Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Deadly Force

In Deadly Force (Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce) by Misty Evans, NSA worker Bianca is in trouble. Due to her work and secrets she's uncovered, she believes she is now the target of an assasin. There is only one person she trust to help her and keep her safe...

Callan Reese is a Navy SEAL who after a mission gone bad, resulting in deaths and PTSD, is now taking refuge in a boat he's living on. The last person he expects to have on his deck is his estranged wife Bianca. The same woman who wants a divorce. And although Cal is hurt and confused by that action of hers, he still loves her and will do anything to protect Bianca and keep her safe. 

Not quite sure what to believe, Cal finds himself and Bianca on the run together...trying to outrun an assassin even as they try to uncover truths. They are searching for the truth to a plot that will rock the nation. Can they put a stop to the corruption that has brought them both to where they are today? Will they save each other and their marriage, or will Bianca continue to have the misguided notion that Cal is better off without her than with her?

Full of action, politics and corruption, Deadly Force is fast paced and Misty will keep you guessing. Deadly Force is filled with intricate details, plot twists, and is believable enough to have me thinking stuff like that just might be happening - you never know! There is a lot going on in Deadly Force, and though I admit to having some periods of confusion about the plot and secondary characters, for the majority of the book Misty keeps things clear and easy to follow. The main characters, Bianca and Cal, have great chemistry and the heat between them is palpable. Bianca is brilliant, but she is also a bit awkward and vulnerable at times. I didn't like how she wasn't fully open with Cal for a long time though. Despite needing his help to stay safe, she held back a lot. Cal has trouble expressing his emotions, but his feelings towards Bianca are very clear though out Deadly Force. I would have liked a bit more about their past together to help me fully understand where they are today as a couple.

Cal's dog Maggie is a sweet, realistic addition to Deadly Force. This sweet dog manages on her own to make Cal, Bianca, and the situations they find themselves in with her real.

There are a lot of secondary characters in Deadly Force, and they all play necessary roles to support the plot and main characters. I like how Misty blended them all in with the plot so well. Many of them have been seen in previous Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce books, but it is my opinion that Deadly Force stands very well on it's own so you will not be confused if you haven't read the other books.

Deadly Force is filled with action, passion, intrigue and suspense. I'd recommend it to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

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