Monday, September 15, 2014

Mine To Have (Mine #5) by Cynthia Eden

In Mine to Have (Mine #5) by Cynthia Eden, Saxon is done with the FBI and undercover work.  Finishing up his last job before he starts his life fresh, away from the darkness, he saves Elizabeth from a sure death at the hands of a hired killer.  Huge and scary, Saxon terrifies her.  He is also the only person standing between her and a murderer - which makes the attraction she feels for him a little bit scary.

Elizabeth has no idea who would want her dead or why, and soon she finds herself on the run with Saxon.  Because someone won't stop until she's no longer alive.  Danger follows them, and Saxon can trust only one other person - his brother Victor.  Suddenly it's not only Elizabeth who is in's all of them.  Elizabeth and Saxon are brought very close together very quickly, and the chemistry between them sizzles.  She is the light in his dark world...but will they survive to have a future together, away from the darkness and danger?

Mine to Have is a fast paced, edge of your seat thrilling romantic suspense filled with all the actions that make up a great romantic suspense.  I love the characters. Cynthia's writing and descriptions bring them to life.  Cynthia made me really feel for them too, especially Saxon who is so ready to move out of the darkness.  She really pulled me into his world, and my heart went out to him.  Elizabeth is smart and brave, and I loved her mature character...even when she didn't always listen to Saxon.  She has a mind and will of her own, and she was very believable!  I like how Cynthia brings them together, the chemistry and how they just seem to be meant to be together.

The mysterious suspense is full of the unexpected and Cynthia managed to surprise me numerous times.  It is great when an author can do this, fill the pages with unpredictability, surprising and pulling you in deeper.  With heart pounding action, it was easy to become immersed in Saxon and Elizabeth's story..

The secondary characters all add a little to the story.  Some we see from other Mine books, but Mine to Have can be read as a stand alone with no difficulties.  Victor is a prominent secondary character and I do hope to get his story!

Mine to Have has great flow, is clearly written and a great book to escape into if you are looking for a lot of heat and excitement!  I'd recommend Mine to Have to any romantic suspense reader!

4/5 stars

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