Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mine to Keep

Mine to Keep by Cynthia Eden is book 2 in the Mine series.  In Mine to Keep we continue with Skye and Trace's story.  Skye and Trace have found each other again after 10 years apart.  They have a stong, unique bond that started when they first met in foster care.  They have both always cared deeply for the other, despite the separation.

Trace has taken Skye to a private tropical island as she tries to recover from being stalked, atacked, and being taken captive.  Now that he has Skye with him again, Trace has no intention of letting her go.  He will do anything to protect her.  Back in their 'real' world, Skye is moving in with Trace, and is putting a ring on her finger.  But he is still keeping so much of himself and his past from her, something Skye is not happy about.  She wants to know all of him, to love all of him.  Trace worries his dark side will drive her away.

When happenings from Trace's past catch up to them both and the one person he loves more than anyone is threatened, Trace will use all his resources to find the who, what and why.  It will be a fine balance for him between protecting Skye and smothering her.  He's going to have to risk opening up and being as honest with Skye as she is with him.  Will it be enough to keep them safe and catch a killer bent on revenge?  Trace has promised Skye forever...but can they both keep that promise?

Cynthia gives us a fast paced, intense romantic suspense with Mine to Keep.  You will either love or hate the characters.  Trace seems so dark, secretive, and dangerous...we are left guessing for a long time about him.  His borderline obsessive possesion of Skye was a little over the top...but as long as he was honest with Skye she seemed ok with it (more so than me, lol!!).  Trace is a very strong character, one you want on your side for sure!  Skye is much stronger than I think even Trace gives her credit for.  She wants to be with him, but she wants to maintain some independence at the same time...and she wants to be trusted.

Cynthia brings the mystery to life and has your heart bounding ... sometimes in fear, sometimes in anticipation!  We learn more about Skye and Trace in Mine to Keep, and I think Cynthia does a really good job of portraying what some kids go through.  In Mine to Keep Cynthia will leave you guessing until the end, taking you where you don't want to go in real life, but with her writing a story you love reading about. 

It was great to see the characters from Mine to Take making a reappearance, such as Alex.  We also meet some new characters who I'm sure we'll see in the next Mine book (can't wait!).

I love Cynthia's writing and highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys some hot romantic suspense!

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