Wednesday, August 13, 2014

She's The One

In She's The One (Island Bliss Book 2) by Kim Boykin, Melissa really is multi-talented.  She runs her Isle of Palms realty office as her paid job, but what she love to do most is play matchmaker.  She is successful in both roles, particularly the matchmaking - a gift handed down through generations.  With a total of 49 couples matched so far, Melissa really doesn't mind always being the bridesmaid.  She's not looking for true love for herself.  In fact, her aunt told her is she would lose her matchmaking gift if she ever found it for herself.

Shane, a contractor, has been attracted to Melissa since he met her a few months ago.  He is very clear about his feelings towards her, and Melissa feels that spark when they are together, but she is determined that someone else is his perfect match.  Shane knows what and who he wants though, and he is just as determined to show Melissa that She's The One for him.  At the same time, Bo, Melissa's musician friend and whose band she sometimes plays guitar with, is just as attracted to Melissa.  Melissa likes Bo, he is the safe choice, but there are no sparks.  Will Melissa play it safe and never know what could become of her and Shane?  Or will she finally follow her heart for herself?

She's The One is a little magical and a lot of fun to read.  Melissa was a little frustrating at times, but at the same time she was open and honest which I love in a character.  Shane is patient...he knows Melissa has feelings for him too, even if she keeps trying to deny it.  I felt for Shane, pursuing a woman who is determined he's not meant for her.  Bo is a great secondary character, but in no way is this a love triangle!  There are a lot of secondary characters who give great feeling to She's The One.  I particularly liked Pearl!  Kim's descriptions of the island, people, and homes made me want to be there, lying pool side with all these fun people!

She's The One has great flow and is an entertaining read that I'd recommend to romance readers looking for a sweet romance.

4/5 stars

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