Friday, April 3, 2015

Anticipation by Sarah Mayberry

Book Blurb:

Blue Sullivan knows a player when she sees one. And Eddie Oliveira—charm and sex personified—was born to play. She never wanted him to say goodbye, so for the last ten years she’s ignored the sizzling attraction between them and focused on being the best sidekick a guy could have. Smart girl, right?

Then Blue has a serious accident, and overnight Eddie changes. Suddenly he’s more intense and singularly devoted…to her. With all this sexy attention, it’s hard to stay within the boundaries she’s scrupulously drawn. The temptation, the anticipation builds and, finally, she has to have what he’s offering. Of course Eddie proves to be brilliant. Now, she worries he’s ruined her forever…and she might regret leaping from friends to lovers.

My Review:

Anticipation is a fast paced, emotional friends to lovers journey.  Eddie and Blue have been friends for 10 years.  Eddie is not a settling down, relationship type guy, and Blue is a good friend.  Despite having been attracted to Eddie from the start, Blue has managed to bury those feelings deep.  Everything comes boiling to the surface after an accident though...

Blue has been through a lot in her life and I really felt for her.  I liked how she recognized the value of her friendship with Eddie and pulled back to re-evaluate.  She doesn't push Eddie or try for something she knows won't work.   No matter how she feels, she doesn't want to ruin their friendship.  It was interesting to see Blue work through this and where this actually took their relationship.  Especially when Eddie realizes what they might be able to have together.  The tables are suddenly turned and Eddie is the pursuer.  Blue tries so hard to resist him and her feelings...but Eddie is not giving up easily.  

I liked how Sarah pulls us into Eddie and Blue's life, slowly letting us get to know them better.  The feelings between Blue and Eddie are explored very well.  The angst of the relationship and the conflicting feelings can strongly be felt.  These feelings were appropriate for the plot line and character growth.  The chemistry between Eddie and Blue is definitely there and I liked how neither of them is quick to give in to it, because they value their friendship so much.

Anticipation is the second book in the Brothers Ink series by Sarah Mayberry, but can easily be read as a stand alone.  The secondary characters blend in well with the plot of Anticipation, without leaving you wondering what happened before.

I'd recommend Anticipation to romance readers who like a friends to lovers story.

4/5 stars

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