Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Island Road

In the final Billionaire novella, "Miles Harrington stared at his two younger brothers and wondered where the hell he went wrong. Although, come to think of it, Miles knew the exact spot where his family had collectively lost its mind. Sanctuary Island."

We are back on Sanctuary Island, where Miles has flown from New York to talk sense into his younger brother and stop him from marrying Penny. Miles is convinced Penny must be after Dylan for his money. Up until now, Dylan has been a stereotypical rich matter how hard Miles has tried to bring out the responsible side in Dylan. Now that Dylan has found where he wants to be and with who, Miles is convinced he is making a huge mistake.

Since the death of their parents, all of the Harrington brothers have felt a bit lost...and they have each reacted differently to life as they grew into adults without their parents. Matt suffers from incredible guilt about leaving Dylan with their grandparents while he went off to college, and he has been determined to make up for that, whether or not Dylan holds it against him. Miles is all business, working hard to maintain the family business, and he has no time or inclination for relationships. He doesn't even seem to understand them!

When he gets to Sanctuary Island though, he meets his match in well as the magic of the island. Greta is Penny's best friend and she is determined not to let Miles ruin Penny's happiness and the upcoming wedding. She is definitely no impressed with the take charge, my way or the highway Miles! Both Miles and Greta are determined though. Greta is determined to make Miles realize Penny and Dylan are truly in love and Penny is not a gold digger. Miles wants to figure out a way to use Greta and Penny's friendship to find out the truth about Penny. 

In the span of a few days, Penny and Miles spend a lot of time together, revealing confidences and getting to know each other. Miles helps Greta overcome her insecurities and fear of leaving Sanctuary Island, and Greta teaches Miles how to have fun again. They have an unforgettable time together...but neither of them expects to fall in love. When Greta accidentally sees emails and texts meant for Miles, her trust in him is shattered and her heart is broken. Can Miles convince her he is a changed man and that he really does love her? Do they have a chance at a future together? "From here on out, Miles would be honest and open with her. He wanted a relationship, a future, a chance to make Greta fall in love with him for real." Can Greta take a chance on Miles?

I loved this conclusion to the Billionaire Brothers trilogy! Miles and Greta are both strong people, trying desperately to protect the people they love. They are opposites, but complement each other in so many ways. Greta is able to make Miles trust in love and open himself up to her as well as his brothers. He is finally able to start coming to terms with the grief and guilt still engulfing him after his parent's deaths, and finally really talk to his brothers. Greta makes Miles see his world does not have to be all work and no play! She opens his eyes to love and he realizes just what good thing Dylan might have on Sanctuary Island. Miles fell hard and fast for Greta, and he was as good for her as she was for him. He does a wonderful, romantic thing for her, helping her see there is a whole world to be explored outside of Sanctuary Island, and it's ok for her to follow her dreams. Despite his doubts about love at first sight, it's definitely happening!

I am one of those believers in love at first sight...sometimes things do move whirl wind fast! I'd recommend this whole series to anyone looking for sweet, fun romance with some great surprises thrown in!

5/5 stars!

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