Sunday, June 15, 2014

All You Need Is Love

In All You Need Is Love (Green Mountain Romance #1) by Marie Force, big city girl Cameron is heading to Vermont hoping to secure the contract to build a website for the Abbott family business.  It is a much needed account for her struggling company, and she is determined to give it her best shot.  When she accidentally drives into Fred, the town moose in the middle of a dark, winding road, it is Will Abbott who comes to her rescue.

Will does not want to like the big city girl in her fancy boots, he's had his heart broken by a big city girl before and he's never taking that risk again.  Cameron feels the spark as soon as she sets eyes on Will...even if he is cranky and makes it clear he has no interest in why she's there.  He and his siblings have no interest in a website or expanding the family business.  That is all his father's doing.  

Despite it all though, they are magnetically drawn to each other.  As Cameron spends time in Will's small town awaiting the Abbott family's decision on her business proposal, Will spends more and more time with the same time showing her the magic of Vermont and the man he is.  Soon he is the man who wants her and the man she wants.  But Cameron's life is in the city and Will's is in Vermont.  He's been hurt before, but just might take the chance with Cameron.  Is Cameron willing to take the chance too?  She has had heart break in the past too, and is terrified of being hurt again...especially since what she felt for previous men can't even compare to what she feels for Will.  Will she risk her heart again?  Is there any way a big city girl and a small town guy can make a relationship work?

All You Need is Love is a super start to Marie's newest series!  This is Cameron and Will's story, but at the same time it is a great introduction to the rest of the Abbott family who are integral to this story and the Green Mountain Romance series.  Marie will make you want to be part of the Abbott family. 

Marie gives us two strong main characters who have real life feelings and problems.  Cameron has had a completely different upbringing from Will, but as opposite as they appear they really do attract!  Cameron is also dealing with some real life issues, one of which I don't see written about very often, and I really like how Marie wove this into the background of Cameron, making it just a part of who she is.  Will is great!  He is loyal and caring, and wants to make sure the decisions he's making are not only based on how his heart feels.  I really liked how Cameron handled most things in All You Need Is Love.  They are a fun, captivating couple who you will find yourself hoping they can work it out!  There is conflict internally and romantically, and the maturity of their characters shines through as they deal with these conflicts.

Marie writes smoothly, captivating you with her words, enchanting you with her descriptions.  I really enjoyed the quotes she uses at the beginning of each chapter by Will's Grandpa, and how she's incorporated The Beatles into this series!  Light hearted at times, serious at others, All You Need Is Love is filled with people you will fall in love with, a place you want to be, and feelings you will carry with you long after you finish the book!

I'd highly recommend this to any contemporary romance reader looking for a great escape!!

5/5 stars!

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