Sunday, March 2, 2014

First Surrender

First Surrender by Katie Reus is a fast paced hot romance that will quickly draw you in and have you glued to the pages!

We meet Sierra, who at 22 is a head chef at Cloud 9, the restaurant at the Serafina Casino in Las Vegas.  Hayden is a former SEAL (and a really hot one!) who is currently working in security at Serafina.

Hayden and Sierra have been really good friends for a year now.  In real life Hayden is her best friend, but in her fantasy life he is her lover.  Sierra is quite sure that Hayden doesn't feel the same way, so she carries on with the friendship, keeping her feelings silent.  Hayden has wanted Sierra for almost as long as he's known her...but also convinced she sees him as nothing more than a friend, he's done a pretty good job of keeping his attraction hidden.

When Sierra is attacked by an unknown assailant though, there is no longer any holding back.  Sierra is shocked to find out Hayden feels the same way about her, and the passion between them will ignite the pages of First Surrender.  As much as Hayden is determined to protect Sierra, they are both determined to be together now.  Hayden is a complete alpha male, big and strong, dominant, and completely in love with Sierra.  He is everything Sierra wants.  Sierra is very mature for her age, independent, and despite her lack of experience, very passionate when she's with the right person!

As friendship turns to much more, can Hayden keep Sierra safe until he attacker is found so they can have their future together?

Katie gives us a great introduction to her new series The Serafina: Sin City with First Surrender.  Her descriptions of the characters are very lifelike, the feelings real, and the passionate journey Sierra and Hayden are on is captivating!  The novella length of First Surrender is perfect as an introduction to the series and for Hayden and Sierra's story.

I'd highly recommend First Surrender to any romance reader who likes it hot and suspenseful!

5/5 stars

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