Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Millionaire by Victoria Purman

Book Blurb

Renowned photographer Chris Malone is fed up with fame and disaster. All he wants is anonymity and a chance to recharge. Suburban journalist Ellie Flannery has other ideas. If she can just convince her long-time idol to support her favorite cause, she knows her fund-raiser will be a huge success.

After refusing at first, Chris decides to co-operate. When he’s forced to defend his own reputation as well as his family’s, he decides he wants something from the idealistic and sexy-but-doesn’t-know-it Ms Flannery Ellie in return: her heart.

But Ellie has scars that no one has ever seen, and she doesn’t want to open herself up to anyone, much less a man with such an unflinching eye for the truth. Can Chris convince her to strip herself bare, in more ways than one?

My Review

The Millionaire really did it for me!  I loved it!  Victoria managed to pull me in and make me feel everything from laughter to heart ache to joy for Ellie and Chris.  The Millionaire is a great, catchy story that took me on an emotional journey.

Ellie is very attracted to Chris.  So attracted that her usually unflappable self loses her composure a bit around him.  She is sweet and funny around him, and tries hard not to show her nerves.  Chris has been running from his demons and avoiding his family for so long it's second nature to him now.  But Ellie brings something out in him that makes him want to stop and stay.  I loved the build up of their relationship.  It was steady, but not always smooth for these two who in different ways both bear scars from their pasts.  Those bumps in the road make it believable.

Ellie and Chris's characters are mature and strong.  Victoria develops both of them very well, and I loved watching them grow together and feeling hope for them.  I felt like these were two characters who really connected on every level, and I couldn't wait to see if things would work for them.

I really liked how Victoria brought in Ellie's relationship with her grandparents.  This worked very well to round out Ellie's characters and show who Ellie is.  I loved them as much as I loved Ellie and Chris!

Although The Millionaire is book 4 of the Hot Aussie Heroe's series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone.  The characters in each story are all separate, the only recurring theme  is a fundraiser they are all involved in (separately).

I really enjoyed The Millionaire.  The flow of the story was fantastic and it held my interest through out.  I liked how it made me feel, and I will definitely be reading more of Victoria's books.  I'd recommend The Millionaire to any contemporary romance reader looking for a great story to get lost in!

5/5 stars

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