Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas at Copper Mountain

In Christmas at Copper Mountain by Jane Porter, Harley is looking for distance from the past and the chance to make new memories.  A widower looking for escape, Harley takes a temporary job for Brock Sheenan as a housekeeper at his Copper Mountain Ranch in Marietta, Montana. 

Brock has suffered loss he just wants the quiet and to be left alone.  But he's noticing Harley way too much for his liking, she's not at all how he wants his housekeeper to look!  He'd prefer she blend into the woodwork, not care, and not talk, but Harley is starting to grow on him.

Both Brock and Harley have endured tragedy and are still suffering.  Not celebrating Christmas is just what Harley needs and just what Brock wants.  Harley has no idea about Brock's past, until his two kids suddenly show up (early!) for Christmas break and change the whole scheme of things.  Harley can't bear the thought of being around kids, especially at's also a part of her she isn't sharing.   After a falling out and misunderstanding due to lack of communication, Harley realizes it matters to her what Brock thinks.  There is a lot of chemistry simmering between Harley and Brock.  With both of them trying to out run a past they can't face, they are going to have to choose between the past and the hope of the future.  Will this be the Christmas of miracles?   Can they recognize what they could have together?

Brock and Harley are both very dynamic characters in Christmas at Copper Mountain, they are complex and deep, and Jane manages to bring them to life and make us care for them in this novella.  I could understand Harley and why she was doing what she was doing, although I had a harder time understanding why even after Brock's kids arrived she didn't tell him about her past right away...that mistake could cost her when he sees things the wrong way.  Brock has some pretty broad shoulders and if they can open up to each other I feel that he will be an incredible man for her.  Brock has been through a lot and is harsh and bitter at times...not even wanting to celebrate Christmas, something his children would dearly love to do.  Harley can be just as good for Brock if he can open his mind and his heart.

The relationship that evolves between Harley and Brock is endearing and you will find yourself hoping they can find a way to get to each other.  Jane also writes vivid descriptions of winter in Marietta.  I could hear the wind and feel the cold on those cold, winter nights.

Christmas at Copper Mountain is the perfect romance to curl up with on a cold winter night!

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