Friday, January 9, 2015

Montana Darling

In Montana Darling (Big Sky Mavericks #3) by Debra Salomen, Mia is remaking her life, starting over in her hometown of Marietta, Montana.  Mia has survived breast cancer and a divorce, and is determinedly moving forward.  She has plans for the parcel of land she got in her divorce settlement...a new home, a new start.  For now she is living in her parent's home with her two children.  But an unexpected turn of events is about to create havoc for her plans.

After suffering a horrendous loss, Ryker, a professional photographer, is trying to find his way.  Back to nature and camping on the land he owns with his brother in Marietta helps.  Until he finds out it might not be his land after all when Mac shows up to toss his off her land.

Two injured people struggling to move forward, neither expecting to find an attraction...but sometimes fate works in mysterious way.  Ryker sees beauty in Mia she can's see anymore, while Mia helps his heart heal.  Will they finally be able to move on from the past?

Montana Darling is filled with emotions, serious issues and family dynamics.  Debra writes about all of them well and in a realistic way.  Ryker and Mia are both strong characters with lots going for them, if only they could see that.  Mia has been through more than any woman should have to, and she struggles to be happy and to accept her new self.  Ryker had his own heart break, and unlike Mia, had no family to support him and hold him up.  I really liked how Debra brought these two together, and how without even realizing it Mia and Ryker were supporting each other.  Understandably Mia is still bitter and unhappy, and how she moved through this in Montana Darling made me feel so hopeful for her.  I liked how Ryker was, his character and how he was with Mia just drew me to him.

It was fun being back in small town Marietta, Montana, seeing characters we've seen before.  Debra writes small town romance so well!  I do think that Montana Darling can be read as a stand alone, but the whole series is worth reading!  I'd recommend Montana Darling to any romance reader looking for a well written, easy flowing romance that explores many emotions as the characters struggle to redefine themselves.

4/5 stars

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