Monday, February 10, 2014

Scandal on the Sand

In Scandal on the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire, "Naughty Nate" has been working to clean up his reputation and his lifestyle.  His current business adventure is bringing a minor league baseball team to Barefoot Bay with his two friends.

Just as things seem to be on track for Nate, Liza shows up.  A woman he's never laid eyes on before who has some shocking news for Nate.  Nate and Liza are having trouble trusting each other, but they soon are working together to uncover the truth about Liza's now deceased friend...whose son Liza is now raising...who also happens to be the son Nate never knew he had.

There are secrets that neither can even guess at, and the scandal could rock Nate's world.  But Nate refuses to take the easy way out, and he and Liza have some incredible chemistry together, even if they both still have their doubts about the other.  Misunderstandings and poor communication soon mean Nate could stand to lose a lot more than he ever anticipated...unless he can show Liza who he really is and that he is not playing games.  Both will have to decide what is right for them.

Liza and Nate might have different approaches to life, but the end goal for both of them is the same.  Liza is cautious but not afraid to go after what she wants.  Nate is a billionaire playboy on the surface, but if anyone takes the time to look below the surface he is so much more than that!  Liza was a bit frustrating because she first saw only what she wanted to see in Nate.  But sometimes things are not what they seem as she soon discovers!  
Roxanne gives us a serious, but entertaining romance in Scandal on the Sand.  Her writing makes it easy to become involved in the story of Nate and Liza.  Roxanne gives us secrets, meddling but well meaning family members and friends, and another chance to visit Barefoot Bay.  Well paced and easy to follow, Scandal on the Sand can be read alone, but reading the other books in this series will enhance your experience in Barefoot Bay!

I'd recommend Scandal on the Sand to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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