michael are very much real and earthly. The feelings she has are relate-able, putting aside the paranormal aspect. I love the relationship between Charlie and times entertaining, romantic, and suspenseful. Karen writes well, and really gives a strong sense of connection between the characters. There is also a living man, Tony, who is vying for Charlie's attention, and he has no idea about Michael.

Her Last Whisper is creepy at times, and Karen manages to make the hairs on my arms stand up! It is a fast paced, well written book that held my interest throughout. Karen manages to expertly weave the serial killer mystery and the relationship between Charlie and Michael together, and kept me on the edge of my seat. With lots of twists and unexpected turns, I liked how Karen ended Her Last Whisper. I was satisfied, but there are new questions and enough unresolved issues that I am really looking forward to Charlie's next book. I'd recommend Her Last Whisper to any paranormal romantic suspense lover. 

4/5 stars

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nobody's Cowboy

In Nobody's Cowboy by Debra Salonen, after scandal and controversy put Austen's political and law career in jeopardy, he leaves Helena and comes home to Marietta, Montana.  Flying Z ranch is his ranch, a working ranch, but he's never spent much time there.  Now he's testing his footing as a cowboy...even if Nobody believes he can leave his life in Helena behind for good to be one.

Serena hopes she's left her own problems far behind her, and she's leased Austen's brother's ranch where her life is her herd of alpacas, a couple of llama's, and her dog.  She's put her love life on hold and is focused on her business with her animals.

When Austen appears over her fence one day, she sees a man very easy on the eyes, but too pretty to be a cowboy.  Something about Serena intrigues Austen, even if she's not his usual type of woman.  One minute he's lost, the next minute he's helping Serena with her animals.  Looking at Austen brings all of Serena's good parts to life...and the attraction is mutual.  Serena likes sex and misses it, and maybe a roll in the hay with her hot neighbor is just what she needs.

They get that and much more as they spend more and more time together, getting to know each other, and really enjoy being together.  Their bond grows stronger and even if no one expects him to stay, Serena finds herself hoping in her heart he will.  When his life in Helena intrudes on his life in Marietta, Austen will have to make some big decisions.  Should he be doing what's expected of him, or should he follow his own instincts and heart?

Nobody's Cowboy is a fast paced, fun romantic read.  Debra writes so smoothly and really brings her characters to life.  I loved Serena.  She is independent and brave, she speaks her mind, and she knows what she wants.  I love that she is not intimidated by Austen's interfering family, and neither is she deterred by them.  She thinks because of her upbringing she's different - I think she's great!  Austen is at a turning point in his life, and only he can decide what is right for him.  I liked his relationship with his family, but I found them to be way to interfering in a grown man's life!

I really liked how Austen and Serena were together, they are mature and honest with one another.  Neither of them is making demands of the other, instead they are accepting of each other and their lives.

I liked catching up with some of the secondary characters who I've seen in other Montana Born books, but Nobody's Cowboy stands strongly on it's own.

I'd recommend this entertaining, heart filling romance to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's In His Kiss

In It's In His Kiss (Lucky Harbor #10) by Jill Shalvis, Becca has always carried a lot of responsibility.  Now this city girl who writes jingles for commercials is finally getting away, and she's taking it one day at a time.  Becca ends up in Lucky Harbor and decides to stay for a while.  She's ready to try new things and have more fun!

Becca ends up renting a place to live in a converted warehouse...right beside Sam's warehouse where he builds boats.  Sam also has a business with his friends, he surfs, and he is one sexy man!  Becca is mesmerized from the moment she first sees him, and is not above doing a little peeping through her curtains.  There is a sizzling connection between Sam and Becca, and after one night with him, Becca would like more.  But when Sam hires her for his business, he is determined not to mix business with pleasure.  Becca is not quite as determined...

In different ways, neither of them has had an easy childhood.  They each have pasts they've grown from but still struggle with.  Neither is looking for forever, but the lure of small town Lucky Harbor makes Becca want to stay.  When everything Becca is escaping from finds her, she will have to decide where her future is.  And will Sam be part of it?

I loved being back in Lucky Harbor!  Jill writes small towns and romance so believably.  Becca and Sam are both realistic, mature characters whose opposites complement each other very well.  I love the laid back, fun, spontaneous Becca that Jill introduces us to.  I like that the focus is on who she is now and what she's doing now.  Jill gives us enough background to get to know Becca very well without clogging up the present day plot with her past.  Becca seemed to grow and become stronger with each page read.  Sam is easy to picture in my mind thanks to Jill's (and Becca's!) descriptions.  He's serious, focused and dependable.  He obviously cares a lot for Becca and demonstrates it well even if he can't say the words.  I like how Jill weaves his relationship with his father in, because this is very much part of Sam's present.  Once again not overwhelming, but a necessary part of the plot, giving another aspect to the characters in It's In His Kiss.

Of course there are some secondary characters we've seen before in the Lucky Harbor series, and I loved seeing them again.  (Especially Lucille and her antics!)  I loved the interactions and relationship between Sam and his friends, they add a lot of fun to It's In His Kiss!  

Jill writes entertaining, well paced romance that sizzles at times and makes my heart feel good all the time.  I was hooked from the first page, and I couldn't wait to see how Becca and Sam would end up.

Although part of the Lucky Harbor series, It's In His Kiss can easily be read as a stand alone (although I do recommend the whole series because it is so good!).  With laughter, love, and dreams, I'd recommend It's In His Kiss to any romance reader.

