Friday, April 25, 2014

Break For Me

Break For Me by Shiloh Walker is the second novella in her new Secrets and Shadows series.  Break For Me picks up where Burn For Me left off.  The Bell family lost their mother 15 years ago.  No one knows what happened to her.  There have been no answers and no clues, they all still suffer in their own ways.  Jensen, the oldest daughter, is a police officer now.  She takes pride in her job, in keeping people safe.

Dean is a DA with shadows and pain in his past too.  From the moment he saw Jensen he was intrigued by her.  She is full of attitude, but as much as Dean sees through that it is also part of what draws him to her.  They see each other a lot on the job and Jensen is just as attracted to him, but she has no plans to act on it.  That changes quickly though, and soon Dean and Jensen are exploring the chemistry they create in the best possible ways.  It is so much more than just chemistry though, and when Jensen needs someone to lean on Dean is there for her.  They are there for each other, even as the past starts rearing it's ugly head with answers no one expected and even more questions.

I loved Break For Me!  Not only does Shiloh give us a fantastic romance with Dean and Jensen, she continues the mystery of what happened to Jensen's mother.  Break For Me is a fast paced novella that is easy to become absorbed in.  The length is perfect for this part of the story being told.  I really like how Shiloh finished each novella so that it can be carried over into another story, but it is definitely not what I would call a cliffhanger.

Dean and Jensen are both strong characters who have known each other for a year now as colleagues, so when the romance strikes it seems realistic for it to move pretty quickly.  Shiloh's writing of Break For Me will evoke many strong feelings in you when you read this, and have your heart loving these characters.  Shiloh's smooth writing style make it easy to get to know Jensen and Dean, and really want things to work out for them. 

I really enjoyed the carry over of family and characters from Burn For Me as well as the small town feel.  They make me eager to read the next novella in this series!

I'd highly recommend Break For Me to any romance reader looking for a captivating romance with a mystery woven intricately into the plot.

5/5 stars

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