Thursday, May 1, 2014

Circle of Redemption

Circle of Redemption is an anthology with three stories by three different authors set at the same point in time that magically weave together three couples, the challenges they face, and fresh starts.

In Lost and Found by Susan C. Muller, Dan is a war veteran, now a cop.  When a twist of fate puts Dan directly in the path of a bank robbery, he is thrust into the past and the present when he is suddenly facing not only a past love, but her daughter.  It is what he does now and the chances he must take that will decide his future.

In Saved By the Stone by Janet Nash, Cade is also a war vet.  He suffers from PTSD, something neither he nor his wife fully understand, and his marriage is rapidly crumbling.  Cade can't move on from the horrors of war and doesn't think he deserves to be happy.  When things start to finally come together for Cade, he decides love and his marriage are worth fighting for.  Will it be too late?

In Sight Unseen by Shauna Allen, Travis's wife's death left a hole in his heart and his life.  When he meets Paige, their connection is immediate and Travis starts to feel again.  An unexpected connection to Paige and unresolved feelings on Travis's part threaten to stop their relationship before it can take off though.  

These three stories together demonstrate very well the power of love and fighting for what you believe in, no matter what it is really.  I found each story to be enticing in it's own way, and all of the authors manage to pull you in, bringing feelings to life and making you care for all of these people.  The emotions and situations are realistic, inspiring you to make the most of every moment.

Well written with strong characters, Circle of Redemption is a great read for any romance reader.

5/5 stars

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