Sunday, June 29, 2014

Second Chance Honeymoon

In Second Chance Honeymoon by Ally Blake, Juliana Jones (JJ) is at a down point in her life and is looking forward to the cruise she's about to embark on.  She has no luck with jobs or relationships and she's never really settled with anything.  The cruise is just what she needs to pick herself back up!  The cruise turns out to be more of a surprise than she'd anticipated when she realizes she's on a Second Honeymoon cruise, and the other passengers are all much older...not a single hot young guy among them.

Kane is the fitness director on JJ's cruise, and he's running from shadows in his own past.  From the moment JJ runs into him there is an instant attraction on both sides and he might not be as off limits as she thought.  JJ is just looking for a fun fling and the thought of anything else could send her running...and a fun on board fling that soon becomes hot and heavy threatens to do just that.  As far as JJ's concerned she has no chance at any kind of forever, she's no good at that.  But Kane might be the one to change all that if she'll let him get close enough to have a chance.  But will she?

Second Chance Honeymoon is a fast paced, light hearted, great romantic escape read.  Ally gives us a lot of humor interspersed with more serious elements in Second Chance Honeymoon, and some great meddling secondary characters who are hilarious all by themselves.  I really liked the interactions between all of the characters.  Second Chance Honeymoon is a novella that is the perfect length for the story being told, that focuses on the present of JJ and Kane.

I'd recommend to romance readers looking for a fun read!

4/5 stars

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