Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lines In The Sand

In Lines In  The Sand (An Indigo Island Romance) by Kaira Rouda, Dorsey is starting fresh with a new place to live and  new job.  She's going to make new, happy memories and prove she can make it on he own.  Dorsey gets a job at Melrose Inn on Indigo Island as the kids club leader.

Jack has big plans.  He is also at Melrose Inn on Indigo Island, hoping to start his new career in management there.  Jack needs this job.  For the summer he's a lifeguard, but has been promised a management job at the top club after the summer.  

Jack and Dorsey are both escaping their pasts, trying to move forward.  When they meet, Dorey can feel the electricity between them as much as Jack can feel the immediate attraction.  All the ladies want Jack, but it's Dorsey Jack wants.  Despite a no dating rule between employees at Melrose Inn, Jack and Dorsey soon can't help themselves.  They try to keep things between them quiet, but their boss Steve seems to see everything.  He also wants to be in charge of everything and everyone.  Neither Jack nor Dorsey realize just what Steve can be capable of...  

With past secrets and mysteries, will Jack and Dorsey be able to keep their dream jobs and each other?  Or will they have to choose?

Lines In The Sand is a unique summer read.  Kaira's descriptivism of Indigo Island and the ocean will take you there!  Jack and Dorsey are characters who are still maturing.  Their relationship and interactions demonstrate this well, and their growth is obvious as Lines In The Sand progresses.  Their story is fun and I love the setting.  The sub plots added some mystery and I loved how Kaira brought in the island culture that is outside of the Inn.  Kaira also draw out the mystery of Jack and Dorsey's back grounds enough to keep you very interested and draw you into their lives as they struggle to overcome their pasts.  The secondary characters are really catchy and well written into Lines In The Sand.  There are a few of them I really looked forward to seeing, and I was very interested to find out what Steve was up to!

With a touch of mystery and lots of romance and conflict, I'd recommend Lines In The Sand to romance readers looking for a saucy romantic read.

3.5 stars

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