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Blaze gives us 8 short love stories.  I love how the stories all slightly intertwine with the characters and they are all set in Coombethwaite, England.  We catch the odd glimpse of a character from another story in Blaze, but at the same time the stories can all stand alone.  The title "Blaze" is so appropriate because every story features a hot firefighter from Coombethwaite!!  All the better!

Memory's Flame by Maya Blake...Ellie is back in Coombethwaite for her Grandpa's funeral, to sell his house, and get out again as quickly as she can.  Until she runs into Jake...the love she left with no explanation when she ran off from Coombethwaite all those years ago. Jake has never gotten over Ellie, no woman can measure up to her, and he's determined to get some answers from her before she runs off again!  But it's more than answers Jake is hoping for, and the heat between them is still sizzling.  Can Ellie can stick around long enough to give them another chance?

The Fire Inside by Romy Sommer...Ryan is in Coombethwaite from London for a friend's wedding when he meets Sam.  Sam is a firefighter, and all the guys on her team see her as just one of the guys.  Ryan definitley sees the woman in her, and definitely wants to know her better!  Will Sam find the courage to follow her dreams, and maybe Ryan?

A Smouldering Attraction by Suzanna Ross...Shelley and Harrison have both sworn off the opposite sex and relationships.  They are definitely attracted to each other, but it isn't until fire fighter Harrison is injured on the job that Shelley realizes he just might be worth the risk.

Locked into Love by Catherine Coles...Cassie and Ben were childhood sweethearts until Ben took it upon himself to decide Cassie would never follow her dreams if he was around, and he wasn't going anywhere, so in his mind he 'sent her off to follow a dream'.  In Cassie's mind he broke her heart.  Now Cassie is back, being rescued by Ben, and maybe following a new dream...

Hot, Bothered and Bewitched by Kat French...Seraphine is the new vet in town.  She's also Wiccan, it's Hallowe'en and her birthday.   She's hoping for a fresh start in Coombethwaite, where no one knows her family history and she won't be judged.  Just as Seraphine is lighting the candles for her love spell, there is a knock on the hot fire fighter complete with black cat.  Has fate finally knocked for Seraphine as the sparks fly between Seraphine and Isaac?

Lighting Love's Spark by Sally Clements...Annabel, a teacher doesn't trust men with her heart after her last relationship ended in disaster.  She's also new to Coombethwaite, hoping for a new start in life.  When she meets her student Chloe's father Daniel though, she might just have to reassess her views on men.  Who can resist a fire fighter in uniform and his sweet daughter?  Daniel's other self might be the final pull to lure her in too!

Worth the Risk by Tara Pammi...After leaving Coombethwaite and cutting off ties with her best friend Marcus, baker Annie is back for good this time.  She's always secretly loved Marcus, now will be the time to see if he can feel the same way about her  - if he can forgive her for leaving in the first place.  Will her revalations push Marcus away or bring love into their lives?

A Kindling Romance by Lorraine Wilson...finally in Blaze we meet Polly and Drew who meet each other in the most unconventional way!  She's new to Coombethwaite and Drew is happy to come to her rescue in more ways than one!  You will laugh a lot with this short romance!!  Will Polly find what she's searching for in Coombethwaite?

As I mentioned, I really enjoyed all of these short romances.  Sometimes you're just in the mood for a quick romance that is just that!  Blaze gives us lots of love at first sight, heat and laughs!  All of the characters were so well described and easy to well as some of the secondary characters that we saw in more than one story.  I highly recommend Blaze for any romance reader!

5/5 stars

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