Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Killing Game

The Killing Game by Toni Anderson will take you on a wild adventure from Afghanistan to England, thrill you and keep you guessing!

One of Dr. Axelle's big jobs as a wildlife biologist working for the Conservative Trust is studying the endangered Snow Leopards in Afghanistan.  When Axelle discovers something is going on with her Snow Leopards that she tagged and is tracking, she heads back to the wild mountains of Hindu Kush to find out exactly what.  Who she thinks is a poacher after her snow leopards soon turns into much more with the appearance of Ty Dempsey, one of Britain's SAS's troops, and his men.  Ty is hunting his own 'prey' - a former Russian special forces operative turned terrorist who is supposed to have died a decade ago.  In these frozen, deserted mountains, they soon discover the poacher and terrorist are one and the same...but what is he really after?  No one can know for sure...because soon Axelle is the one being hunted.  Before long, Ty finds himself not only hunting a terrorist, but fighting his attraction to the most stubborn woman he's known.  At the same time, he's fighting to save Axelle from the enemy, he's on the verge of risking everything for her.  Will he be successful in his pursuits?

The who, what and why of The Killing Game will take you to unexpected places, and Toni will mix the past and present smoothly from continent to continent.  I could tell that a lot of research must have gone into The Killing Game...Toni's descriptive of locations will take you there and have you breathing that cold air in the Hindu Kish then listening to the crowds in London.  Axelle and Ty are both very strong, independent people.  Although they are different, in so many ways they are alike also and it was fun being along with them as they got to know each other.  Axelle took a few more pages to grow on me, but she sure did and I admired her loyalty.  Both Ty and Axelle have had their difficult pasts, and they've both found a way that works for them to move on.  There are also some strong secondary characters who I won't give away, but give The Killing Game so much more strength because of them.  These people, thanks to Toni's writing, give us so much insight into past events that have shaped them, hence the story, and make us feel so much more for them.  They enhance the plot, making you look at things a little differently each time.

I love Toni's writing and The Killing Game was such a great thrill!  Toni draws The Killing Game out very well.  You'll never be bored, but will be taken to an unexpected, thought provoking conclusion because stuff like this could happen in real life!
Toni draws The Killing Game out very well, taking you to an unexpected, but no less thrilling conclusion.

I would say the suspense/mystery of The Killing Game far over powers the romance, but the romance is definitely there...just taking a bit of a back seat while Axelle and Ty sort things out.  I'd recommend this to any romantic suspense reader looking for a unique, intricately woven story that will really touch you.

5/5 stars :)

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