Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty's Kiss

In Beauty's Kiss by Jane Porter, Taylor is fairly new to Marietta, but not to small towns.  She came from an even smaller town to take a job as a librarian in Marietta.  By her own admission, Taylor is an introvert who would rather spend her time alone at home cozied up with her historical romance books.  She's not looking for love, she's been burned before by Mr. Right, and Taylor has too  many other responsibilities right now.  When her friend Jane tries to fix her up with Jane's ex-boyfriend Troy for the upcoming Valentine's Ball in Marietta, she is less than thrilled.

Troy is back in Marietta for two reasons.  The hotel he bought and restored where the ball is being held, and his father is very ill.  He is not excited about taking the new librarian to the ball either...but when he meets Jane, he is immediately intrigued by the young woman who hides behind her glasses.  When Jane finally decides she will go to the ball with Troy, she insists that all they will ever be is friends.  It doesn't matter that she feels a spark from him, she is not getting involved with this hot, rich businessman.  Troy feels the spark too, but he plays Jane's friendship game.  For now.  Will Jane keep her heart closed off and shut Troy out?  Or will she take a chance with him?

Jane gives us great characters in Beauty's Kiss.  As we get to know Troy and Taylor better, they are impossible not to like, impossible not to relate to on some level.  Although in some ways worlds apart, in other ways they are so similar with their loyalties, sense of family, and openness.  Both of them have so much going on in their lives, and this really is a journey for them, one that I loved reading about.  Jane makes it easy to get lost in their story with smooth, easily flowing writing.  There are numerous secondary characters in Beauty's Kiss, but they are clearly defined and don't distract from the story being told.  The chemistry between Troy and Taylor is obvious, but is also subtle enough that it doesn't overshadow their journey, and this works out very well in Beauty's Kiss.  

Beauty's Kiss is all is all about love, relationships, and romance - about having the courage to do what's right for you.  If you are looking for an easy to read, quick romance, I'd highly recommend Beauty's Kiss.  Beauty's Kiss is the second book in this series (Taming of the Sheenan's), but can be read as a stand alone.

5/5 stars

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