Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Falling for the Backup

Jordan is struggling to maintain his hockey career after an injury that left him out long enough to lose his spot as starting goalie. He is good enough to not just be a back up goalie, but that's the position he's been in for too long. Now he's looking to find another team who will use him as their starting goal. Even though he loves playing for his team, he knows to be happy and fulfilled he's going to have to move on. Just where and to who he's having trouble finding. His girlfriend left him when he was injured, and even though he's moved on from that hurt, he's not ready to start a relationship with anyone right now while his career is so unknown.

Aynslee would love to have a happily ever after, she just hasn't found the right guy yet! When she has to cut short her duty as bridesmaid to a neice's wedding, she is happy to leave those reminders there and head home, even if it is only with the bridesmaid dress on her back! She sure wasn't expecting to have the hottest guy ever sitting next to her on the plane home, let alone spill coffee all over her only piece of clothing! But spilled coffee brings conversation and sparks that might otherwise have not been acknowledged. Aynslee and Jordan both feel the heat between them, but neither makes a move on it and they separate at the airport much to Aynslee's distress! Aynslee is sure he felt something between them too and can't understand why he just left! Sometimes fate works in mysterious ways though, and a couple of chance encounters later Jordan and Aynslee are finally able to light the fire between them.

They fit so well together and like each other so much! But Jordan doesn't know where his career is heading, or where he'll be living next. He feels a lot for Aynslee, but he can't ask her to give up her job and friends to follow him on his career path...or can he? Would Aynslee even be willing to consider it?

Falling for the Backup is a fast paced, quickly read sexy romance. I liked both of the characters, Aynslee is so fun and honest. Jordan isn't really ready to open himself up to another romance, but once he meets Aynslee he finds it impossible not to! I did find them to be a bit immature for people close to 30 years old. Neither of them talked about where their relationship was going...both of them knew that Jordan would in all likely hood have to move, but they didn't talk much about that either and what that would mean to them. They both made a lot of assumptions that I think most people that age would be way past. That was the only thing I didn't really like, the lack of maturity (or what I felt was anyway) towards relationships.

Toni gives us a hot novella with Falling for the Backup...with all the chemistry these two have how can they not find a way to stay together?

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