Friday, March 13, 2015

The Hero (Hot Aussie Heroes #2) by Amy Andrews

Book Blurb

The darling of the Aussie small screen, Edwina Calloway, has always had a thing for her ex co-star the hunky Justin Wilde – even before he took off to Tinsel town and became a Hollywood heartthrob. And Justin always had a thing for her. Except she was married so neither of them ever crossed that line. But now Justin's back in Oz to take part in a celebrity car rally with Edwina riding shotgun and she isn't married anymore...

It seems the entire country is holding its breath for their much vaunted reunion. Can they survive a five day road trip, just the two of them alone in the car under intense media scrutiny without finally getting naked and doing the Wilde thing? And if they can’t, what happens when Justin heads back to Hollywood?

My Review

Edwina and Justin are two characters I really liked!  They are both mature, thoughtful, loyal people whose characters have a lot of depth to them.  They don't deny their attraction to each other or try to fight it, but instead for various reasons attempt to take their time.  I really like characters who are strong enough not to waste time denying the obvious, don't have the angst, and there isn't conflict in their relationship.   

The sexual tension is already smoldering though and it is almost impossible to slow things down.  Their romance and relationship seems to happen fast but it is believable because they have a history, already knowing each other.  I liked how they really seemed to know each other, it wasn't all about sex, but at the same time they respected each other's boundaries.

Ed's relationship with her sister Jenny is wonderful, and I really liked Jenny as a secondary character.  She added a lot of realism to what life in the lime light must be like for Edwina and Justin.

Amy's descriptions give a great picture of Edwina and Justin's life as actors, and her descriptions of the setting are enough to take me there in my mind and feel the heat!

An enjoyable quick read, The Hero is well written and well developed.  I never felt the story was rushed.  I would recommend The Hero to contemporary romance readers.

4/5 stars

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