Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Kidnapped Christmas Bride

In The Kidnapped Christmas Bride (Taming of the Sheenan's #3) by Jane Porter, Trey is Marietta's bad boy.  He's been in more trouble than he's been out of for a long, long time.  His last trouble got him sent to jail...missing out on most of his young son TJ's life and losing the love of his life, McKenna.

Now out of jail, Trey is determined to prove he can be the man McKenna needs and the father TJ deserves.  Thoughts of TJ are what finally got him past just being bad.  Trey is heart broken and stunned to find out that the day after his release, McKenna is going to get married.  To a respectable man who can give her the stability she feels she needs.  McKenna has never forgotten Trey, but she is determined to move on...even if it means marrying a man who doesn't have her full heart.

Trey thinks he can handle losing McKenna, but he is determined not to lose his son at the same time.  But does he have to lose at all?

Jane really sucked me into The Kidnapped Christmas Bride and filled me with emotion as I read Trey and McKenna's story.  Theirs is a love meant to be and I kept wondering if they could have that second chance against all possibilities.  I loved these two characters.  In the short span of this novella, I got a real sense of how much Trey has matured and grown over the years.  Jane makes you feel and not judge.  I could completely understand McKenna's thinking.  She's been through a lot in her life.  McKenna and Trey are both realistic, likable people who I felt like I really knew by the end of The Kidnapped Christmas Bride.  TJ is a strong influence in this story, and this sweet boy will steal your heart.

It is not often that an author can make me feel so much and tear up over a book, but Jane managed to do just this in The Kidnapped Christmas Bride.  Jane's writing is flawless and moving.  Love, second chances, and healing from the past are all important parts of this story that I would highly recommend to all romance readers.

5/5 stars!!

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