Saturday, August 9, 2014

Her Summer Cowboy

In Her Summer Cowboy by Katherine Garbera, Emma wants no part of the music world that brings nothing but bad memories and pain to her.  When her famous grandfather asks her to go on his final tour with him though, she can't say no to him.  

Hudson has been on the run from Marietta, Montana ever since he was 18.  When his mother died and he had a falling out with his father, the easiest thing for him was to leave it all behind.  

Emma's grandfather's tour brings them together since they are both part of it.  They are attracted, but both are a little lost and unsure of the future.  The feelings and connection they feel are powerful, and Emma thinks Hudson can be her summer cowboy.  Early on though, Hudson realizes "He wanted Emma Jean Wells.  And his mind, body and soul said that he wasn't going to be satisfied with only this summer."  As they spend more time together and go back to Marietta, can each of them finally find peace with their pasts and risk a future together?

Her Summer Cowboy is a quick read, fast paced novella with a lot of feelings and emotions packed into the pages.  Katherine managed to pull me along with Emma and Hudson as she slowly revealed more about each of their pasts.  A little anti-climatic at times, Her Summer Cowboy was overall an enjoyable novella.  Emma and Hudson are easy to like.  They are easy to get to know in present time, but I would have liked a bit more background.  Her Summer Cowboy is a novella though, and Katherine keeps the focus on the present relationship between Emma and Hudson.  I liked how she used music to bring them together, and how the characters developed throughout Her Summer Cowboy.  

Marietta and the fair do not factor into Her Summer Cowboy as much as the other Marietta Fair books, and Her Summer Cowboy can easily be read on it's own.

I'd recommend Her Summer Cowboy to romance readers looking for a quick summer read.

4/5 stars

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