Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mine to Hold

In Mine to Hold, the third book in the Mine series, by Cynthia Eden, Claire has been looking over her shoulder, scared, and running from her past for years.  As a 16 year old, her obssessed, ex boyfriend killed her parents then tried to kill her.  Even though he's been in jail since, his father has never forgiven Claire, claiming the killings were actually her fault and she'd ruined his son's life.  No the father, a former senator, will stop at nothing to ruin Claire's life.

When Claire, who trusts no one, needs help and a job, she turns to Noah.  We met Noah in Mine to Keep...he is a powerful man with a lot of dark secrets he keeps well hidden.  As much as a times he makes Claire nervous, she is drawn to him and feeling things she hasn't felt in years.  Noah is not a man who keeps a woman.  But with Claire, even before they get very far, he knows she is different.  She is more.  He wants her like he's wanted nothing before.

Noah gives Claire a job, but he also gives Claire himself and the protection he can offer.  He will do anything to keep Claire safe.  Noah carries with him issues from his past...a trauma in his childhood has scarred him emotionally.  Claire is obviously still traumatized and running scared.  When she can no longer run, will Noah be enough to protect her?  Will Noah be enough for her?  Or will the darkness that they both feel inside themselves and each scare Claire more than the idea of being with Noah?

As the danger gets closer and the mystery is no closer to being solved, Claire is tempted to run again...but it might be too late.

I loved this third book in the series by Cynthia Eden!!  Mine To Hold gives us very fast paced, thrilling romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Claire and Noah are both people that you can really feel for, hope for, and like.  They are both strong, Claire is much stronger than she even thinks sometimes.  As much as Noah is a protector, so in a way is Claire.  She feels badly that anyone might get hurt, or even killed, because of the people after her, that she wants to just leave Noah.  I admit to finding this a very annoying characteristic though, she is not the owner of the problems, it is the person creating the problems that owns them, and I really wanted her to see this.  But Claire has lived with this for so long now, it's second nature to her.

Cynthia gives us a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and lots of sizzle in Mine to Hold.  She gives us lots of plot twists, you think you know, then you don't, then wow, surprise!  I really like how Cynthia brings in the characters from the other Mine books, especially Trace, Skye, and Drake.  I would love to know a lot more about Drake, he is a very powerful presence in Mine to Hold.

I'd highly recommend this book and the series to any romantic suspense reader, Cynthia brings all the elements of a romantic suspense together in a story that you will love!

5/5 stars

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