Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For Love or Vengenace

 For Love or Vengeance by Caridad Pineiro, FBI Special Agent Helene is actually the goddess Nemesis.  She is on earth with one mission - to exact justice.  Helene is happy to do this - especially if it means she can escape the abuse of her father Zeus, god of Olympus.  Failure is not an option for Helene - if she fails, her time on earth as a goddess will come to an end.

When Helene is reassigned to a different office and city of the FBI, her reputation precedes her.  For Helene, things are black and white and serving justice is the only option.  She is seen as cold and calculating, with no hesitation to take down a perpetrator.  She is also gorgeous and smart, and despite her immortality, she hides a lot of hurt on the inside.  Helene is partnered with Miguel, who is also a reassigned FBI agent.  Miguel has had his share of struggles, and he is definitely all mortal!  As soon as he sees Helene he is fascinated and drawn to her...but once they are partnered he convinces himself he can maintain a strictly professional relationship with her.  That will prove to be a very difficult thing to do when they're together for hours at a time for days on end as they hunt for a serial killer...hoping to catch him before anyone else is killed. 

Helene is just as attracted to Miguel...even though she does not have intimate relationships with humans!  What starts out as a release for her soon could turn into much more if she's not careful.  She's starting to feel things she's never felt as a goddess before, things she doesn't think she should be feeling for someone who she can't be with.  As awed by Helene as he is, Miguel does notice some oddities about Helene, her social skills are lacking and her drive for 'justice' is almost frightening.  He is wary of working with Helene, especially when it starts looking like she's more out for vengeance than justice.  But the passion between them cannot be denied...nor should it!  With both of them fighting their growing feelings and seeing life through such different eyes, can they stay focused on the case and catch a killer before it's too late?  Can they accept the differences between them?

Will Miguel and Helene be able to have any kind of relationship?  How does one tell a lover that you really are a goddess?  Most importantly, will justice be served or will Helene's time as a goddess on earth end?

For Love or Vengeance takes us on quite a romantic journey!  I really liked the interactions between Miguel and Helene...they were so different but worked so well together.  It was really fun to watch Helene try to become more thoughtful of others...more 'human' like. There is something about Miguel that really makes her want to be that way.  The way they struggled with the inevitable and then finally came together was so realistic of a lot of couples!  I was really intrigued to keep reading, wondering where Caridad would go with a seemingly impossible relationship.  Because Helene had such a black and white out look on life, she really does help Miguel put a lot of things in perspective too.  Despite their differences, they bring out a lot of good in each other and really make the other think about things. I really enjoyed both of these characters!

There were a few secondary characters I'd love to read more about who added just the right amount of flavor to For Love or Vengeance and had you wondering what was up with them!  I'm hoping to see more of them in the future books of this series (which I will definitely be reading!)

I loved everything about For Love or Vengeance!  I really enjoy a bit of paranormal in romance, and Caridad gives us a perfect blend of both!  I really liked the mix of mythology in the modern world.  I haven't done much reading about gods and goddesses, so this was a wonderful new adventure for me!  This is the first book I've read by Caridad, and it definitely won't be the last!  I highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance, paranormal and suspense all woven together in a riveting book!

5/5 stars


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments and taking the time to review the book!