Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Summer Cottage

First of all I have to say that I love that these connected novella's come out a week apart!!

In The Summer Cottage we meet Logan Harrington, the middle Harrington brother. He is very business driven, and focused on his work at the family business. So much so that he does't take care of himself and when he collapses during a business meeting, his assistant Jessica whisks him off to Sanctuary Island for rest, relaxation and recovery.

Logan has no desire to be bossed around by the beautiful Jessica who never talks about herself. She is a big mystery to Logan and he finds himself drawn to her more and more during their imposed exile. Jessica feels more than she wants to admit for Logan, having her own past hurts. When things heat up physically and emotionally between Logan and Jessica, can they keep what happens on the island on the island despite their agreement? Sometimes love has it's own plan, and Jessica and Logan will have to decide if that's what they have after all...

I loved this second novella about the Harrington brothers! Lily gives us a quick read that will take you to the heart of the story, and make you feel for the characters, their experiences and how those experiences have affected who they are today.

I highly recommend this! Can't wait for the next novella and then Lily's novel Sanctuary Island! :)

4/5 stars

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