Sunday, February 1, 2015

Zone of Fire

In Zone of Fire by Lindsay McKenna, Lindsay writes a heart felt follow up to Gabe and Bay's story (from Breaking Point and Never Surrender).  Bay survived a horrific capture by the Taliban and as she fought to recover Gabe never gave up on her or stopped loving her.  They found their way back together, and are now married with new twins, living in the hills close to Bay's mother and sister.

When Gabe's Navy SEAL buddy Mike goes missing on a mission in Afghanistan, the man who is like a brother to him, it brings back all the terror both of them went through with Bay's ordeal.  For Bay especially the memories are torturous...but they have each other to lean on, and a growing family to focus on as they wait for word of Mike.

Lindsay's characters are so real and memorable, it was so easy for me to fall into Gabe and Bay's world once again.  Lindsay writes with obvious knowledge of her subject and makes everything very realistic.  Bay and Gabe are both strong, mature characters who are easy to like and care for.  Their love for each other is palpable and I really enjoyed this.  There is no drama in their well established relationship, and they are very happy with each other.  Lindsay conveys this very well with her smooth writing and descriptions.

I really enjoyed seeing Gabe and Bay settled in to their home environment, and Lindsay sets the scene well with the animals and the work that gets done there.  She makes it very easy to picture being there!

Zone of Fire is the perfect length for the story Lindsay tells here, and makes me very excited to read Taking Fire next (expected publication Feb. 24, 2015).  Lindsay is a master at bringing emotions to the surface, at times making me want to cry, at times making me laugh.  Her characters will stay with you for a long time after you read any of her books, and Zone of Fire is no exception.

I'd highly recommend Zone of Fire to everyone who has read the previous Shadow Warriors books, especially Breaking Point and Never Surrender.

5/5 stars

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