Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Her Big Sky Cowboy

In Her Big Sky Cowboy (The Wildflower Ranch #3) by Alissa Callen, Trinity is a speech therapist living exactly where she wants to live in Marietta, Montana.  This summer she's running a children's summer school.  Single, but still searching for Mr. Right, Trinity is close to resigning herself to never finding that one man for her.

Zane has too many hurts, too much emotional baggage to let himself become attached to another woman.  He will not trust again only to be left again.  He has not had an easy life with his tyrant of a father, and is determined to give his son Finn a much better childhood than he had.  Thrust into Zane's life unexpectedly, Finn is a sweet little boy who has suffered too and is still recovering.  Zane will do anything for Finn, even if it means opening his home to Trinity who can help Finn.

Against all odds, Trinity finds a way through Zane's walls, and they both care very much.  Caring and admitting it are two different things though, and now that Trinity has found her way in, will Zane let her stay there?  Or will he push away the best woman he's ever known? 

Although Her Big Sky Cowboy is part of The Wildflower Ranch series by Alissa Callen, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.  Alissa gives us a couple of strong main characters who each have their own issues.  Zane's have ruled his life though, and it's hard to change a life long learning pattern.  I loved Trinity, how open she was, how caring and loving she was, and how she didn't push Zane for any more than he could give.  She just seemed to know him even before she knew him.  I really liked how Alissa worked in family dynamics in Her Big Sky Cowboy, she made Her Big Sky Cowboy into so much more than a romance with a very thought provoking plot.  I think Alissa did a fantastic job of bringing all the pieces of the plot together, smoothly and in a way that made you see the maturity of the characters and love them even more.

I liked the sub plot within Her Big Sky Country, I felt this really helped develop the plot and show case the characters.  Sometimes there were places where I would have liked to know more, but this had more to do with some secondary characters and did not take away from the main plot at all.  

It was fun being back in Marietta, seeing in passing places we've seen in other books, but as I said earlier, Her Big Sky Cowboy can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I'd recommend Her Big Sky Cowboy to any contemporary romance reader who likes small town romance with a western flair and great dynamics!

4/5 stars

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