Friday, May 16, 2014

Barefoot in White

In Barefoot in White by Roxanne St. Claire, Destination Wedding Consultant Willow is no longer the overweight, insecure person she used to be.  She's worked hard to lose a lot of weight and move past that part of her life.  In Barefoot Bay with her partners Gussi and Ari, the last thing Willow expects is to come fact to face with a painful part of her past...  The man who shattered her heart.  Nick is a SEAL on medical leave, filling in for his friend at his friend's sisters wedding.  As soon as he sees Willow he is stunned...and struck by a sense of familiarity.  When he finds out who Willow is, he wants to help her heal.  Willow and Nick end up having to spend a lot of time together as they work on the wedding plans.  Their time together is a mix of emotions for them both.  Willow realizes her feelings for Nick never left and Nick has strong feelings for Willow also.  

Through their ups and downs and past and present surprises, Roxanne take us on an emotional journey with Nick and Willow.  The chemistry is definitely there for both of them, but can they make it work?  Both of them have secrets and pasts to heal from, can they move on, starting as the people they are now and let go of the past?

Willow and Nick's relationship is not rushed, and there is a lot of turbulence, good times, and bad times.  Roxanne's effortless writing makes it a fun journey to be a part of along with a great cast of characters.  Trent is admirable and has his goals.  He doesn't give up easily.  Willow is a hard worker,  independent and has worked hard to be confident in herself.  I did find it a little weird that her interaction with Nick years ago on that one night still weighed on her so much, but it is all part of who she is.

I also love the setting of Barefoot in White.  Roxanne's descriptions will take you there and feel the sand between your toes!

A great start to a new series, Barefoot in White is a romantic journey about moving on, forgiving and loving that any romance reader will enjoy.

4/5 stars

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