Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gifts of Honor

In Gifts of Honor you will read two great romances...Both novellas give us a glimpse of military life and the heart ache that can come with that life.

In Starting From Scratch by Stacy Gail, Sully initially joined the army for the educational benefits...but soon he was a Ranger, leaving his wife Lucy each time he volunteered for another mission. That wasn't the life Lucy envisioned, but each time he left she waited and worried.

Married young and full of hope, Lucy is devastated when Sully is injured in and IED attack. What makes it even worse is that he has no memory at all of his wife Lucy. Sully convinces Lucy that the best thing for them would be a divorce, something Lucy agrees to with a heavy heart.

Now Sully is back in his hometown, the same town Lucy lives and works in, the same town they fell in love in. Sully still can't remember Lucy, but Lucy can sure remember Sully. Even with no conscious memory of Lucy, Sully is still drawn to her. And Lucy can't say no to her heart when she still loves Sully. Will the magic of Christmas, Lucy's cookies and love prevail? 

Stacy Gail gives us a fantastic romance in Starting From Scratch. She gives us real life feelings and the sense of what it is like to have someone you love injured in the line of duty. Lucy and Sully are both characters that will pull you in emotionally. Lucy have strength, loyalty and understanding even if she is deeply hurt. I really admire that she tries to be accepting of how things have turned out and she never talks down about Sully. She is striving to get on with her life without Sully. I really felt for Sully too and what he's going through. It's hard to imagine how that would feel to have something so completely erased from your memory. I would have liked to have had a bit more background on Sully so that I could have a better understanding of who he was and why he did what he did.

I love that Lucy and Sully are people with real life experiences that they are struggling with, ones that can realistically happen. In Starting From Scratch Stacy also gives us a glimpse into what life must be like as the spouse of someone serving in the military. She gives us a whole new appreciation for not only those who serve, but those they leave at home. 

From the small town setting to the most appropriate title and the emotional roller coaster throughout Starting From Scratch, this is one romance you will hold close to your heart.

4/5 stars

In Hero's Homecoming by Rebecca Crowley, Beth and Chris met while he was on leave from the army. After a whirlwind 4 day romance in person, they keep in touch after Chris leaves again. Through emails and phone calls, they become closer and closer, each knowing this is the one. When Chris suddenly ends things with a brief email, Beth is confused and hurt.

Close to Christmas, with an unexpected phone call and then an unexpected house guest, Beth is shocked when she discovers that Chris has had a life altering injury. As much as Chris loves Beth, he doesn't feel it's fair for her to be 'stuck' with him. Beth doesn't feel that Chris should be making her decisions for her. She is still hurt and angry, but she also still loves Chris. Spending a few days together just proves the attraction is still there for Chris and Beth...but is it an attraction that can last? Is their new love strong enough to withstand the trials that might come their way? Can Chris accept that Beth loves him and wants to be with him no matter what?

Hero's Homecoming is an intense, even more emotional love story. Beth and Chris's romance was so new, but had felt so right that it felt like they'd been together for much longer than they had. Sometimes love at first sight really does exist. Beth and Chris will have to show us if it can last... Hero's Homecoming was a more in the moment novella, probably because Beth and Chris don't have much of a past together, but I still loved to see how they were trying to work through things. Chris keeps trying to push Beth away, but Beth has decided Chris is worth fighting for!

In Hero's Homecoming Rebecca gives us a great romance that will remind you that in life anything can and will happen!

4/5 stars

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