Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Finding The Right Girl

In Finding The Right Girl by Violet Duke, Brain is about to give up on being in love again.  Having time limited flings with women seemed to work for his brother Connor before he and Abby fell for each other - so why wouldn't Brian give it a try?

When Brian meets up again with Tess, who he met at his brother's wedding, there is definitnely a chemistry between them.  The attraction is mutual...but neither is looking for a relationship.  When they decide to have a fling, making it all about sex, they are going to find it impossible to keep it at that.  Brian and Tess really enjoy being together...they have a lot of fun, and they just get each other.  Both of them have pasts that have hurt them...are they ready to move on and see what the future holds?  Tess has a secret too...will she hold tight to it or can she trust her heart and Brian's to open up to him?  Or will the past and secrets ruin the hope of a future together?

Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke is not just about a romance between Brian and Tess.  Violet writes eloquently about complex emotions, relationships, and the harsh reality of genetic diseases.  She brings in the secondary characters, mainly Skylar, Brian's daughter, Connor and Abby, weaving them into the plot just so but not letting them or their issues take over.  They are an important part of Finding the Right Girl, adding strength to the story and the characteristics of everyone in it.

Brian and Tess are both great people I would love to spend time with!  Tess is independent and strong, but she holds so much inside.  I really felt for her...she has always been the care taker, no one has ever taken care of Tess.  I loved that Brian could do this for her.  Brian and Tess have both had experiences that many people haven't that have shaped who they are today and how they deal with what life hands them.  They are two people in some ways so different, but in other ways so similar. 

I really liked these characters of Violets because they were straight forward, regular adults.  They didn't play games...they just were.  They are two people that could be anyone you see on the street.  I loved that Finding the Right Girl gave us so much more than the romance between Tess and Brian, it's about dealing with what life throws your way too.

Once again, Violet has wowed me!  I loved all of the Nice Girl to Love books, and this book was the perfect spin off!  I was so happy Abby ended up with Connor, and this book reinforces that because I really think Brian and Tess belong together if they can make it work!

Finding the Right Girl can be read as a stand alone book easily in my opinion, but I highly recommend all of the Nice Girl to Love Books!

I highly recommend Finding the Right Girl to any romance reader who likes a story with a lot of depth and great characters! 

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