Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If You Dare

If You Dare by Jessica Lemmon will have your heart pounding and hoping all at the same time!

I admit I didn't fully read the blurb before reading If You Dare, because I love all of Jessica's books, so how could I not love this one too?  Well, Jessica did not disappoint even though she takes us to a bit of a different place than her previous books!  If You Dare will have your heart pounding and hoping all at the same time!

Lily and Marcus have always been competetive at work.  Lily sees Marcus as a womanizer, someone to steer clear of.  Marcus has secretly lusted after Lily since he first laid eyes on her...not that he would ever admit that to her!  He figures any attention from her is better than none, even if it means they antagonize each other half the time.

When Lily loses a bet to Marcus, she has to stay all night in a house rumored to be haunted.  The prize if she makes it through the night?  The trip to Hawaii that Marcus won at work.  Marcus really wants that trip, but he also really wants Lily.  His plan to scare her out of the house backfires on him, and they end up in the house together.  Soon despite eerie happenings, the heater dying, and their lights dying, they create their own heat!  But someone or something doesn't want them there...and despite Lily's accusations that he's used her, that the events are Marcus's doing and the hurt that causes him, Marcus is determined to protect Lily and keep her safe.  But can they outsmart something that is determined and has nothing to lose?  And if they do will Lily finally take the chance on Marcus?

Fun, hot and sometimes down right scary, If You Dare will have you on the edge of your seat and hearing things in the night!  Jessica gives us a fast paced, humorous at times novella in If You Dare.  I really liked Lily and Marcus...Marcus on the inside is completely different than Marcus on the inside, if only Lily can see this.  Lily has a lot more spunk than Marcus gives her credit for...she is full of surprises!  The mix of romance, suspense and paranormal that Jessica gives us in If You Dare will give you chills and thrills!

I loved this novella and would recommend it to any romance reader who likes things hot and haunted!

5/5 stars!

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