Thursday, August 8, 2013

Perfect Fling

Perfect Fling by Carly Phillips takes us back to Serendipity and everyone we know there! This time, in a moment of loneliness and a need to be close to someone, good girl Erin has a one night stand with Cole.

Cole is back in town, on his down time between jobs. The kind of jobs no one talks about, and very few know about. He is not looking for any kind of relationship, he doesn’t feel he’ll be good for anyone, especially someone like Erin. He has a lot of emotional baggage from the past, not to mention his under cover work, so he’s definitely not planning to stick around. Erin and Cole go their separate ways after their hot night together – well, as much as you can in Serendipity! When they do PFrun into each other, Cole is careful not to get too close to Erin and send her the wrong message. No matter how sweet she is, no matter how great the sex was, it was a one night stand. To most of Serendipity, including his father, Cole is still a bad boy, never outliving his rebellious teen reputation. Few people will actually talk to him…but Erin can see the walls he’s erected and what lays behind them.Read More

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