Monday, November 4, 2013

Home For Christmas

In Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone, Rachel is in Marietta, Montana to spend Christmas with her brother Ty.  Born and raised in Arizona, Rachel continues to live there while Ty followed his dream to Montana 7 years ago.  Traditionally Ty has gone to Arizona to celebrate Christmas with Rachel, but this year Rachel is in Marietta.

After trusting the wrong people and having her dreams of owning her own bakery go up in smoke, Rachel is reluctant to trust in anyone.  Even the handsome cowboy Nate, whose ranch Ty helps run, no matter how much he makes her feel things she's not ready to feel.  As soon as Nate sees Rachel he is smitten with her.  Even though she's his partner's and friend's sister, Nate can't help the thoughts and feelings he has for Rachel.  She is more than any woman has been to him before.

Nate wants Rachel to stay in Marietta for more than one reason...but will the one that counts be enough?  Will Nate be able to prove to Rachel that she can trust him and what they feel for each other or will Nate push too hard, at the same time pushing Rachel away? 

Home For Christmas by Melissa McClone is a romantic holiday novella that explores different types of relationships.  From Rachel's relationship with her brother, the friendliness of Marietta, to the relationship growing between Rachel and Nate, Melissa writes with a lot of feeling, bringing it all to life and making you feel right along with the characters.  While at times wondering how Rachel can be so jaded after that one bad experience, I also admire her ability to keep moving forward.  I felt the relationship between her and Nate worked really well and they seemed to balance each other.  After always putting the ranch first, Nate has found the one person who would come first.  If only he can figure out how to show Rachel this instead of inadvertently pushing her farther away.

For a fast paced, fun romance that will having you craving gingerbread and cowboys, I would recommend Home For Christmas!

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