Monday, July 21, 2014

Handled By The Officer

In Handled By The Officer by Kym Roberts, Kiley is a police academy recruit for the Kansas City Police Department...talked into it by her sister Kay "Lee".  Kiley can't help but noticing Officer Walt Raynham, he "...commanded attention.  Demanded to be acknowledged whether she wanted to or not."  It's even trickier to not acknowledge him because he is her instructor...and despite his resistance, he is definitely noticing her.  "Unwanted desire burned hot and primal in her core.  Both of them felt it.  Neither one of them wanted it."

When Kiley concludes being a police officer is definitely not her calling, she turns her back on the man who makes her lose control, going back to the safety of her former boyfriend.  Kiley isn't easy to forget though, and despite Walt's determination that his career is not one meant for someone with a family, he still thinks about her...especially with her sister as his partner.

When circumstances bring them together again, and in Kiley Walt sees everything he didn't know he wanted, will they still resist each other?  As events become more serious, more dangerous, will they even have a chance?

I loved Handled By The Officer!  Kym had me laughing from the start...I love her descriptions of the new recruits, they struck me as believable.  I could feel Kiley's nervous energy.  I admired Kiley for the courage to do something she was so unsure about, then having the strength to walk away when it was time.  Walt and Kiley are a great hero/heroine, they try so hard to not be together.  The circumstances they find themselves in are a perfect blend of humor and serious.  I really liked both of them.  I loved Walt and his initial partner Bret's interactions.  There is great character development in Handled By The Officer, Kym really pulls you in and makes you want to know more about Walt and Kiley right away.

There are a lot of great secondary characters in Handled By The Officer who add a lot of dimension to the plot without taking away from it.

I really liked the time frame that Handled By The Officer was spread out over, Kym made it work really well and transitioned so smoothly.  Handled By The Officer is well paced, with enough action and suspense to keep you on edge, well balanced with romantic conflict.  I loved the unexpected plot twists and seeing how Walt and Kiley dealt with life's unexpected turns.

I'd highly recommend Handled By The Officer to any romance reader who wants to go from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other thanks to some great writing, not to mention a man in uniform!

5/5 stars!

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