4/5 stars

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No Hero

In No Hero by Mallory Kane, Reghan Connor is a reporter who has never gotten over her feelings of abandonment after her father left her mother.  She is jaded, doesn't believe in hero's or that people can live up to expectations.  She believes the public have the right to know, no matter what.  Especially regarding Detective Dev Gautier - the man whose life she almost ruined by exposing a past he's worked hard to escape.  She had "...ripped open the secrets of his past and torn a hole in his life."

In many people's eyes, Dev is a hero.  Besides being a detective, he runs the Thibaud Johnson Center for Homeless Teens - a tribute to the man who saved him.  The unthinkable is happening though - someone is killing Dev's kids.  And Reghan might hold the clues that will help figure out who and why.  Reluctantly they must work together to unravel the puzzle - before Dev becomes a target also.   Spending time together also proves to them both the attraction they once had is still there and just as strong.  As Reghan starts to understand a lot more about Dev and acknowledge mistakes made, will it be too late in more ways than one for them to start again?

No Hero is fast paced and suspenseful with great characters and underlying tension.  Although I did not particularly like Reghan, she was a strong character who Mallory does a great job with.  I liked that even though Reghan had her beliefs about Dev, she is mature enough to do the right thing when she realizes she might have useful information for him.  Reghan grew tremendously in No Hero, and her character evolvement was captivating.  I liked Dev from the start.  There was nothing not to like about this hot detective!  Mallory really made me care about Dev - his present and his past.  With her writing I felt like I knew him.  He is a powerful character with strong beliefs and values.  I liked that he was able for the most part put aside what Reghan had done and focus on the present.  The chemistry between Reghan and Dev is just as steamy as the mystery is frightening!

The relationship between Dev and Reghan is a strong part of No Hero, interwoven well into the mysterious suspense.  They balance each other and both are important parts of the plot.  Mallory carries the story along well, and kept me guessing not only about the mystery of the killings, but how the relationship between Dev and Reghan cold possibly work out.

There are a lot of secondary characters in No Hero, some who will surprise you.  They all have something to add to No Hero.

With suspense, romance and heat, I'd recommend No Hero to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

Tease Me, Cowboy

In Tease Me, Cowboy by Rachel Johns, journalist Selah is back in Marietta to cover the Copper Mountain Rodeo and catch up with her friends.  On a night out with the girls talking about their big regret, Selah confesses her regrets about her high school relationship with Levi.  He wanted what she wasn't ready to give...and Selah had big plans.  Selah has done well for herself, even if her career is satisfying but not challenging, and not one many people take seriously.

Levi is back in Marietta also.  This will be his last rodeo before he retires, and he's got plans of his own now.  Getting together with Selah was not part of his plan, but she's going to try to convince him otherwise.  Even if it is just for one night.  Will Levi indulge in their mutual attraction?  Neither one of them is looking for forever, but seeing each other again has brought back all the old feelings.  Coming home to Marietta gives them both a chance to re-evaluate their lives and where they want to go.   Will it be together?

Tease Me, Cowboy is a fun, fast paced second chance romance.  I loved the connection that Levi and Selah have, and the attraction is palpable.  Selah is mature, knows what she wants, and is going to go for it!  Selah has some issues of her own, between family and her career.  Adding a hot cowboy to the mix is not what she expected to be doing in Marietta, and I liked how all parts of Selah smoothly fused together.  Levi has grown a lot since his high school days, and in different ways he's still looking for more than Selah might be able to give.  I really like the maturity of these characters and how they deal with what's happening.

It was great to revisit Marietta and see some of the characters from previous books.  I love the small town feel and the rodeo.  Rachel's descriptions easily transported me to a place I'd love to be.

Rich with emotions and entertaining, I'd recommend Tease Me, Cowboy to any romance reader looking for a quick, well written book.

4/5 stars

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lines In The Sand

In Lines In  The Sand (An Indigo Island Romance) by Kaira Rouda, Dorsey is starting fresh with a new place to live and  new job.  She's going to make new, happy memories and prove she can make it on he own.  Dorsey gets a job at Melrose Inn on Indigo Island as the kids club leader.

Jack has big plans.  He is also at Melrose Inn on Indigo Island, hoping to start his new career in management there.  Jack needs this job.  For the summer he's a lifeguard, but has been promised a management job at the top club after the summer.  

Jack and Dorsey are both escaping their pasts, trying to move forward.  When they meet, Dorey can feel the electricity between them as much as Jack can feel the immediate attraction.  All the ladies want Jack, but it's Dorsey Jack wants.  Despite a no dating rule between employees at Melrose Inn, Jack and Dorsey soon can't help themselves.  They try to keep things between them quiet, but their boss Steve seems to see everything.  He also wants to be in charge of everything and everyone.  Neither Jack nor Dorsey realize just what Steve can be capable of...  

With past secrets and mysteries, will Jack and Dorsey be able to keep their dream jobs and each other?  Or will they have to choose?

Lines In The Sand is a unique summer read.  Kaira's descriptivism of Indigo Island and the ocean will take you there!  Jack and Dorsey are characters who are still maturing.  Their relationship and interactions demonstrate this well, and their growth is obvious as Lines In The Sand progresses.  Their story is fun and I love the setting.  The sub plots added some mystery and I loved how Kaira brought in the island culture that is outside of the Inn.  Kaira also draw out the mystery of Jack and Dorsey's back grounds enough to keep you very interested and draw you into their lives as they struggle to overcome their pasts.  The secondary characters are really catchy and well written into Lines In The Sand.  There are a few of them I really looked forward to seeing, and I was very interested to find out what Steve was up to!

With a touch of mystery and lots of romance and conflict, I'd recommend Lines In The Sand to romance readers looking for a saucy romantic read.

3.5 stars