Friday, August 30, 2013

Can't Let Go

Can't Let Go by Jessica Lemmon introduces us to Aiden and Sadie.  The meet at a nightclub, and that night go back to Sadie's home together.  But the night doesn't end as one would expect as Aiden and Sadie instead bare their soul's to each other instead of their bodies.

Sadie is a one date kind of woman, but Aiden is very intrigued by her.  When he asks her to go out again, Sadie surprises even herself by saying yes.  After a disasterious ending engagement, Sadie trust no one but herself.  She wants to be the one in control, even though she is drawn to Aiden.  Aiden shakes her control, making her feel more than she wants to for someone she just met.  "Sadie didn't want to feel this kind of attachment to anyone.  She didn't want to worry whenever he was late, or whenever he was out on his bike and the weather turned.  She didn't want to care this much, dammit."

In a matter of days, Aiden and Sadie fall hard for each other.  But Aiden can only let himself get so close to Sadie.  He is hiding things from his family, and for now must hide Sadie from them too.  Sadie seems to have more issues than a broken engagement, but in the span of a short novella we aren't privy to these.  And if Aiden can't be honest with his family, can he be honest with Sadie?  He might end up giving up the best thing he's had in a long time, even though he just found her.

Can't Let Go is an introduction to Hard To Handle, a full length novel that will come out soon (I hope!) where I'm hoping we'll delve deeper into Aiden and Sadie's relationship.  Crickett and Shane are there briefly, from Tempting the Billionaire, and it looks like we might see more of them in Hard to Handle too.  I liked both Aiden and Sadie, even though Aiden especially frustrated me because of his lack of honestly with his family which can only result in hurt for Sadie.  No matter what his reasons, I felt like he should have been as honest with them as he was with Sadie.  I felt like I got a good grasp on their personalities from this novella.

Jessica Lemmon gives us a quick read with Can't Let Go, I like the feel of it and how it ties into the other books.  There's a little bit of sexual tension, lots of humor, and love at first sight (which I totally believe in by the way!).  It is not a stand alone novella, and I feel like it ended too abruptly, even for a cliffhanger.  I will definitely be reading Hard to Handle as soon as it comes out!

3.5 stars/5 stars

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