Monday, April 21, 2014

The Perfect Hostage

You will literally jump right into the party in The Perfect Hostage by Misty Evans - the one Lucie is hosting for her very pregnant sister and soon to be brother in law.  Since being rescued from a hostage situation, Zara has found the man of her dreams, and now Lucie wants hers.  She is determined to spend some time with John, one of the special ops who rescued them.  John definitely feels an attraction for Lucie, but he's not a forever relationship kind of guy.  He doesn't have a family or really know what one would feel like, but he finds himself at Lucie's party anyway.  Little does John know that Lucie has decided he will make The Perfect Hostage for the weekend after the party is over!  As hard and as fast as John is falling for Lucie can he open up and let her in?

There is scorching chemistry between John and Lucie, but a weekend together soon turns into a nightmare they can only hope to survive.  John really is The Perfect Hostage, only not quite how Lucie had envisioned.  Can he save her and what they've started?

The Perfect Hostage is a fast paced novella filled with chemistry and all kinds of action that will keep you moving along the pages easily.  The general plot is well developed in the time frame of the novella, but at the same time I really did feel like I was jumping into the middle of something and missing out on a lot.  This is due to the fact that I was unaware there was a previous book to this, which if I'd known I would have read first!  Honestly I'm not one to go back in series if I already know what's happened, but I would highly recommend reading the book before this one first!  (I believe this novella ties in with I'd Rather Be in Paris)

I really loved Lucie, she is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it (or him!).  From the background I could figure out, Lucie has had a lot going on in her life and I really hoped she and John would work out.  John was not dealt a nice hand in life, but he's done very well for himself and I don't think he gives himself enough credit!

Misty does give us great chemistry with great characters with enough suspense to surprise you!

I'd recommend this for romance readers looking for a quick read, but highly recommend not reading it alone!

3/5 stars

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