Saturday, June 22, 2013

In Your Room or Mine? by Charlotte Phillips, Izzy Shaw is trying to get over her break up with her boyfriend. She thought they would have a happily ever after, but apparently she was the only one! When she finds out he’s been cheating, her confidence is shattered. To ‘reinvent’ herself, she decides not to cancel the romantic hotel stay they’d planned and instead goes alone. Izzy’s intention is to relax, go to the spa, shop, etc. But then she meets Oliver, the handsome stranger in the lobby. When she feels the passion between her and Oliver, Izzy goes out of her usual character and has a sizzling one night stand with him! Of course she had to set the ground rules first…one night only, no getting to know each other, no follow up.Read More

In You’re the One by Robin Kaye Bad Boys of Red Hook (Book 2), Logan is back in Red Hook to help run the bar while his foster father Pop recovers from a heart attack and bypass surgery. He doesn’t expect to be in Red Hook long, before heading back to Napa and the successful vineyard owned by his fiancee’s family.

Skye is escaping from her well known family, looking to make her own way when she ends up in Red Hook. As the fates would have it, the chef at Logan’s family’s bar/restaurant has just quit, and Skye is a chef. With no one else able to take on the job, Logan hires Skye, with no clue who she is. Skye is determined to make a name for herself without her family connection.Read More

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