Sunday, October 27, 2013

Her Rocky Mountain Guardian

In Her Rocky Mountain Guardian by Margery Scott, Jennie wakes up in a hospital after a car accident in Eagle Ridge with complete amnesia.  She has no idea who she is, what she was doing, or who this handsome man is at her bedside.

Brae is the fiance Jennie left behind 4 years ago when she fled Eagle Ridge with no explanation.  Brae thought she loved him, and he was picking up the pieces for a long time after she left.  Now she is back, rescued by Brae from the icy confines of her car...but she doesn't know why she's back.  It soon becomes obvious that someone is after Jennie...and with no memory and no place to go, Brae offers to let her stay in the guest room at the ranch house he shares with his sister (who used to be Jennie's best friend before she ran off).  As the town sheriff, Brae is determined to protect her.  As her former fiance, he still has a lot of feelings for Jennie.  Jennie can't remember Brae, but her body seems to!

There are so many unanswered questions for both Brae and Jennie as they explore the feelings they have for each other.  There is also still danger...someone is determined to get what he thinks Jennie has at any cost.

Will the stalker be found before he gets to Jennie again?  Will she remember what she was running from in time?  

I never really did understand Jennie and why she left like she did.  Her explanation didn't really cut it for me, but Brae was ok with it and in the end that's what matters!  I would have liked more detail about what went on in her life after she left to lead her to what was happening today.  I felt like there were a lot of loose ends where Jennie was concerned.  Brae is a very forgiving man if he's willing to risk his heart on Jennie again!  Will Brae and Jennie pick up where they left off?  Can they?  When Jennie's memory eventually returns - what then?  Will she be ready to run away again, leaving Brae and Eagle Ridge yet again with no looking back?

I really liked the general plot of Her Rocky Mountain Guardian, from the setting to the characters.  Margery gives us a fast paced, fun to read romantic suspense.  It was easy to pick this book up and get lost in it...trying to figure everything out as Jennie tries to remember her life!  I would have been happy to have the story longer if we could have had more details and depth to the characters, especially Jennie.

I would recommend this to any romantic suspense reader.

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