Friday, February 20, 2015


In Crank (Jack 'Em Up #1) by Shauna Allen, Delilah and Blake are meant to be together...but lately for Deliah it just doesn't feel like it used to anymore.  She loves him with everything she has, but lately she feels neglected and forgotten as Blake works hard to make a success of his business, and in his mind, his business being successful will mean he can give Delilah everything she deserves.  But all Delilah wants is Blake.  A breaking point is reached for Delilah, along with her breaking heart, and she files for a divorce from Blake.

Blake is brought crashing to the reality of his marriage breaking up, and the feeling that Delilah has given up on them.  He just knows he doesn't understand, and he doesn't want a divorce.  Both of them have issues though and past events that haunt them. Blake is still struggling with his past and who he is (or isn't!).  As he fights to save their marriage, can he finally leave the past where it belongs and focus on a future with Delilah?  Or is it too late to heal broken hearts?

Shauna writes a story filled with emotion in Crank.  Crank is easy to fall into and stay in.  Blake and Delilah are both strong main characters, and I loved how Shauna managed to write Crank in alternating dual first person POV's so smoothly.  This really made it easy to get into the characters heads and their feelings.  Delilah and Blake have been together since they were quite young, and it was easy to hope for them and their relationship despite the struggles they are facing in Crank.  Their relationship issues are realistic, and Shauna does a great job of portraying these in a believable manner.  It is not only relationship issues between Blake and Delilah that are part of Crank, but Shauna weaves in other issues they have, making these characters dimensional, and leaving me feeling for them both.  The deep connection Delilah and Blake have is palpable, even through their troubles.

I liked the mix of secondary characters who are a great supporting cast, and I can't wait to see more of them!

Feelings pour off the pages in this fast paced romance, and I like how Shauna brought Blake and Delilah to life.  I'd recommend Crank to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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